7 Best WordPress slider plugins to make your website beautiful

7 Best WordPress slider plugins to make your website beautiful

Believe it or not, it merely takes 50 milliseconds for a new visitor to create an opinion about your website. Within this timespan, if you can grab their attention, you might get a converted lead. If not, it will end up increasing the bounce rate. 

When you put in efforts to make your website look exceptional and improve the user experience, there is a gamut of elements to play around with. Out of all, sliders are an extremely multipurpose designing tool that lets you display videos, images, and more. 

This way, not just you can add a beautiful touch to the overall appearance of your site, but you can also maximize the space. Whether you wish to showcase a slideshow of pictures or wish to have a bold video header, sliders offer a quick way to grab the attention of your visitors.

Having said that, if you have been trying to add this element to your site, this post comprises the 7 best WordPress slider plugins that you can try out. Have a read ahead!

What is a Slider?

Slider is a design element that is generally added to a WordPress webpage to showcase visual content. They are available in almost every size and shape, be it a modernized full-screen slider or classic image slideshows. 

One of the reasons why sliders are the preferred choice is because of their flexibility. Also, their visualization makes it easier to communicate a compelling story. Additionally, one slider on the site can easily promote several facets of a business. 

While basic sliders let you showcase multiple pictures at once, lately, they have evolved to offer more features and functionalities that go beyond regular text and images. You can now add videos, buttons, animations, and more within one single slider.

For example, here is a slider from Amazon’s homepage. This eCommerce platform liberally uses sliders throughout the site to promote an extensive range of products. Apart from the homepage, you can also find small sliders under best seller items on this website. 

Types of Sliders

There is a variety of slider types, each of them offering a different structure. The most basic types are:

  • Standard Sliders

This type is also known as a slideshow and allows you to showcase multiple pictures one at a time.

  • Block Sliders

This one has a content block feature that shows one slide. However, it lets you include several elements at once, such as effects, animations, videos, images, text, and more.

  • Carousel Sliders

A carousel slider showcases two or multiple pictures at a time which your visitors can navigate through.

  • Showcase Sliders

This one allows you to put the focus on one image while providing a glance at other images in the series as well. 

7 Best Slider WordPress Plugins

Here is a comprehensive list of top slider WordPress plugins that you can try for your site:

1. Responsive Elementor Addon

REA- Elementor slider widget

The Responsive Elementor Addon plugin is packed with more than 30 widgets and 100+ templates. With this one tool, you cannot simply add a slider to your site but can also improve the page-building experience.

In addition to a slider widget, you also get an array of other options, including testimonial, button, image gallery, media carousel, off-canvas, modal popup, video, logo carousel, banner, and more.

Pricing: The plugin comes included with the purchase of Responsive Pro which is available in three varying packages. 

Number of SitesAnnual PriceOne-Time Purchase

2. Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library

RBEA- Image slider block

Another one on the list is this Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library plugin. If you are using the Gutenberg editor on your WordPress website, this tool will be a perfect fit for you. It has a responsive design that improves the page-building capabilities to create responsive and AMP-optimized pages, even with heavy sliders embedded on them.

In this plugin, you get easy access to a gamut of blocks, such as flip box, image slider, post carousel, image boxes, testimonial, portfolio, video popup, blockquote, image hotspot, Instagram feed, and more.

Pricing: This tool is free to download and use.

3. Slider Revolution

Slider revolution

One of the widely used and most popular plugins, Slider Revolution, provides an extensive range of qualitative features. By using this tool, you can effortlessly create responsive full-screen and full-width slideshows. Its powerful administrative backend offers intuitiveness. 

It also has varying transition animation styles to choose from. If you want, you can also add captions to your sliders and customize them as per your own wish. In addition to this, there are more than 200 templates, ease of customization, and cutting-edge designs.

Pricing: The plugin is available in annual subscriptions and a one-time buy. 

Number of SitesAnnual PriceOne-Time Purchase
1Rs. 2679.24Rs. 7298.61
3Rs. 7298.61Rs. 19308.97
5Rs. 11917.98Rs. 32243.19
10Rs. 22080.58Rs. 59959.41
20Rs. 42405.8Rs. 115391.83
25Rs. 51644.54Rs. 140336.42
50Rs. 101533.73Rs. 276145.85
75Rs. 147727.41Rs. 401792.69
100Rs. 184682.35Rs. 502494.92
100+Contact their team for pricingContact their team for pricing

4. Soliloquy

Soliloquy- Best Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Soliloquy is another popular and significant slider plugin for WordPress. It provides a variety of extraordinary features. Additionally, its drag-and-drop functionality makes it easier to create and publish an eye-catching slider. Out of all the features, a notable one is the image carousel that can rotate the images in the slider as somebody clicks through them.

Apart from that, there are more than 100 customizable filters and hooks to use. The plugin has a lightweight code, is SEO-friendly and fast enough to not compromise with the speed of your website. Further, the list of features includes mobile-friendly design, WooCommerce compatibility, lightboxes, and image thumbnails.

Pricing: You can buy this plugin in two varying ways; either you can pay annually or give a one-time payment.

Number of SitesAnnual PriceOne-Time Purchase

5. Smart Slider

Smart slider- WordPress slider plugins

 Smart Slider is an intuitive and easy-to-use slider tool that allows you to work with several layers on a drag and drop interface. Although it is a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) plugin, it doesn’t let you preview the content before you have published it. Yet, you can quickly set up and showcase responsive sliders with this plugin that comprises videos from Vimeo and YouTube as well.

And then, you can use varying styles, navigation, and custom fonts to create unique sliders. Subsequently, you can configure and customize the details according to your preference. The tool also has a touch-friendly design, autoplay configurations, multiple slider controls, and more.

Pricing: This plugin is available in both free and premium versions. You can use the free version for unlimited sites. However, if you wish to go with the latter one, here is the price list:

Number of SitesPricing
1Rs. 4684
3Rs. 9464
5Rs. 14243
10Rs. 23801

6. LayerSlider

LayerSlider- Best WordPress Slider Plugin

LayerSlider is a responsive and high-quality WordPress slider plugin that provides extremely customizable and easy to manage options with an extensive range of useful templates. The plugin provides 200+ preset 2D and 3D slide transitions.

Its easy-to-use drag and drop builder lets you create an array of attractive sliders on the site. Furthermore, it also offers real-time previews, varying Google fonts, a timeline view, and a transition builder for customized animations. Additionally, the plugin also has inbuilt lazy load options that ensure the slider doesn’t impact the site’s loading time.

You also get up to 13 inbuilt skins that can be used for the sliders, three navigation styles, and several slider styles.

Pricing: You can buy this plugin by either paying a yearly payment or a one-time payment.

Number of SitesAnnual PriceOne-Time Purchase
50+Contact their team for pricingContact their team for pricing

7. Slider – Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

Slider- Free WordPress Slider plugin

Last but not least, this one is a responsive image slider that is much appreciated by website owners and bloggers. It lets you add unlimited sliders to a slider through its multiple image uploader feature. The tool has an effortless drag and drop interface that makes things even easier.

One of the best things about this plugin is that it works across all significant operating systems and browsers. It is an SEO-friendly slider that lets you set an alternate tag for every image. As far as customization is concerned, you get options like thumbnail position, thumbnail width and height, and slider distance.

Pricing: This plugin is available for free to download and use.

How to add a slider widget on your WordPress website?

To take you on an easier road, you can find step-by-step guides to add slider widgets on your WordPress website with the help of CyberChimps Addons.

Adding Slider Widget on Elementor Using REA

The Responsive Elementor Addon (REA) is one of the effective plugins you can use to add a slider to your website. Some of the useful features of the plugin include:

  • More than 30 widgets
  • Inbuilt Responsive Elementor theme builder

In terms of the slider types, you can get a variety of them as well, such as:

  • Testimonial Slider
  • Slider
  • Image Gallery
  • Media Carousel
  • Off-Canvas
  • Modal Popup
  • Logo Carousel

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Slider Using REA

The REA plugin lets you quickly create an attractive slider without consuming a lot of effort. Here is how you can do so:

  • Look out for the Slider widget in the Elementor editor (you can browse through the options to find it or type into the search bar and get the widget)
  • Place the widget wherever you want to show the slider
  • Click Save

To customize the slider accordingly, the plugin offers a variety of features and options, such as:

  • Set the slider’s height
  • Show the list of total slides available in the slider
  • Drag and drop to change the position, add, delete or duplicate a slider
  • Change the background color and the image for slides
  • Edit the size of the background image, background overlay, and ken burns effect
  • Customize title, description, button text, link, apply link on, display image, and more in the content section
  • Work around with navigation, pause on hover, autoplay, autoplay speed, transition, infinite loop, transition speed, and animation
  • Personalize the content width, padding, horizontal position, vertical position, text alignment and text-shadow
  • Modify title spacing, text color, typography, border width, border radius, normal state, hover state, navigation, arrows position, dots position, dots size, and dots color

With plenty of such options available at your fingertips, creating a slider will be an easy victory.

Adding Slider Widget on Gutenberg Using RBEA

If you have been using Gutenberg blocks on your WordPress website, the Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Library plugin would be the correct choice for you. Following are the steps you can follow to add the slider widget on your site through this plugin: 

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on a new page or post and click the plus icon to add a new block
  • Search for the Image Slider 
RBEA- Add image slider block
  • Upload images that you wish to display
  • Click Save

And you are done. Additionally, if you wish to customize this Gutenberg slider block to match it with the site’s appearance, you get the following settings to play around with:

  • Configure the image carousel by adjusting its size, gutter, radius, custom width, width and height in pixels, small images, thumbnails, and lightbox
RBEA- Configure image slider block
  • Set the slider settings and choose from varying options, like autoplay, draggable, free scroll, arrow navigation, dot navigation, and alignment of cells
  • Switch on the ‘style’ tab to customize the slider block and edit the color of the arrow, background color, background opacity, and background radius
  • Edit the border effectively by settings its color, style and size

The Final Words

By adding sliders to the site, you can surely grab the attention of your visitors while highlighting the content that you wish to get noticed. Right from images to posts, videos, GIFs, and much more can be posted on sliders to maximize the real estate of your site. Now that you are ready, use the above-mentioned WordPress slider plugins and use the functionality efficiently by aligning your requirements and goals. 

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