Top Six Commerce Analytics Tools for 2020

Top Six Commerce Analytics Tools for 2020

Taking the time to set up analytics for your eCommerce site is one of the most important business moves you will make in 2020.

Successful eCommerce entrepreneurs know the power of analytics in planning, marketing, and decision-making.

By leveraging these analytical tools on your eCommerce site, you will be able to get a behind the scenes look at your business.

You can use the information gathered by your analytical tools to enhance your customers’ buying experience and tailor recommendations to your audience.

There isn’t much these analytical tools can’t do! Some of these analytical tools even track the mouse movements of your site’s visitors, providing powerful insight into your site design’s performance. Using these tools to examine the data will give you a leg up on the competition.

Top Six eCommerce analytics tools that are taking off in 2020


HumCommerce- Web analytics tool

HumCommerce is a trending eCommerce analytics tool. Having used it personally, it is one of the best tools an eCommerce store owner can possess.

So what makes this tool so special?

HumCommerce is not just any analytics tool. It is a behavioral analytics tool. As an eCommerce store owner, you must be curious so as to know how people are interacting on your website. You want to know why or why aren’t you making sales. HumCommerce helps you in knowing exactly that.

It boasts a wide range of features from visitor session recording, heatmaps, custom reports, and eCommerce sales funnels. This makes HumCommerce an all-in-one conversion rate optimization tool.

The best is, HumCommerce integrates with all the popular eCommerce stores.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics- Web analytics tool

One couldn’t possibly leave Google Analytics off of this list! Perhaps one of the most popular analytical tools available, Google Analytics offers detailed reports that provide valuable insight into your website and its visitors.

Everything is organized and presented in a visually pleasing way on your dashboard. Whether you need simple metrics or complex, detailed reports, you can’t go wrong with Google Analytics.

The best part of using Google Analytics is that there are plenty of resources and tutorials that can help you learn how to use it. It’s eCommerce essential that any digital entrepreneur should be using.

Crazy Egg

Crazy egg- Web analytics tool

This user-friendly software specializes in heatmaps. This feature allows you to see what parts of your website are getting lots of attention and what parts are being overlooked.

Crazy Egg keeps its dashboards simple and easy to read, so you can study your data without getting overwhelmed. This software records the mouse movements of site visitors to provide you with real-time behavior analytics.

It’s a great tool to use to see how well your site’s design is performing. Crazy Egg also offers scroll maps and A/B testing to help you visualize and experiment like never before.

Crazy Egg is so simple to use that it is being implemented on non-eCommerce sites too. It’s a nifty tool that makes tracking customer moves easy.


Metrilo- Web analytics tool

Another one of the best eCommerce analytics tools is Metrilo. Metrilo can track orders in real-time, keeping your revenue reports up-to-date and extremely accurate. It allows you to compare the results of campaigns and provides deep insight into customer retention.

Metrilo also has an integrated email marketing service and CRM. The defining feature of Metrilo is that it gathers all the historical data from your eCommerce site, making your data on point and very insightful. It integrates well with Shopify and WooCommerce.

Metrilo is an excellent choice if you want to improve the timing of your marketing materials and increase your rate of returning customers.


Kissmetrics- Web analytics tool

This is one of the most detailed analytical tools available. KISSmetrics tells you exactly what actions visitors are taking on your eCommerce site and which products they are looking at. By collecting such detailed and comprehensive data, you will be able to drastically improve your email marketing campaigns and glean more engagement on your Facebook ads.

With KISSmetrics, you can easily monitor customer behaviors and the impact of your campaigns. KISSmetrics is a must-have analytical tool for any eCommerce entrepreneur who wants to get to know their customers on a deeper level.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Marketing Cloud is a bit more complex than the average analytical tool. Made for the experienced eCommerce entrepreneur, Adobe Marketing Cloud digs deeper than just site visits and clicks.

While it takes advanced knowledge to get it up and running, this integrated software offers predictive data and tailored customer experience. It’s a truly intelligent marketing software that can improve customer satisfaction across the board.

Real-time tracking provides a clear look at the acquisition process and allows all of your team members to access and utilize the data effectively. If you are just starting out in eCommerce, this probably isn’t the best tool to start with.

It takes a big investment of time and money to use this tool, and it is tailored to bigger, pre-established eCommerce sites.

Wrapping up

If you aren’t leveraging at least one of these valuable analytical tools, you are losing money, plain and simple. Without the valuable insights provided by these analytical tools, you won’t be able to adjust your design and marketing materials to best suit your audience.

The ability to track metrics and monitor customer behavior is invaluable when running an eCommerce site.

These insightful tools will allow you to increase customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention over the long run by enabling you to adjust your email campaigns, site layout, Facebook ads, and other marketing materials to best suit your customers.

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