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Display a note or offer just before your visitors leave. Reduce your website's bounce rate and boost conversion

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How many times have you seen this message flash across your screen just before you are about to close it –
“Before you go, check this out!”
There is usually a banner or some offer showing on the popup window combined with a catchy image and wording. These windows are known as Exit Popups, which are one of the most effective tactics used by companies to increase customer engagement and subsequent sales.

What is an exit popup?

An exit popup is the one which pops up on to the screen when a user is about to exit from the webpage. It is quite smart a way to convert unengaged visitors in potential customers; visitors who are leaving without buying anything/using the website’s available resources/abandoning their cart, etc.

Some of the reasons why users abandon a website with engaging are –

  • The visitors found the content irrelevant or unrelated to their requirement.
  • They found the website difficult to navigate.
  • They are searching for more options and haven’t made up their mind.
  • They got distracted while browsing or were busy browsing multiple sites, etc.
  • The product specification, design, or price weren’t what they wanted.
  • Exit Intent Technology

    Using an exit intent popup helps a website to convert at least some of the abandoning visitors into potential customers. The exit intent technology is a smart invention that keeps track of mouse movements on the site and senses a user’s intention to exit without engaging at all. Once the mouse begins to move to the top right corner of the screen, the popup comes onto the window.
    The exit popup can be a small window or can cover the entire screen. Either way, it is designed to be attention-grabbing.
    An exit intent popup is akin to bargaining with a shopkeeper and showing the intention of leaving because the offer isn’t good enough. The shopkeeper generally offers you something better then.

    Uses of WordPress Exit Popups

    Exit intent popups for WordPress perform many more activities than just preventing a visitor from leaving the website. Although the basic function remains the same, a website owner can get a lot more done using these popups.

    Building email lists
    Some exit popups ask the visitor to enter their email address for a free webinar, subscription, interesting articles, tips and tricks, etc. This helps the website owner build a mailer list of potential customers who have shown some interest in the business.

    Creating a sense of urgency
    There are some popups that instil a sense of urgency in the visitor. The messages read,
    “We can hold you cart for 10 minutes for this amazing 40% discount. Get it now!” or
    “Last 5 items remaining in stock. People are already adding it to their cart. Finish your order now!”
    These messages urge the visitor to act now because otherwise, they will lose out on a great offer. This again relates greatly to the human nature, as many people immediately take up the offer for fear of losing something great. And that’s how the website turns its visitors into customers.

    Customer feedbacks or surveys
    This is a good idea for an exit popup for websites that face high bounce rates or cart abandonment. Knowing what a customer did not like about the website is one of the best ways to fix errors, bugs, and other problems. Serving a customer is the final aim of a website, and hence, it must cater to their needs and expectations. Getting the information directly from the actual user is the best way to improve the website. And the additional benefit is that it can also give the company an email list of potential customers to work with.

    Free resources
    You can offer your viewers a valuable resource like an eBook, newsletter subscription, content that can be informative and helpful for them, etc. This helps in enticing users to take you up on your offer and get something out of their browsing experience instead of leaving empty handed.

    Informing about new products
    A WordPress exit intent popup can be utilized to inform viewers of newly-launched products/services. Adding a call to action button that says ‘know more’ or ‘explore’ or something similar might peak their interest and encourage them to click on the button to know more.

    Key features of Exit Popup Plugin:

    • Based on the popular exit intent technology – Pops up only when your readers are about to exit
    • MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and Aweber Integration
    • Choose from 2 ready-to-use templates – Offers and Newsletters
    • Absolutely no disturbance in your reader’s experience
    • Add images, buttons, URLs and more
    • Options to change button text color, button background color and heading font size
    • Decide how many times the popup should appear

    Choose from 2 new ready-to-use Popup template skins

    Exit Popup Plugin - Ready to use Popup template skins

    Popup Action settings let you create a new pop up or edit an existing one – 

    Exit Poupup Settings

    Display settings let you decide the number of times you want to display the pop up, its type – On Screen or Corner, whether you want social icons, its position, a custom message ,a live preview, change the button color, button background, and the heading font size

    Exit Popup settings

    Exit Popup Plugin Display Settings

    MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Aweber Integration –

    This plugin can be used as wordpress popup email capture plugin as it is seamlessly integrated with MailChimp and Aweber to add your visitors directly to your mailing list.

    Grow your mailing list with this awesome option!

    Exit Popup settings

    Exit Popup Settings

    Exit Popup Plugin - Campaign Monitor Integration

    Effectiveness of an exit popup

    The aspect that makes exit popups more effective than popups that display as soon as the website is opened is the feeling of familiarity. If a user is genuinely interested or even just casually browsing through the website, they will be more familiar with the product and company after some time has passed, not as soon as they open the page. This makes them more likely to engage if they receive an good offer when exiting.

    One simple offer
    An exit intent popup gives the user a simple and useful offer instead of too many confusing choices. After browsing through a website, a user suffers from ‘information overload’. An exit popup clears the confusion and fatigue by offering something simple yet relevant, which, going by human psychology, the customer is likely to consider.

    One more chance
    If the visitor isn’t excited by or isn’t sure of engaging with the website, an exit popup can be used as a last opportunity to avail something great. It gives you what you were looking for at a better deal. And more often than not, visitors opt to go for it. Exit intent popups also ensure more on-page time of a visitor, thus giving the website a chance to convince them a little more.