Themify Ultra Review: The Most Flexible & Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme of 2019

Themify Ultra Review: The Most Flexible & Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme of 2019

Themify Ultra is one of the most popular WordPress themes available in the premium theme market. Celebrated as one of the most beautiful and powerful WordPress themes, the Ultra is fast, intuitive, and suited for those looking for extra customization options using their drag-and-drop Builder. And with 18+ Ultra skins, and many more to launch this 2019 year, it’s an exciting time to use Themify!

About Themify & Ultra

Created by the industry loved Themify, they are one of the leading premium WordPress providers and about to celebrate their 9th year anniversary. It also doesn’t look like they’re slowing down any time soon. They’ve been focusing on making the Ultra their leading theme. Doubling their production of pre-made demo sites (they call ‘skins’) in only the last several months!

18+ Ultra Skins and 60+ Layouts

There are now 18 Ultra skins ranging from a lifestyle blogging theme to sushi restaurants, to one for law firms and corporate businesses. The skins are so well loved, and the fact that you can have a nearly identical site with the click of a button is something we can stand behind.

Here’s a full list of the Ultra skins that you can use completely, or by page, or even bit by bit.

Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Pre-designed layouts are also the perfect complementary tool every self-starter needs to stay ahead of the pack, with the ability to change your WordPress website in an instant, depending on the season or new initiative you have set out for you. With over 60+ designs, you’ll actually have a blast looking through the options and finding the right fit for a specific part of your websit

Themify Ultra Bonus Add-ons

Remember those days of hopping around on WordPress from theme to theme, and finally found one only to find out that it was missing a feature you needed? The Ultra comes with 12 Bonus Builder Addons- a rare commodity when you know that a company could make more from selling these add-ons individually. One look at the site shows that indeed these 12 Bonus Add-ons are a $100 retail value, but come for free with the purchase of the Ultra.
Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

This ensures that the special features you see on each Ultra skin are available to you as a plugin. When you add the skin’s appearance and layout to your WordPress site. Their WooCommerce, Contact Form, and Maps Pro are also very popular plugins purchased by those using various other themes.

Themify Ultra Additional Features

There are many more features we can talk about what but let’s focus on the dynamic stuff. From Section Scrolling to Mega Menus, to Portfolio Posts – it’s all included and built-in, people. This is some exciting stuff as these uber professional features do require some hard and special coding to be used on a website. So we consider it a treat that we are able to access this all through the streamlined and easy interface that Themify provides.
Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

But don’t just take our word for it, see the Section Scrolling, for example, in action! Available in either vertical or horizontal scrolling. The features take advantage of your beautiful photos and display them full width and center stage.

Themify Ultra Review Final Thoughts

Flexible enough to recreate from head to toe. Powerful enough to implement animations and dynamic scrolling. Easy enough to allow you full control. All this without a line of code. Look no further, ladies and gentlemen. The Ultra theme by Themify, a top WordPress theme provider is here to stay.

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