Vertical Layout Magazine WordPress Theme

A dark WordPress theme built for blogs & magazines. Has a spacious vertical layout to create the perfect reading experience
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Magazine effect for posts in WordPress

Posts with Magazine Effect

Display posts with Magazine effect. It aligns all posts properly without leaving any blank space.

Customization options in WordPress theme

6 skin colors

Customize your website as per your liking. Select a color for your site from 6 color options.

wordpress themes with full sized feature image

Full-Size Featured Image

Showcase full Size featured image on single post page. Create beautiful pages for your blog or website.

Post formats in vertical layout WordPress theme

Different Post Formats

Highlight different post formats on the home page. Use various formats to display quotes, link, product image or video.

Vertical Menu WordPress Theme

When cities expand, growing horizontally isn’t always the answer. Eventually, they must grow vertically and spawn high-rise towers and skyscrapers. CyberChimps has taken note and designed its first ever fully responsive Vertical WordPress Theme. Whereas web designs used to be centered on the horizontally oriented desktop computer, the ubiquity of smartphones means web designs must now also embrace smaller, longer, skinnier displays. CyberChimps has created a WP theme to follow this need to be Vertical.

Like professional movers, our development team has covered all the angles and focused on this theme’s adaptability while still retaining CyberChimps’ signature user-friendliness.

Not every visitor that uses a smartphone to view your website will do so vertically. So CyberChimps has carefully crafted this WordPress Blogging theme to make sure it responds to both the device and the change of orientation – in a very impressive manner, if we do say so ourselves.

Focusing on responsive mobile-first technology, this amazing magazine style WordPress theme was created to adapt to changing mobile trends and current needs, which are set to be the future. While the design is clean, crisp and professional, Vertical’s responsiveness is absolutely jaw dropping.

Why should you consider Vertical Menu WordPress theme?

The vertical menu is a multipurpose feature and gives a completely different look as compared to the horizontal menu. Some people believe that the website design looks more creative on considering a vertical menu. This being subjective, it is always a good idea to give it a shot to a novel design idea.
A vertical menu can be suitable for a website of any niche. Since a significant area of your website is always accessible, considering a vertical menu can be a great idea. And to build up such a WordPress website, a vertical menu WordPress theme is just perfect!