The Best Free UI Kits

The Best Free UI Kits

As a designer, you often have to look for creative inspiration for your next project. Many experienced designers often using UI kits to kickstart their projects.

Get a head start on your design projects using these elegant free UI kits. These kits will help you give a fresh look for your next design project.

Material Design Web UI Kit

Free Material Design UI Kit

The material design has become very popular since its introduction in 2014 by Google. Material design is known for its unique colorful and flat UI which looks really clean.

Material Design Kit is a Free Bootstrap UI Kit that follows Google’s material design guidelines.

Along with the restyling of the Bootstrap elements, you also get three fully-coded demo pages, which will help you to design your next project.

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Freedom UI Web Design Kit

Free Freedom Web Design UI Kit

A great landing page will help you to get more conversions for your products. Every landing page must have a clear call to action which will help users to make an informed decision about their purchase.

Easily create landing pages that convert with Freedom Landing Page UI kit which has over 90 perfectly crafted components.

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VSApp Web UI Kit

Free VSApp PSD Web Design Template

Looking to design a website that showcases your app? Then this template is designed exactly for your needs.

Showcase all the features of your app in an elegant way and increase your number of downloads!

This web design UI kit comes with 9 custom made web pages that you can then customize for your app design language.

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Portal E-commerce UI Kit

Portal Freebie E-commerce App UI Kit

An easy to use e-commerce app will bring in more sales than a website since customers can easily purchase products from their smartphones instead of logging into their computers.

The portal app UI kit allows you to create a beautiful e-commerce app for the iOS platform.

This kit is compatible with both Photoshop and Sketch.

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Trend Social E-commerce UI Kit

Trend Social E-commerce Free UI Kit

Trend social UI kit allows you to build social integration into your e-commerce app.

This will help to keep more users on your platform since many people often consult with their friends before making a purchase.

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Milestone UI Kit

Milestone Free UI Kit

A web page often has different pages such as testimonials, about us. Milestone web UI kit will help you visualize the design for these pages, allowing you to complete your design work faster.

This kit comes with 8 demo cards which you can use for your reference.

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Blogant Blog UI Kit

Blogant Free UI Kit

This UI kit is especially aimed towards designers who are looking to add visual flair to their typography.

You can use this blog UI kit to create a unique look for your blogs and magazines.

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MAX App Design UI Kit

Max Free UI Kit

MAX E-commerce App UI kit contains 6 clean & crisp app screens (home page, followers page, log in, walk-through, news, and size filter page) which you can use to create your next e-commerce app.

All the colors follow the 2016 Pantone color space guidelines along with elegant UI elements allowing you to take your app to the next level.

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Free Mobile Web UI Kit

Free UI Kit

Use this creative mobile UI kit to create a mobile version of your shop.

It contains various modules such as header, popup, product block, promo, hover effects, shopping cart, which will help you to speed up your app design process.

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Fair App Design UI Kit

Free Fair UI Kit

Create apps with lots of bright design elements and give a clean look to your app using this mobile app UI kit.

This kit is compatible with both Sketch and Photoshop.

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Summer Travel Website UI Kit

Summer Free UI Kit

If you are looking to create a travel website targeting summer visitors, then this travel web UI kit is perfect for you!

It contains elements such as a map, calendar, blog section, login page which you can use to create an interactive website.

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Music App UI Kit

Music App FREE UI Kit

This is a music app UI kit that will allow you to design your own music player app. This kit contains all the common elements in a music player app such as the artist page, now playing, and song list.

This UI kit is compatible with Sketch.

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Blog UI Kit

Blog Free UI Kit

According to many recent traffic surveys, over 60% of website visitors come from mobile, hence it is very important to have a website that scales down perfectly to the small screen size of smartphones.

You can easily create a beautiful blog optimized for mobile using this mobile blog UI kit.

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Routes iOS App UI Kit

Routes Free UI Kit

This minimal design UI kit will give your iOS app a modern look by making excellent use of blacks and whites. This free kit also has a premium version that will unlock even more designs and icons.

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Vonn Material Design UI Kit

Vonn Material Design UI Kit Freebie

The second material UI kit on our list, this is a colorful UI kit will help you to create a vibrant app all the while following Google’s material design guidelines.

It also comes with an awesome collection of 100 drag and drops UI templates, organized in 8 different categories, and designed at 1920 x 1080 pixels.

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Flight App UI Kit

Flight UI freebie UI kit

Create a gorgeous flight booking app using this UI kit designed for travel apps.

You can also easily customize all the design elements using the Sketch app.

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Pack of 10 Dashboard UI Kits – Free Taster Pack

Free UI Kits Bundle

A collection of 10 premium dashboard UI screens that will help you design your website projects in a very short time.

This UI Kit is available for both Sketch App and Adobe XD and contains minimalistic, clean dashboards that can be used for any of your projects – from a B2B to a B2C environment – for example, cryptocurrencies, finance, business, analytics software, and literally any other type of web app.

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Based UI Kit

Based UI Kit

Going back to basics and scratching designs on paper is a classic choice, but why not use resources that can do the job in less time than usual?

Introducing Based Mobile, a powerful and flexible Social Media Sketch iOS / Material UI Kit.

This FREE UI kit has both light and dark versions of iOS and Android Material.

With its robust use of nested symbols, you’ll be able to customize it quickly and easily.

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Hope you liked the collection of our UI kits. Make sure to also bookmark this page as we will be adding more free kits over the coming days!

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