Best Budget Friendly WordPress Hosting Companies

Best Budget Friendly WordPress Hosting Companies

If you’re starting a website, you probably went through the long and arduous process of selecting the content management system that’s best for your website. Next, you’ll need to choose a hosting company.

Every growing website has a solid hosting provider behind it, so don’t neglect this part of the process. Keep reading for everything you should know on the best WordPress hosting companies out there.

What is WordPress hosting?

If you select WordPress for your website, there are two options for platforms: and When you have a site, you’ll have a subdomain website and your website will cost you nothing.

However, that also means that you won’t have access to specific plugins and some of the best features of WordPress. If you opt for, you’d get these features, go ad-free, be able to choose your domain name, and customize it entirely to your needs.

With all of this good also comes the needs to find a WordPress web host. Read the next section for the difference between WordPress and traditional web hosting.

WordPress hosting vs. traditional web hosting

If you’re wondering what the difference is between WordPress web hosting and traditional web hosting, it comes down to specifics. Traditional web hosting and shared web hosting occurs when multiple (often thousands) of sites share space on a single server.

The server is owned and maintained by the hosting provider. Yet, while WordPress sites can be supported, there aren’t explicitly focused on. They’re just one of many types of sites that are hosted on the shared server.

WordPress web hosting is a targeted solution. Just like traditional and shared web hosting, WordPress hosting options do everything that a traditional host does. However, it’s targeted for WordPress.

If you’re looking at a site as your content management system, this is the way for you to go. It will help meet your needs at every stage rather than utilizing a more “cookie cutter” approach.

Additionally, because WordPress was designed for all kinds of individuals (from beginners to experienced content creators), the type of hosting you select allows you to get the support you need. Keep reading for the specific benefits of WordPress web hosting.

If you are hosting to medical services then you keep in mind about HIPAA  Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), an essential part of any effective HIPAA compliance hosting.

Benefits of using a WordPress web host

There’s a variety of benefits for using a WordPress web host. There’s also a reason it’s sustained while other blogging platforms have come and gone.

Here are the top 5 advantages to keep in mind when you’re weighing WordPress versus traditional web hosting.

  1. Fast loading websites: Around 50 percent of individuals click off of websites if they don’t load within 3 seconds. Fast loading websites are the name of the game if you want your content to be seen. Most WordPress web hosts are powered by SSD which makes your site load quickly on your viewer’s system.
  2. Site security: We live in the day and age of cybersecurity issues. Shared web security provides only so much security because you’re only as strong as the weakest link. WordPress hosting continually scans for suspicious files, sites, and blogs. With a WordPress host provider, you’ll have the proper level security to ensure protection.
  3. Search engine optimization: If one of your top concerns is making your website SEO friendly, then you really can’t beat WordPress. The simple and constant codes that websites built with WordPress have made them perfect for Google indexing. It will help you rank highly on search engines and attract people to your sight.
  4. Social media integration: WordPress web hosting allows you to integrate your social media right onto your website. This is an incredible option in today’s world where your business success depends on your ability to get your name out there. Linking your social media to your website is instant marketing and it’s easily done with a click of a button with the right web host.
  5. Customer support: Having customer support (and superb customer support) to go to when something goes wrong is essential. Your customer support team will be able to advise you when you need help and fix any problems that you’re unequipped to fix yourself.

Best WordPress hosts

Bluehost (Best beginner friendly WordPress host)


Bluehost is your best budget option. Started in 1996, they are one of the oldest web hosts and have become a large brand name in WordPress web hosting.

If your WordPress site is mostly text-based with basic plugins and small images, this is the route you should go. It’s affordable, clear cut, and easy to use.

Kinsta (Managed WordPress hosting)

Kinsta was the first managed WordPress hosting solution to utilize Google Cloud Platform. Cutting edge technology paired with advanced security features; you don’t need to worry about sudden traffic increase or security anymore, smooth running of your site is guaranteed.

They host all types of sites, from small blogs all the way up to Fortune 500 customers. No different level tiers of support, every client’s site is handled by the same support team of highly-skilled WordPress developers and Linux engineers.

Kinsta is your go-to option if you take your website or online business seriously. They deliver peace of mind, excellent user experience and top-notch support for every customer.

Cloudways (Best cloud-based and managed WordPress host)


Cloudways is your classic “in-between” option. You’ll get a little bit more than when you go with the budget option, but it certainly isn’t the premium option of WP Engine.

In short, Cloudways supports several content management systems that include WordPress. Its customers laud its ability to be easy, quick, and cost-effective which is everything you need in a product.

WP Engine (Best premium managed WordPress host)


If you’re a fast-growing website, intend on using more than just the basic plugins or few small images, or really want to optimize your website, go for the premium option of WP Engine.

The key to remember is that WordPress needs help to stay fast as you put more and more on your website, and that’s what WP Engine does.

The investment of your time and money will result in a better system as well as better access to customer service and knowledge. WP Engine is truly an example of getting what you pay for.


MilesWeb logo

MilesWeb is a comprehensive and dynamic web hosting company established in the year 2012. It aims at providing quality service at afforadable prices.

MilesWeb is one of the leading WordPress hosting provider that offers better and reliable features at an affordable price. Their WordPress hosting plans start at just $1 that includes: fully managed WordPress hosting, free domain, free SSL certificate finest performance and more.

Quick comparison

Bluehost Cloudways WP Engine Kinsta
From $3.95/month From $10/month From $35/month From $30/month
24/7 customer service (chat, email, phone) 24/7 customer service (chat, email) 24/7 customer service (chat, email, phone) 24/7 customer support, live chat
1 months money back guarantee 7-days free trial 2 months money back guarantee 30-day money back guarantee
Free Domain / SSL / CDN Free SSL / Staging / Backups Free SSL / CDN / Staging / Backups Free SSL/ free CDN/ SSH access/ Staging/ Auto backups

Now, this might be a “comparison” on the service but do your own research. You’ll want to compare your services before you commit truly. While all of these have 24/7 customer service, you’ll get more when you pay more in terms of your customer service.

Additionally, the price tag is just their lowest monthly price offered. If you wanted to pay more, you’ll bet these sites offered the ability to “scale up” or customize your package.


Once you decide to go with for your website, using a WordPress web host is a no-brainer. It simplifies the entire process, gives you access to all the features you want and need, and takes out any confusion by providing access to customer service.

The next step is selecting the right host for you. In general, you’ll have to do the research to see what you want and what you’re willing to pay for. There are some great options out there to ensure you’ll receive those much-needed benefits.


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