7 Important Pages Every WordPress Website Must Have

Every page on your WordPress website is very important to attract the right kind of audience you are looking for. Website pages are usually added on the WordPress website to create content that won’t change often. By keeping this content separate from your usual website updates, you can help your audience discover it easily. You can rearrange your pages and update their layouts according to your choice. You can also add them to your navigation menu to access them easily.
In this article, we will explain the seven most important pages that your WordPress website must have and also what things and elements you should add in these pages to make them useful and interesting for your target audience.

1. About Page

This is one of the most important pages and a must-have page for any website on the internet. Through this page, you can introduce yourself or your work to your website visitors. With About Page, you can convey the purpose, mission, and values of your WordPress website. This page helps build trust among the audience and also as this is the first page they look into if they want to check your website, it is important for you to welcome them warmly with words that can make them feel at home. You can also use this page to highlight your services or products.

2. Contact Page

A contact page has all your information and contact details through which people can reach you if needed. This page is vital as various advertisers or potential business partners will need something to contact you. The contact details on this page will help the user of your WordPress website to contact you quickly. Like every other website, you need to make a detailed contact form and add it to the contact page. The contact form should have appropriate columns asking about the details of the user and a box for them to write whatever they need to ask. To make things more approachable, you can also put in your email address, your Facebook’s page link, the map of your location or any other social medium through which your users can contact you.

3. Disclaimer Page

A Disclaimer Page is essential if you make money through your WordPress website or want to add a disclaimer. You can use this page to let your website visitors know about how you make money from your website. For instance, if you promote products that earn you money, then you should explain this in your Disclaimer Page.

4.Privacy Policy Page

A privacy policy page explains the policies practiced in using the data collected on your website. This page also informs your users about how the collected data will be used by a third party if any. There are various third-party tools such as Google Analytics that can set cookies, despite the fact that you are not collecting any data from your user. A privacy policy page should be in a simple language that should be straightforward for the user to understand the real importance and purpose of having it on your WordPress website. You can find many privacy templates online to help you to create a template of your own.

5. Start Here Page

Start Here Page as the name suggests, is an invite for the new users to start reading your content from a particular place. As your WordPress website gets older, there will be a lot of content to display on your front-page. This might confuse new visitors, as they will not know where to exactly start. Start Here Page is designed to overcome this problem.
The Start Here Page must have the most important content or products you want your users to read or know about. They should get an idea of your content and what resources they can benefit from while being on your website. Your Start Here Page should be written in words that must be inviting and welcoming because mostly the new users will visit this page.

6. Products/Services Page

You need a product/service page on your WordPress website if you are not using an e-commerce platform to sell your services or products. The best way to make this page interactive and detailed is to divide it into two pages. In simpler words, create a parent page first that lists all the products and services you offer. Then you can further create child pages for each product or service that gives a deeper and specific detail about the things you offer. Again, this page should be user-friendly and every detail about each product or service should be authentic because this is the information that will help you attract a new audience.

7.Write For Us Page

Using this page, writers who are looking for a writing opportunity can contact you. You can put details about your website and the type of content you are looking for. You can also let them know how writing for your website can benefit them. In addition, just let your users briefly know about the skills required for this opportunity so that only the right people end up contacting you. Moreover, do not forget to link your contact form on this page.
We hope this article helped you understand about some of the must-have pages that you should include in your WordPress website. Remember, make each page inviting and user- friendly to attract your users and make them feel important when they visit your website.

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