How to Create a Magazine Website with WordPress- An Easy Guide

How to Create a Magazine Website with WordPress- An Easy Guide

Creating a blog on WordPress is an easy task. However, there are times when you are unable to find the perfect layout for your blog. This is a common problem when the niche is highly competitive such as fashion, beauty or lifestyle.
A web magazine is a website that focuses on a particular niche only. All the content on the website revolves around the central and supporting themes. Now, creating a web magazine is a real challenge. In this blog, I will give you useful tips and tricks for creating the web magazine of your dreams!

Create a Fascinating Homepage

Homepage is where all the action happens. For a large section of your visitors, homepage is the first page that serves as the introduction to the website. Attractive homepage design is essential for retaining and growing subscribers of the web magazine.
Remember that a simple and easy-to-navigate homepage depends upon several factors that combine to attract readers. This is where theme selection plays an important role. Many people make the mistake of choosing an all-purpose WordPress theme for launching their web magazine. The intention is to replace the theme with a custom web magazine theme later on. However, they forget that as long as the all-purpose theme is up and running, they are annoying the visitors with a horrible homepage design. A custom built WordPress theme offers proper category display options, the right balance between text and images and proper navigation that ensures that the visitors could find their way to the content they wish to view.

Choose Your Hosting Provider

The hosting solution that powers your web magazine matters a lot. If your host is unable to provide the required support for your website, the visitors of the web magazine will have a horrible experience and will not return.
Many WordPress powered web magazine owners start with shared hosting to reduce costs. However, this is a counterproductive decision because shared hosting is often unable to support the operations of a growing web magazine. The result is frequent crashes that reduce the UX of the website and hurt the reputation of the web magazine. In addition WordPress fail to perform on shared hosting solutions because of the limitations of these hosts.
In my opinion, Cloudways is one of the leading managed WordPress cloud hosting which offers an exceptional hosting solution for your web magazine. They take care of all server-side headaches, allowing you to focus completely on the web magazine.

Become a Thought Leader

There are so many web magazines in almost every niche that find it difficult to stand out of the herd. In many cases, readers often discover that magazine websites are recycling the content published on other blogs and websites.

In the sea of mediocre content, becoming a thought leader is a surefire way of gaining the attention of the relevant audience. However becoming a thought leader require you to be closely involved with the niche’s community.

You should start by becoming a part of the community. Talk to the people and discover what type of content they wish to read on your web magazine. What are their problems and issues that are needed to be resolved.

Armed with this knowledge, you should start the next phase of becoming a thought leader. You know the pain points of your target audience and now is your chance to discover solutions and create content that adds value for the community.

The final phase is going back to the community. Only this time, you are actively promoting your content via social media and community discussion forums. Slowly, your web magazine will develop the reputation of a quality resource that offers solutions. This will cement the popularity of your web magazine as the thought leader in that niche.

Remember that this is an ongoing process and requires continuous attention in order to become a success.


The above three steps ensure that your web magazine has a solid CMS (WordPress), excellent hos(Cloudways) and a well thought out strategy for becoming the best-known website in its niche.
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Saud is the WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed WordPress Hosting Platform. Saud is responsible for creating buzz, spread knowledge, and educate the people about WordPress in the Community around the globe. In his free time, he likes to play cricket and learn new things on the Internet. You can email him at [email protected]

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  1. Hi M Saud, I have seen lots of wordpress magazine theme. I want to develop a magazine website. Which theme is best for Magazine website? Thanks

  2. Hello Saud,
    Although it is difficult to gather all the best in one website, but setting up a magazine wordpress is very hard and need to be inspected. Content, host, frequently updates, … are so much important.

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