SEMRush Review – Sign up for a free trial Today

SEMRush Review – Sign up for a free trial Today

When I started diving into SEMRush, I was instantly floored by the seemingly endless, but nonetheless, powerful features and tools packed inside the application.
When it came time to write this SEMRush Review, I was almost befuddled as to what to mention first.

So, instead of diving into every last molecule of the tool, I thought the best way to give you the most out of this review is to give you an overview of the top features that SEMRush has to offer. Before I jump in however, you might want to sign up for this free SEMRush trial, so you can follow along.

SEMRush Review – Top 3 Features

The purpose of SEMRush is to help give its users an advantage with both on-page and off page SEO efforts while also giving you some in-depth information about how well your competition is doing.

There is a ton of stuff packed inside, but here are three of the main features and what they do.

SEMRush Review – Keyword Analytics

Even though Google has made some major updates over the past couple of years they have shown that keywords still matter.

Not exactly to the same extent that they use to, but keywords are still vital for helping people find your content and ranking your site.

The Keyword Analytics tool in SEMRush is a comprehensive keyword research tool that’s a bit different from something you’d find in Google Keyword Tool.

SEMRush Review

With this feature you can:

  • Enter a phrase or domain and view the organic/paid search
  • See if and how well you rank for a keyword
  • See related keywords you could be optimizing for

This overview and the other features tucked inside this section of the app can help clear the clutter of figuring out where you may need to be filling holes in your content.

Domain Analytics

This part of the app is probably my favorite.

When we try to optimize our website for SEO, we tend to wonder how well your efforts are actually doing.

That’s where this tool comes in.

SEMRush Domain Overview

In this section of SEMRush, you can get a really clear view of search and backlinks on your own domain or that of a competitor’s.

Not only can you see who has linked to you, you can also dive deeper to see how many backlinks, the anchor text of links to your domain, and much more.

Competitor Research

I’ve touched on this a couple of time already, but I felt that it deserved its own point.

We all have competition online. Some of our competitors will rank higher and see better overall traffic than we do.

But why? How are they succeeding where you have failed?

With SEMRush, you can do some research on your competition to help you get some answers.

The ability to see the domain and keyword analytics of a competitor can allow you to figure out where you might be able to garner a new backlink from or what keyword you might what to target in your next post.

That’s not a little matter.

Getting an insider’s look at some of the SEO efforts of those who are succeeding in your niche can be a huge help to you and your website. You might also be able to figure out the holes in their content and fill the needs of your mutual audience by creating what your competitors are lacking.

Bonus Feature: Desktop vs Mobile

With mobile specific updates from Google, it’s really important to take a closer look at search on mobile.

Mobile search results are not always the same as desktop results for a number of reasons.

With the ability to view results on domain and keyword analytics on desktop vs mobile, you will be able to get a good sense of who is search what by device, how often a keyword is searched on mobile, and who is ranking best between those screen sizes.

I ran a few search queries and found that several results ranked higher in mobile vs desktop or vice versa. This could be due to better over mobile optimization or lack thereof.

Whatever the case, this option in SEMRush can be a handy tool for you to give you better insights of how you audience might find you or your competitors.

Wrapping It Up

Current price for SEMRush starts at $69.95 per month.

For a small blogger, then price point may be a bit of a reach. Even so, you can get quite a bit of info out of the free version of the tool.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, why not sign up for free and test it out for yourself.


Has this SEMRush review helped you ? Leave a comment and let me know.

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