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Parallax Pro

Best Parallax WordPress Theme

Parallax WordPress theme for business websites of any niche. Full-width background image with parallax scrolling effect.

Call-To-Action Buttons on your homepage that you can use effectively to boost conversions. Call out Bar for key messages.

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Parallax background in WordPress theme

Parallax effect

Enhance the website look by adding Parallax scroll background effect for elements.

Callout section in Parallax WordPress theme

Callout Section

Add callout section with call to action button via Callout element to enhance the look of your site

Product Element in Parallax WordPress themes

Product Element

Highlight custom content via Product element

Carousel element in Parallax WordPress theme


Provide stunning carousel effects via Carousel element

CyberChimps Parallax WordPress Theme

Parallax Pro is a Responsive Parallax WordPress Theme that lets you create stunning websites with full-width background images that scroll beautifully with the page. On the homepage, you can use a slider on top of the background image (with parallax effect).

This theme is suitable for business, portfolio, corporate, personal and any other websites. Simply choose the image and set the speed and then let your website wow your visitors.

Parallax Pro – Parallax Scrolling WordPress Theme

This theme includes parallax options to every element, so you can have different images for each element like the CyberChimps slider, boxes, portfolio, and product Elements.
You can add a slider on top of your homepage Parallax background image itself.

Dazzle your audience with smooth scrolling and sophisticated background effects.

To understand what is Parallax or Parallax Design and why everyone seems to be going in for a Parallax WordPress Theme, here’s a nice post by Brenda that explains all you need to know about Parallax Web Design.

Premium Parallax WordPress Theme Features

  • Parallax Effect
    Parallax background effect for the body, parallax background effect for all elements.
  • Beautiful Backgrounds
    Beautiful full-width backgrounds to all elements.
  • 100% Responsive
    Fully responsive design that works on smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Awesome Drag and Drop Features
    Touch-friendly drag-and-drop options on a per-page basis allowing you control the look and feel of every page.
    New drag-and-drop elements including the popular and touch-friendly CyberChimps slider, custom drag-and-drop header and logo options, portfolio, callout section, widgets, boxes, breadcrumbs, carousel, recent posts, and Twitter bar.
  • Fonts and Typography
    Post formats support, translation ready, powerful blog settings, typography options including Google Fonts, widgetized sidebars and footer.
  • Frameworks
    Powered by WordPress, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Heroic Support
    Access to our Pro Support Forums with dedicated support staff (when you signup for your 1 month free trial of Plus). Continued support for the latest and greatest versions of WordPress.
  • Featured Area Element – on the homepage, you can add a parallax image with two Call To Action Buttons.

Parallax Pro is one of the most advanced Parallax WordPress Theme in the world and is released under the GNU GPL v3. Parallax Pro can be used on as many websites as you want. Parallax Pro is optimized for the latest version of WordPress, Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and Internet Explorer (but does not support Internet Explorer 6, 7, or PHP4).