10 Best WordPress Audio Player Plugins To Add Audio Files On Your Site

10 Best WordPress Audio Player Plugins To Add Audio Files On Your Site

Over the years, the internet has definitely undergone a massive evolution to present the functionalities that it does today. In the present era, site owners have varying reasons to embed an array of features in their websites, including audio. Moreover, with more than 2 million podcasts available globally, the audio functionality is gradually becoming a sought-after one.

Whether you’re a musician trying to display your work or offering varying tunes to your visitors, the task has become easier now if you wish to integrate an audio player on your WordPress website. 

Although WordPress does support an inbuilt feature to manage audio files, it is nothing but basic. To help you explore this factor profoundly, here are some of the best WordPress audio player plugins you can try on your website.

Best WordPress Audio Player Plugins

Without further ado, let’s scroll through some of the best audio player plugins you can find for your WordPress website:

1. REA Plugin

Audio Player Widget - Responsive Elementor Widgets & Addons - Cyberchimps

CyberChimps is a well-known name in the industry of WordPress. Amidst several other plugins and themes, it brings out the REA plugin that is available with an audio box widget for your website. 

The widget offers varying useful and efficient features that make it easier for you to interact with your visitors through music. Also, it’s a mobile-friendly widget; hence, it can work well on every screen size.

Key Features

  • Autoplay and replay modes are available
  • Choose from OGG or MP3 file
  • Responsive design
  • Three varying skins to choose from
  • Simple drag and drop customization

Pricing: Here is the pricing list of this plugin:

Number of SitesAnnual SubscriptionLifetime Subscription

2. Fusebox

Fusebox - Transform Your Website Into a Podcasting Powerhouse.

Although designed for podcasts initially, this WordPress audio player plugin is one high-end product. It helps you binge the entire library on the site with ease. Also, the Smart Track Player takes the similar functionality for a complete show and gives it to one track. 

This way, you can use this plugin for music and even snippets. For your mailing list and marketing purposes, you can also capture your listeners’ email addresses. 

Key Features

  • Visually appealing and unique
  • Extremely customizable
  • Easy to use for the audience
  • Fast-loading plugin
  • Mobile-friendly

Pricing: This one is a freemium plugin that has both the free and premium versions available. If you buy a premium version, you’ll have to pay $19/month (billed monthly) and $15.83/ month (billed annually).

3. AudioIgniter

AudioIgniter WordPress Plugin • CSSIgniter

AudioIgniter is a plugin that allows you to create playlists or stream a radio show within five minutes. It’s easy to install and use. On the dashboard, you can add a Playlists menu item that helps you to create and add as many playlists on the site as you want. 

You can also enable or disable auto-looping. Also, you can add the name of artists and songs in the fields and post the list on any page or post.

Key Features

  • It can be integrated with WooCommerce to sell digital music
  • Each playlist comes with its own settings
  • A Buy Now the custom field is available to sell tracks
  • Customization and editing using Visual Composer
  • Player position can be fixed

Pricing: This one is a freemium plugin that has both the free and premium versions available. The premium version has varying packages that cover unlimited sites. It will cost you $34.40, $48.30, and $55.30 per month (billed yearly). You can also pay a one-time charge, which is $174.30.

4. PowerPress Podcasting

PowerPress _ Best Podcast Plugin for WordPress _ Blubrry

PowerPress is incredibly easy to use, and it is a plugin that gets better with every feature. If you’re trying to add podcasts to your site, this plugin should be a grab-worthy choice. It’s a feature-rich tool that is capable of holding a lot for you. 

Also, the plugin is functional and loads faster, thereby eradicating the need for having a flash player installed on the devices of your visitors.

Key Features

  • It offers an option for video players as well
  • Incredibly lightweight and fast
  • Offers specific settings for SEO
  • Choice of players 
  • The modern player with subscribe tools available

Pricing: The plugin is available without any cost.

5. Compact WP Audio Player

WordPress Audio_Music Player Plugin

Compact WP Audio Player is a tool that doesn’t consume a lot of space on your system. It adds a Play button on the post’s frontend, making everything look attractive and cool. When the song plays, the button is changed to Pause. 

You also get to alter and customize settings to loop, autoplay, and control the volume. This tool is responsive enough to play files on all the devices.

Key Features

  • Compatible with HTML5; hence, it can work with iOS devices as well
  • Provides a preview for selling audio files
  • It doesn’t consume space on screens
  • Audio files can play as soon as the page is loaded
  • It lets you create podcasts or add songs in .ogg and .mp3 files

Pricing: The plugin is available without any cost.

6. WavePlayer

WavePlayer - Waveform Audio Player for WordPress and WooCommerce

WavePlayer is one of the best WordPress audio player plugins. Through this tool, you can allow your users to download the audio. Along with that, you can also choose an adequate loading style for the site. 

As far as customization is concerned, WavePlayer offers plenty of options. It also showcases colorful waveform of the audio to display progression throughout the track. You can also make the most out of the dark mode offered by this plugin. 

Key Features

  • One-click palette generation
  • Page Builder support
  • WooCommerce compatibility to track sales
  • Responsive for varying screen sizes
  • Quick-loading and lightweight

Pricing: You can buy this plugin for $26.

7. MP3-jPlayer

WordPress HTML5 Audio Player Plugin | MP3-jPlayer

MP3-jPlayer is another responsive WordPress audio player plugin that is available with download and shuffle options. You can upload audios to your media library and select track and title information to display on the player. 

You can adjust volume, enable autoplay and allow resume playback, and looping from the settings panel. Furthermore, you can also choose the URL or folder path to play audios.

Key Features

  • Play through feed or media library
  • Extremely customizable player
  • Simple shortcode to play entire library or folders
  • Allows downloads and popouts
  • Choose from dark and light skins

Pricing: This plugin is available for free.

8. ZoomSounds

If you wish to embed some cool options into your WordPress website, you can choose ZoomSounds. This WordPress audio player plugin looks sleek and offers a variety of features to extend the functionality of your site. 

ZoomSounds is mobile optimized as well. Additionally, you can rest assured of varying CSS elements and customization options offered by it. You can use the plugin for MP3 files, M4A, AAC, WAV, and Shoutcast stations. It is also capable of handling a Livestream. 

Key Features

  • Great mobile support
  • Page-builder support
  • Uses SASS for CSS styling
  • Showcases text comments at certain timestamps
  • It can be embedded anywhere on WordPress

Pricing: You can buy this plugin for $20.

9. Cue

Cue — WordPress Audio Playlist Plugin by AudioTheme

To upload audio files to the library, Cue depends upon the WordPress media editor. You can choose the files and add them to a specific playlist accordingly. With this WordPress audio player plugin, you can add as many tracks as you wish. 

Through the drag and drop interface, you can also rearrange the tracks the way you want. The plugin also fills the title, audio’s length, and track automatically. However, you can complete this task manually as well. 

Also, using the plugin is easy as well. Once you’ve added the thumbnail, copy and paste the shortcode into any post and page. 

Key Features

  • Extremely responsive plugin
  • An option to customize the player background image
  • Get to create unlimited playlists and embed them anywhere
  • It can be connected to external sources as well, such as Content Delivery Network (CDN) or Amazon S3
  • Option to skip track and control volume for users

Pricing: You can buy this plugin for $49.

10. tPlayer

tPlayer - Audio Player for WordPress

Lastly, with tPlayer, you can expect unlimited tracks and unlimited playlists. Along with that, you also get up to 10 templates coupled with varying style customization options. Not just that, the plugin also helps you create the Top 10 Songs of the Week playlist automatically. 

And then, there’s a radio mode that can be used to stream audio posts and music. The tool also has an inbuilt ad playing option that comes up at intervals. 

Key Features

  • Gutenberg blocks included
  • Unlimited tracks and playlists
  • Compatible with Divi and other page builders
  • Statistics and analytics available
  • Inbuilt advertising option

Pricing: You can buy this plugin for $25.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to adding audio to your WordPress website, you’ve got all of these options mentioned above to get this aspect covered. Regardless of the choice you make, the tools will help you accomplish a lot. 

However, make sure the features of the selected plugin are matching with the needs of your podcasting or musician. So, without any second thoughts, dive deeper into these plugins. 

Navigate through their interfaces, features, and functionalities to see if they match up with your checklist. And then, go ahead with attracting more traffic with the latest, enthralling playlists.

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