What Are Ready-Site Templates And How To Use Them?

What Are Ready-Site Templates And How To Use Them?

Back at the starting of the decade, when website design was still in its childhood, web pages were merely some plain text – a simple affair made up of one or two color boxes and images. 

People with web pages were those who had expertise in HTML or those who could afford to pay the people who did. But now the times have changed. With the evolution of the internet and the entry of many CMS platforms, the use of web pages is long gone.

With the arrival of website templates, launching a website isn’t a daunting task anymore (especially when you’ve never done it before!) 

These ready templates give users who have little knowledge about designing or programming, the ability to build a fully functional website. The websites built with these are aesthetically appealing and accessible on the internet. 

Let’s dig deeper into what are ready site templates and how you can use them to launch your website. 

What are ready-site templates?

What are ready-site templates?

A ready site template is like a mold from which you can easily shape your website. These are pre-made websites that you can import, so you don’t have to do anything from scratch. It is merely a layout or design that you can apply over your content to launch a website. Website templates come with some interchangeable elements – 

  • Colors & Fonts
  • Site background
  • Placement of the navigation elements
  • Social media and sidebars element
  • Design and size of content areas and images

These elements offer widely differing aesthetics to your website. Yet even after you’ve set your homepage and created several pages on your website, changing any of these elements will give your website a different look. 

Your website will be transformed, but the content will still be in place and functional.

Think of the ready site template as a facade; It has a distinctive design with windows and doors. 

Your content fits inside the windows and the users interact with your site through its doors. All you have to do is place your content in the facade. The structure of the door will be different but the content will be the same.

Is there any difference between Ready site templates and Website demos?

There is no difference between a ready site template and website demos. These are just synonyms of each other. You can import a website demo that looks like a fully-built website. 

Except that the content is not yours. You just have to place your website content in the ready site template. Website platforms have created different types of these ready site templates, which users can choose from.

Features of ready sites templates

1. Convenient to use in Niche Sites

You may want to start a website for your business to expand the online presence or start a blog to express your views or share your food recipes

You don’t have to worry about doing tons of coding or building a website from scratch. 

The Responsive theme’s ready site templates have been divided into four categories- Blog themes, One-page themes, Business themes & WooCommerce themes. You can check out a few of the ready site templates below: 

Free Lifestyle Template – Blog theme

Beautifully designed multipurpose ready site template specially designed for lifestyle and fashion blogs.

Free Corporate Business Template – Business theme

A modern and professional website template for businesses, agencies, corporations, and freelancers, who are looking to grow their business. 

Free One Page Business Template- One page theme

Single page template with an integrated contact form and a different section on the same page that will help your business grow. 

Ecommerce Template for Fashion Stores- WooCommerce Theme

Build a stunning online store and sell your fashion products online in no time with this ready-to-use ecommerce template that comes with an integrated WooCommerce plugin. 

2. Page Builder compatibility

All the 100+ pro and free templates of the Responsive theme have been built with Elementor and Gutenberg. The theme allows you to import ready and beautiful website demos onto your site. 

These templates come with sample content, images, and style that you can customize and personalize any way you like to make it your own.

That way, you no longer have to spend hours coming up with your designs.

3. Compatible across all the browsers

The ready site templates have been built to make sure it is accessible to every user in the same way. They are compatible with all popular browsers like Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and more.

How to create a website using ready site templates?

Creating a website using the templates is pretty straightforward. Depending on the service you are using, most website builders have a similar setup process. We will guide you on using one of the website demos by the Responsive theme to create a website. 

The Responsive theme provides a stunning collection of 100+ pre-built templates that are built for every business niche. You don’t have to do anything from scratch. 

Just import the website demos in one click. After you have installed and activated the Responsive theme, just go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Responsive > Ready sites. 

List of ready-site templates

These website demos are built with your favorite page builders, Elementor and Gutenberg that help you design and launch your website quickly and easily customize it. 

Select the template of your choice and click Preview. On the next page, you’ll find options to start importing the template. 

Import Site- WordPress Ready-site Importer

One fantastic feature about the Responsive theme is that you can mix and match the ready site templates. You can either choose to import a single template (only the Home page or About page, etc.) or import the whole site.

After the import is complete you’ll see a Launch Site tab that will take you to the newly created website! How easy was that? 

That’s the beauty of the ready site templates! Just a few clicks of your mouse and you have yourselves a full-fledged website. Now all you have to do is change the content of the website and launch.

What are the benefits of ready-site templates?

1. One-click import 

All the ready site templates can be imported with just a single click of your mouse.

2. Saves development time

Imagine the frightening task of building each page of your website from scratch. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with the ready site template by Responsive theme. 

All the website templates come with pre-designed pages, like the Home page, the About page, Blog pages, and even an integrated contact form to increase your email inquiries. 

You don’t have to do anything from scratch or do any coding! Just import the template, change the content, and launch. 

3. Saves cost

The most significant benefit of a ready site template is that it is less expensive than a fully custom-designed website. 

There is a plethora of pro and free website templates available on the internet. A higher costing template might include special features. For example, in the Barbershop template, by upgrading to pro at a minimal cost, you can allow customers to book appointments directly from your website with an integrated WooCommerce plugin.

4. It is fast to get your website up & running

By choosing a ready site template, you can launch your website in no time. All you need to do is select a template that fits your business needs, import, change the content and publish. 

A ready site template can be deployed within hours, if not minutes. Custom websites at least take a few weeks with plenty of communication that is required back and forth before it is launched. 

Final thoughts

Website templates play a significant role in the continued reformation of the internet. Now you don’t need to learn coding or hire a developer to create a website to sell your goods or express yourself. 

The ready site template gives you the liberty to build an appealing site, utilizing the skills of web developers and designers. 

A sound content management system allows you to experiment with new skins until you find one that best represents you.

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