Update: 9 New Ready-Site Templates For Your WordPress Website

Update: 9 New Ready-Site Templates For Your WordPress Website

Every business, big or small, has a website today. Whether it’s a new business you are starting, or revamping your old business website, WordPress is the favorite choice. The best part about WordPress; is the various ready-site templates that are available. These ready templates, make the life of a business person easy and they are less dependable on third – parties. If you know what your business is, who are your target customers and what do you want to achieve, all you need to do is look for a template that suits your business. 

What are ready-site templates?

They are pre-made website templates, that you can import, so you don’t have to do anything from scratch. Website templates come with some interchangeable elements – 

  • Colors & Fonts 
  • Site background 
  • Placement of the navigation elements 
  • Social media and sidebars element 
  • Design and size of content areas and images

You can read more about ready-site templates and how to import them here – https://cyberchimps.com/blog/what-are-ready-site-templates/ 

We have released 5 ready-to-build website templates and are going to release 4 more this month!


Corporate Lawyer 

Corporate Lawyer Pro WordPress Theme

If you are a corporate lawyer and are looking for the perfect template for your business, this is your stop. This template comes with several pages like about us, contact us, case studies, blogs, and services. You can showcase all the fields that you are experts in and also show all the cases that you have won. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge and you import this template very easily. 


Tiny Tots – Children’s Playschool 

Children Playschool WordPress Theme

Are you a playschool looking for a website that shows all your classes, activities, and more? Then this website template is perfect for you. Showcase your classes, get registrations, show testimonials, have an online shop too, without any coding! This template is colorful, full of images, which makes this attractive and engaging.


Edukids – School 

School WordPress Theme

This is yet another school website that you can explore. You can use this with 1 click import, without any knowledge of coding. This template comes with various pages that can help you showcase your business extensively. This template is SEO-friendly and has an above 90 GTMetrix score.


Toyzies – An Ecommerce website 

Toy Shop WordPress Theme

This is the perfect website template if you want to sell toys online. It comes with an exciting collection of shop layouts, pre-designed pages, and is 100% compatible with all major plugins. You can create this website with no coding knowledge and a 1 click import.


FinPlan – Finance Consulting WordPress Theme

FinPlan - Finance Consulting WordPress Theme

If you are a financial business person, looking to expand your business with consulting services, this is the perfect website template for you. It comes with several pre-designed pages and is 100% compatible with all major plugins. With a 1 click import, you can launch your website without any coding knowledge.


Coming Soon: 

Interior Design: 

Looking to expand your interior design business and take it online? This Interior design website template is the perfect place to start. Without any knowledge of coding, you can launch this website with a 1 click import. This ready-to-build website template will be launched soon on CyberChimps.


Real Estate:

New Real Estate WordPress Theme

If you are a realtor and want to launch your own website without much hassle, this ready-site template is perfect for you. Get more customers by listing the properties, showcasing your testimonials, and offering your services. 

Other than these we have an optics e-commerce store and a brand new lawyer template, on which our experts are currently working on!



We hope these templates help you boost your business, and while we take care of the website design, you can focus on getting more leads. Keep an eye out for the releases of these new and amazing templates! Stay Safe. 

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