Top WooCommerce shipment tracking plugins

Top WooCommerce shipment tracking plugins

For online businesses, WooCommerce has been quite a prevalent platform, with approximately a third of all the online retailers using it. In fact, in 2021, 7.4% of all websites are using WooCommerce, and it powers 28.19% of all online stores. In WooCommerce, although there are plenty of essential tools, shipment monitoring tops all of them. 

Considering that customers must get a feature to track their orders, being an owner of an online platform, you must ensure that you are letting them have this advantage. Sure, you can find a few decent plugins; however, the numbers can overwhelm you. So, in this post, let’s highlight some of the top WooCommerce shipment tracking plugins that you can install on your site.

Top 10 WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Plugins

Jotted down below are the top ten WooCommerce shipment tracking plugins that you can consider:

Shipment Tracking

Shipment tracking meta box order view

This is one of the most popular shipment tracking plugins that you can choose. With this tool, you can add tracking information that is specific to diverse shipping carriers on the order details page. Once you have added the tracking data, the information will get included in the order view and will be sent to the customer through an email. On top of that, the plugin also supports custom links and automatic tracking links. If you want, you can use it on the mobile app as well.


  • Offers an option to add tracking information to order emails, My Account page and order tracking page
  • Compatible with tracking code of varying carriers
  • Supports WooCommerce mobile app
  • Intuitive and seamless interface

Pricing: The plugin is available at $49/year. 

YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking

YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking

YITH plugin enables you to offer accurate tracking data to customers. They will get to see the current status of their order and an estimated delivery time as well. Furthermore, the plugin provides an extensive range of shipping carriers as well whose tracking information can be provided to customers. The plugin gives an option to keep a favoured carrier as the default option. In addition to this, the plugin also assists you with a shortcode that you can use to showcase a search form, useful to check the status.


  • More than 90 different shipping carriers
  • Tracking action button on the Orders admin page
  • Ability to set a shipping carrier as default
  • Import data through a CSV file

Pricing: The plugin is available at $65.99/year. 

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

This one is a WordPress plugin that lets you provide tracking information to customers. You can add tracking details in each of the customer’s orders sections and in the Order completion mails as well. The plugin supports tracking information of 150+ diverse shipping carriers. Furthermore, it has a variety of advantageous features, such as an option to add tracking information, custom tracking messages, and more. You can also customize email templates and order statuses with the help of this plugin.


  • An option to add custom order statuses
  • Bulk data import through CSV
  • Customizing tracking information
  • A pre-defined set of shipping carriers

Pricing: The plugin is available for free.


AfterShip- WooCommerce order tracking plugin

By supporting more than 500 shipping carriers, AfterShip is one such plugin that lets you improve the fulfillment process. You will get to showcase tracking information on the order page of every customer. On top of that, you can also track and filter shipments on the dashboard. You can create branded tracking page as well. For every shipment, you can customize the outlook of the tracking page with a custom logo and image. 


  • Option to add branding elements to every tracking page
  • Dashboard to see multiple shipments
  • Supports an extensive range of shipping carriers
  • An option to display tracking information

Pricing: The plugin is a freemium one. You can download the free version from WordPress, and the premium version costs $9 and $199 per month. You can also get a customized plan as per your requirements.

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro

Another ideal option in the list, WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro, offers precise order tracking details to your customers. With this specific plugin, you can add shipment tracking details of 80+ varying shipping carriers. The tracking details can be shown on the order confirmation email and the My Account page of the customer. In addition to this, you can also add and delete information. With this plugin, you can also create custom tracking messages that automatically update the order status as per the position of the shipment.


  • Create customized tracking messages
  • Automatically change the order status
  • Easy import of data
  • Prompt notification of the tracking status

Pricing: There are three different packages available for this plugin. For one single site, you can buy it for $89. For 5 websites, you can buy it for $119. And, for 25 sites, you can buy it for $219.

WooCommerce Shipping Tracking

WooCommerce Shipping Tracking

WooCommerce Shipping Tracking is another significant shipment tracking plugin you can consider purchasing. With this plugin, you get the capability to insert tracking details to notification emails and the order details page. One of the features that make this plugin stand apart is its timeline of the fulfillment process. The plugin provides a pre-defined list of shipping partners. Further, you can also make the most out of custom tracking information, inclusion of dispatch date, automatic tracking status notifications, custom notes, and much more.


  • Customer input field available on the checkout page
  • Showcase estimated delivery date for varying shipping styles
  • Customizing of email templates
  • Inclusion of multiple tracking codes

Pricing: You can buy this plugin at a price of $20.


ShipStation- WooCommerce shipment tracking plugin

ShipStation is one such tool that can be integrated with a WooCommerce store effortlessly. It offers a plethora of options for fulfillment and shipping. With this plugin, you can customize a variety of aspects, including a tracking page, packing slip, notification emails, and shipping labels. The plugin is easy to configure and can be used seamlessly once you have created a ShipStation account.


  • An option to handle orders from different platforms
  • Customization of delivery confirmation mails and shipping labels
  • Generation of discounted shipping labels
  • Management of inventory from remote locations

Pricing: A basic version of this tool can be downloaded for free. If you want a premium version, there are various packages to suit your needs that are priced at $9, $29, $49, $69, $99, and $159 per month.

Ultimate Status Tracking

Ultimate Status Tracking- WooCommerce shipment tracking plugin

Order monitoring and status tracking plugins assist you to instantly monitoring the status of deliveries, packages, programs or anything else just by adding tickets or order tracking alerts to the front end of your site. You can achieve all of this by compiling basic shortcodes. Furthermore, by using additional features, you can take care of all of the order monitoring requirements, whether for WooCommerce tracking or individual status tracking solution.


  • Give precise information in terms of expected delivery, order number, and more
  • Easy sales control
  • Varying customization options
  • Smart status management with customers and sales reports

Pricing: You can download a free version of this tool for free. If you want a premium version, there are various packages to suit your needs that are priced at $39, $119, and $199. 



Shippo is one of the leading multi-carrier dashboard and shipping API that provides the building blocks for eCommerce stores, warehouses, marketplaces, and networks. This plugin supports customers in rationalizing delivery processes; thus, allowing them to fulfill orders without any hassles. Irrespective of your company size, this tool is ideal for almost every shipping requirement. It offers plenty of features, such as monitoring shipments, allowing returns, automating foreign documents, printing labels, real-time rates, and more.


  • Automatically import orders from your WooCommerce site
  • Ideal for apps, platforms and marketplaces
  • An option to compare rates across varying service levels and carriers
  • Send tracking information to customers and schedule carrier pick-ups

Pricing: If you are just starting, you can get a free version of this tool. For premium users, the charges will be $10/ month. If you want a customized plan, you can contact their team.

WC – APG Weight Shipping

With this specific plugin, you can effortlessly achieve your shipping goals. It helps measure shipping costs on the basis of weight, region, postcode, and province. All you would have to do is add a specific location and precise statistics. And, that is all! The plugin will calculate everything else for you.


  • A variety of customization features
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce product bundles plugin
  • Adequate customer support
  • Detailed information and calculation

Pricing: This plugin can be used and downloaded for free.

A Bonus Plugin

Now that you have understood the importance of a shipment tracking plugin, another thing to be kept in mind is compliance. Irrespective of the products you are selling on your WooCommerce store, if your site is not legally compliant, such as not having a correct refund and return policy page or terms and conditions page, you may find yourself in deep trouble. To tackle this issue, you can go with WP Legal Pages Pro.

WP Legal Pages Pro

Here are some of its worthwhile features:

  • More than 25 automated legal policy templates
  • Multi-language support
  • Integrates with popular form plugins
  • Gets regularly updated
  • Varying customization options

Wrapping Up

Informing your buyers regarding the status of their orders is quite an integral part of an eCommerce store. At varying points of shipping, you should clearly pinpoint the status of your order. So, if you don’t want your customers’ loyalty to suffer, choose one of the top WooCommerce shipment tracking plugins as mentioned above and keep them informed. Also, don’t forget to keep your online store compliant with the WP Legal Pages Pro plugin. 

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