Everything you need to build a responsive, fast & beautiful WordPress website

Responsive & Fast Loading

Mobile Friendly

Welcome website visitors on all devices - desktops, tablets & mobiles. Responsive is AMP ready and works well even on slow mobile networks.

Blazing Fast

Don't make website visitors or search bots wait. Responsive is designed to load fast with minified assets, and optimized database queries.

Ready Websites

Don't want to spend days designing your website? Responsive comes with Ready Sites to help you launch quickly. Simply import a site, update content, & hit launch.

Less Than 100 Kb

Responsive requires less than 100 kb of resources as compared to 130s required by the other WordPress themes.

Loads Quickly

Responsive is built and optimized for faster performance. The theme is very lightweight and loads in less than 0.9 seconds!

High-Coding Standards

Responsive follows high-coding standards of WordPress and W3C, to make sure your website performs well.

Fully Customizable Design

Background Image

Add beautiful background images easily to your website site title and sidebar with the Responsive Pro theme.

Elementor Compatible

Customize ready sites or build your own pages using Elementor. Responsive is fully compatible with the free and premium versions of the Elementor page builder plugin.

Gutenberg Ready

Edit default WordPress posts and pages using the WYSIWYG Gutenberg editor introduced in WordPress 5.0. Feels just like editing from the front end.

Logo For Mobile Devices

Set a different logo for mobile devices using Responsive. This feature provides flexibility to use a different menu on mobile.

Set Site Icon

Boost brand recognition and make your site easier to recognize by adding a WordPress site icon aka favicon to your site.

Mega Menu

Display widgets and other content in your navigation areas and drop-down menus with Responsive's mega menu functionality.

Menu Item Hover Style

Add eye-popping hover animation effects to your navigation menu. You can also change the menu and sub-menu background color.

Sidebar Position

Change the sidebar position of your website page, blog/archive, single post, WooCommerce, and product sidebar using Responsive.

Fully Customizable

Customize your website using the WordPress customizer. Change layouts, typography, buttons, and colors to match your brand.

Social Links

Add your social media profile links to your website footer so that your users can connect with you through your preferred social media networks.

Scroll To Top

Improve your website user experience by enabling the scroll to top button on your site. You can change the position, size, and color of the button.

Stacked Mobile Menu

Display mobile menus in an organized and vertically stacked form. This allows your users more time to explore your website and know more about your business.

Search Engine Optimized

Best Practice HTML/CSS

Make search engine bots love your website. Responsive is coded with not just valid, but best practice HTML/CSS to help search bots crawl your site easily.

Schema.org Microdata

Responsive comes with inbuilt, valid schema.org microdata. This includes basic website schema attributes to help search engines understand your website better.

Fast Loading

Search engines love fast loading websites & reward them with better rankings. Responsive is designed to load fast with minified assets, and optimized database queries.

Custom Layout Options

Site Layouts

Make your website look unique by making site-wide changes. Change everything - header & footer layouts, container widths, and widget areas.

Page Layouts

Make each page on your website look unique by making page-level changes. Choose sidebar position, and showcase your posts in a list or a grid.

Post Layouts

Take full control of how your blog posts appear to visitors. Choose the order in which the post's title, meta, featured image & content appear.

Custom Typography Options

Google Fonts

Give your website a unique character. Choose from hundreds of free Google fonts to make your text content, headings and other elements stand out.

System Fonts

Love Arial, Helvetica, or Georgia? Use system fonts instead & make your website even faster. Responsive doesn't straight jacket you into using Google fonts.

Style Options

Change every aspect of type - font size, font weight, font style, letter-spacing, line height, text decoration and text transform.



Easily create & sell courses, deliver quizzes, certificates, download reports, and so much more with the integration of LearnDash.

WP Auction*

Responsive integrates seamlessly with WP Auction plugin to help you to host personal auctions on your WordPress site.

WP Answers*

Create a powerful Q & A site that provides a comprehensive knowledge base solution with the integration of WP Answers plugin.

Note*: Third-party premium plugins are not included with the Responsive Pro. Check our FAQs for more details.


Post Pagination

Change the default number of blog posts per page using the post pagination functionality of the Responsive.

Deactivate Author Box

Deactivate the default author box that comes with WordPress. You don't need any third-party plugin anymore for this.


Change the alignment of your blog featured image, title, meta, and content to the left, right, center, or justified.

Read More Text

Customize the read more text on your post excerpts easily. You can change its text and also select it to appear as a link or button.

Excerpt Length

Set the post excerpt length that acts as a summary of the post. Using the Responsive theme you can set the length up to 500 words.

Featured Image

Configure your blog post featured image width, change style, and alignment that suits best to your website.

Meta Separator

Change the default post meta separator with any symbol or character you want with the Responsive.

Custom WooCommerce Options

Product Breadcrumbs

Display breadcrumbs to show links back to each product category your user navigated through, and also shows the user's current location on a website.

Shop Pagination

Change the default number of WooCommerce products per page. It makes it easier for your users to scroll through your products if you have many products to display.

Product Box Shadow

Add a box-shadow and border on hover to product images on the product page, category page, and all other WooCommerce pages on your site.


Customize typography of your WooCommerce shop page title, product title, product price, and product content.

Image Width

Configure your WooCommerce product element image width. This will give a big impact on your site’s design.

Cart Icon Style / Color

Set up your WooCommerce cart icon easily with the Responsive. You can also change the style and cart color of your WooCommerce store.

Cart Total

Display WooCommerce cart total so that your user who is shopping on your store sees the cart content and total.

Quick View

Let your customers preview each product in detail without needing to open a new page. You can select various options to give users a better view.

Product Content Alignment

Change the alignment of the WooCommerce product catalog contents. Align the product content to the left, right, center, or justified.

Native Cart Popup

Improve your shop usability by displaying a native cart popup to your users when they add a product to cart. Also, you can cross-sell and upsell in the popup.

Custom Colors

Bring your website's style to your WooCommerce store. Customize everything from button colors to colors of sales bubbles and other elements.

Custom Styles

Customize your WooCommerce store even further by changing how product galleries, WooCommerce cart buttons and sales promotion bubbles appear.

Grid Settings

Display your products in a fully responsive and customizable grid layout. You get complete control over button settings, columns and more.

Sale Notification

Attract customers and boost sales by displaying live sales notifications of products on your online WooCommerce store.

Product Catalog

Create a product page where you can show products and decide whether you wish to show under categories and sort them by default.

Gallery Options

Display product images in a flexible and responsive gallery that you can adjust vertically or horizontally.

Sales Bubble Style

Grab user attention with trendy sales bubbles in which you can customize the text, the styling, shape, etc.

Enable Cross-Sell

Maximize your store profits by promoting products in the cart, based on the current product your customer is already interested in.

Checkout Appearance

Customize various checkout fields on your checkout page based on your business needs and target audience.

Disable Cart Fragments

Keeping cart fragments enabled can severely impact page speed and consumes higher server resources. With Responsive, you can disable it.

Floating Add To Cart Bar

Increase your store conversions by displaying the Add To Cart button whenever your user scrolls on your product page.

Custom Layouts

Change the layout of your shop and product pages. Choose the order in which product photos, title, description, price and add to cart buttons appear.

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