PANTONE Color Of The Year 2020- Classic Blue

PANTONE Color Of The Year 2020- Classic Blue

PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue, The Pantone color of the year 2020, has stunned everyone after its announcement. It’s cool blue shade reminds us of the deep blue sky, the ocean, and maybe the flowing rivers. It compels us to look back to nature and reminds us of simplicity.  

Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of Pantone Color Institute said, “ We are living in a time that requires trust and faith. It is that kind of constancy and confidence that is expressed by PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue, a solid and dependable blue hue we can always rely on. Imbued with a deep resonance, Classic Blue provides an anchoring foundation. A boundless blue evocative of the vast and infinite evening sky, Classic Blue encourages us to look beyond the obvious to expand our thinking; challenging us to think more deeply, increase our perspective, and open flow of communication.” 

Every December, when we prepare for a new beginning as the new year comes, the designers wait for the announcement of the  “Pantone color of the year”. The announcement brings to them a new plethora of creative ideas which they express through different mediums throughout the year.  

Pantone color of the year 2020

Pantone color of the year influences every share of society. You can find a reflection of it in marketing, fashion, lifestyle, fitness everywhere. But there are many people who are still yet to hear about it. In this article, we’ll try to change that by telling you everything you need to know about the Pantone color of the year.

Pantone Color Institute

The Pantone Color Institute is a business unit of Pantone. It highlights the best runway colors for the season and announces the Pantone color of the year. It also advises companies on colors for product promotion and brand visual identity. You could call it a global design consulting service of sorts. It forecasts global color trends and acts as a guide for the companies for the application and integration of colors as a strategic asset. 

The journey began in 1963. Pantone brought a revolution in the color sector by inventing a universal color language. The entire system of color communication took a new turn. For the first time, brand owners and designers got some relief knowing that their printers now could understand and get them the colors they imagined. Since then it has been acting as a universal color guide in the market. Pantone has even written a bunch of books about color combinations. 

Pantone Color Institute

Pantone color institute doesn’t just focus on marketing. It keeps in mind the social and environmental conditions of the world while selecting the color of the year. Their color of the year, invokes a heart-touching emotion, usually representing nature and humanity. 

The institute offers a chance to the world’s designers and marketers to work together to build a strong and powerful color presence. It is considered as the highest authority in the color matching system. Their knowledge of color is unparalleled. They are not just experts in color matching but also in consumer psychology. They know how color affects consumer behavior. of the consumers. Since their launch, they have been the greatest support for designers and marketers when it comes to color selection. 

What are the Pantone colors? 

If you are a graphic designer, you might have heard of Pantone colors. But do you know what they exactly are? 

Pantone colors refer to an exclusive range of colors more than 2600 colors created for graphic designers by Pantone that are the foundation of the Pantone Matching System. The system is designed to ensure accuracy and consistency of colors in the digital world and across all the printing surfaces. 


Every Pantone color is identified by a proprietary naming system. It consists of the Pantone brand name followed by a color name and a unique number. That is again followed by a letter— generally C for coated, U for uncoated, M for matte and TCX  for Textile Paper Edition. These letters indicate the papers on which colors have been created to be printed. So, most of the Pantone numbers look somewhat like this: Pantone 16-1546 TCX. 

The Pantone color Matching System is the most widely trusted and popular color matching system in the world. It started in 1963 to solve the issue of complicated color matching. In a few days, Pantone became an easy way to classy and match colors with a color catalog in a fan format.  Pantone is now the first name the designers remember when it comes to color matching.   

Here is how the Pantone Color  Matching System works – 

Color Pallette
  • Designers work with clients to refine the branding colors using the color chips of Pantone 
  • Then they  create a variety of stationery items using selected colors   
  • After clients’ approval, the items are sent to the printers along with the Pantone color chips for reference 
  • Based on the reference, the printer mixes inks using Pantone’s formula guide  
  • The printer then prints the color with the mixed ink using the Pantone color chip as a color standard. 

Pantone matching system guarantees the consistency of color from the designing stage to the final delivery.  Even if the same designer works on the brans materials of the same client but selects a different printer, he can follow the same process. No need to worry about the inconsistency of the color.  

What is the Pantone color of the year? 


Since 2020, every year Pantone Color Institute announces “color of the Year”. The event takes place in the month of December to announce the “color of the Year” for the coming year. The color is chosen based on what is taking place in the global culture at the moment in time.     

The institute defines the “color of the Year” as – 

“A symbolic color selection; a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.”

Now,  the question is, how the color of the year is chosen?  

According to the official website of Pantone, Pantone looks for new color influences in a number of diverse and sometimes surprising sources, including the entertainment industry, traveling art collections and new artists, fashion, all areas of design, popular travel destinations and new lifestyles, new technologies, materials, textures, social media platforms, global sporting events, and socio-economic conditions.”    

Pantone Color Institute describes the Classic Blue as “ Suggestive of the sky at dusk”. They believe it highlights peoples’ desire for a stable and dependable foundation. As we enter into a new era, we seek a strong foundation to build new castles of hopes on it. The color brings a sense of tranquillity and peace offering refuge. The reflective blue tone fosters resilience.   

Classic Blue- Pantone color of the year 2020

Pantone has created five different color palettes featuring Classic Blue to help the users to bring the year’s special color shades into their designs. All the color pallets convey different moods illustrating the versatility of Classic Blue. They are supported by three suggested color combinations.   

How does the color of the year affect marketing trends? 

The world of marketing is highly competitive. Marketers try to put themselves into the shoes of the target group and try to design their campaign based on the choice of the target audiences. Competitive analysis is an integral part of marketing. Pantone takes into consideration many aspects of society while choosing colors. Their colors are highly topical. They expect that color in the campaigns. When most people start using the same color, it becomes the trend. It becomes essential for every organization to choose that color to keep up with whatever is in vogue.


In an age when we are gradually moving away from our roots, Classic Blue reminds us of humanism. It talks of trust and faith when we hardly get time to look around and see what is happening in our neighbouring areas because of our busy schedule. It not only encourages us to open new routes of communication but also  attempts to develop a spirit of brotherhood among us.    

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