How To Launch An Interior Design Website? Easy Guide

How To Launch An Interior Design Website? Easy Guide

Are you looking to launch an interior design website? The days of roaming around with a physical portfolio with real sketches and many interior design photographs are quickly fading. While many interior designers are still working with physical swatches the road seems to be leading to an all-digital industry. 

Launching a website can be hard. Your target audience wants to hire someone who can showcase a strong eye for interior design, and therefore your website must reflect that. Interior design websites are an effective way to communicate your brand and tell your story. 

We can help you with that! This guide will help you create an interior design website in just a few clicks and that too at a minimal cost. Yes, you read that right. We have also shortlisted one of the best interior design themes so you don’t have to browse through dozens of design themes to launch your website.

All you need is a domain name, web hosting, and the free responsive theme for interior design that has been specially created for interior designers like you, who just want to get their interior design website up & running in minutes. 

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Domain name vs. Web hosting: What’s the difference?

A domain name is a string of text that a user types to reach a website. For example, the domain name for CyberChimps is ‘’. Internet is basically a giant network of computers just interconnected to each other. Each one of the computers has been assigned an IP address. The computers don’t have a problem remembering these numbers but these are not really user-friendly, and so the domain names were invented.

Web hosting is a service that companies provide as a way of leasing a space on the internet so that the website is accessible around the globe.

A domain name can cost from $0.99 up to $12 per month while web hosting costs about $8 a month on average. That sounds like a lot of money! Doesn’t it?

With Bluehost, which is one of the best hosting providers are providing a free domain name with about 65% off on its web hosting plan

Blue Host

Let’s purchase the domain name and hosting the interior design website.

When you open Bluehost, click on the Get Started button and select the plan that best suits your need. After selecting the plan choose your domain name, that best describes your business.

Select your domain name

Now add your account information and finalize the package info to complete the purchase.

Select your plan

After adding the payment details, you’ll receive a confirmation mail and instruction on how to log in to your control panel. And you’re done!

How to install WordPress?

WordPress is one of the fastest-growing CMS platforms. It powers 39.5% of the internet. One of the most important reasons for its wide usage is that it is free. You are free to download and modify it according to your needs. All you need is a domain name and web hosting. That too you’ll get at a minimal cost with Bluehost.

Bluehost offers a 1-click installation of WordPress. Follow these steps to install WordPress:

1. Log into Bluehost

2. Go to the control panel

3. Click on the WordPress icon (Install WordPress) which you can find under the website section

4. Choose the domain where you’d like to install WordPress

5. Enter the site name, admin username, and admin password of your choice, and once you’re done, click on Install Now

Installing and activating the Responsive free theme

The Responsive theme is a free and easy-to-use theme that comes with 40+ pro and free website templates that will help you build fully functional websites in just a few clicks. These templates are fit for any kind of business niches so you don’t have to do anything from scratch. You can get a free copy of the free theme from the website. Alternatively, you can also download it from the WordPress repository

After you have downloaded the theme, log in to your WordPress Dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes > Add New

Add new theme

Upload the downloaded theme zip file

Choose the zip file

Install and Activate the Responsive theme

Installing the ready site importer plugin

As you know Responsive free theme comes with 40+ website templates that will help you launch your website in minutes. To import these templates you need to install and activate a free plugin. You can find CyberChimps Ready site importer plugin in the WordPress repository. Responsive theme

After downloading the plugin zip file:

1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard

2. Go to Plugins > Add New

Add new plugin

3. Upload the downloaded plugin zip file

Upload plugin zip folder

4. Install & Activate the plugin.

Importing the “Interior Design” ready-site demo template

This fully modern free interior design theme has all the features that will make your interior design business grow. The theme comes with pre-designed pages (Home page, About page, Contact page, etc.) that you can import in a click, change the content, and launch. This interior design theme lets you display your recent projects in a grid-style layout. With the pro feature of the theme, you can also launch your own online store, with the help of some amazing WooCommerce shop layouts. 

To import the Interior design template, go to Responsive > Ready sites on your WordPress dashboard. 

Select the Interior design portfolio template and click preview

Choose the interior design template

Import site

To start importing the template click on the Import Site button

Import Site

After the Import is complete, the Launch Site button will take you to the newly created website. 

Launch Site

How to change the logo of your Interior Design website?

If your company is not branded properly you might lose your target audience to your competitors. Let’s find out how you can easily change the logo of your website and make your brand stand out!

On your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize


Alternatively, you can also click on the Customize at the top of your website

Click on customizer on the top

Click on Site Identity

Site Identity

Now click on Change logo to select your logo. We suggest dimensions of 300*100 to upload your logo.

Change logo

After you’re done, just click publish.

How to edit your Interior Design website using Elementor?

Go to any page that you want to edit with Elementor. Just click on “Edit with Elementor” on the top.

Click on edit with elementor

3. On the Elementor editor page, you’ll see two blocks, Elements (1) and Global (2) tabs, that enable you to change global settings and choose the content modules for adding and editing.

Elementor Editor page

4. When you click on one of the content options that you want to edit, that will be encased in a thin blue frame. It means that the section is active now.

5. After you are done with the editing, just click update on the bottom.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up your interior design website. You have any feedback for us, drop your comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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