Top 6 WordPress Advertising Plugins To Manage Your Ads

Top 6 WordPress Advertising Plugins To Manage Your Ads

Ad space is a major source of revenue to websites because today online advertisements are the strongest form of publicity. However, to save on marketing and the money paid to advert managers, website owners need to take ad management into their own hands. WordPress Advertising plugins helps you display ads on your website, and earn ad revenue from it.

WordPress offers many advertising management plugins, free and premium that have numerous benefits. They help manage ads easily, check statistics, and earn ad revenue. You can read here to know more about how to insert ad on your WordPress website.

If you are looking to monetize your website, but don’t know where to begin, we have you covered. We have listed out some of the best WordPress advertising plugins along with their features.

1. WP AdCenter

WP Adcenter- WordPress Ads Management Plugin

WP AdCenter is one of the fastest growing and powerful WordPress Advertising plugin. This plugin has a simple and user-friendly interface. Right from running banner advertisement, affiliate banners, Amazon Native ads to Google AdSense, this WordPress banner ad plugin can help you with almost every other advertising network.

You can rotate your banner ads, schedule and optimize them based on detailed statistics. For the ease of use, you can choose between shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks to display your ads. The geo-targeting feature allows you to display your ads anywhere in the world. The automated sign up process for Advertisers and the WooCommerce payment integration are some amazing features this advertising plugin offers. Overall, an amazing plugin for anyone looking to monetize their website.

2. AdSanity

WordPress advertising plugin- AdSanity

AdSanity is an extremely easy-to-use WordPress ads plugin that was designed to make ad management easier even if you aren’t adept at it. The ease of use of this plugin is reiterated by the fact that it makes posting ads as easy as posting a blog or article. It basically turns your WordPress website into an ad server without getting in the way of your content.  It can take ads from most ad networks or host ads that are local to your site and present them to the users of your site seamlessly.

This plugin keeps complete track of the ads, right from adding expiry dates to tracking the stats as well. It keeps a track of everything like the views, clicks, impressions, and other important data. It also generates reports according to your requirements.

3. In-Post Ads

WordPress banner ad plugin- in post ads

In-Post Ads helps you get the maximum out of your ads in terms of returns and mileage. This ad inserter plugin automatically displays these ads on your website. It gives you the freedom to create varied ad sizes and resolutions, place them wherever you need, and manage them easily.

This plugin creates shortcodes, which you can use inside the body of any page or post to display an advertisement. It gives you an added advantage of displaying the ads where people are most likely to click. Overall, a very useful plugin for displaying ads on your WordPress website.

4. Quick Adsense

Quick AdSense

Quick Adsense is a well-known and widely-used WordPress advertising plugin which displays a wide variety of ads like hosted ads, third-party ads like Google Adsense. This plugin is very easy to use and set up, you can manage your ads easily by selecting where to display them, and even by adding custom widgets to display ads in the sidebar.

You can experiment a variety of ads formats & placements besides optimizing your Adsense. The flexible ad placement is definitely an added advantage. The simple configuration interface, requires no coding knowledge. Using this plugin you can display up to 10 ads on a page. Overall, Quick Adsense is a flexible and handy plugin for easy and seamless ad management.

5. AdPlugg


This advertising plugin for WordPress has some awesome features, and works in conjunction with the free ad services.

You can add Adplugg ads to any widget area on your site by dragging the AdPlugg Widget. It allows you to put different ads in different ad locations on your page. Apart from Ad rotate feature, it also has options to schedule ads, track them, and analyse impression and clicks. The reports are downloadable.  The ads can be targeted by on-page meta tags. You can serve ads while adhering to the privacy rules of the GDPR.

6. AdRotate

AdRotate is a great WordPress banner ad plugin that works irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. It supports all kinds of ad types as well, such as rotating ads, banners, and network ads. It is extremely easy to set up and use; you can create ad groups, ads, banners, etc. and display them wherever you want. This WordPress Ad rotator plugin also enables you to add custom widgets to your website and insert advertisements into the sidebars.

With AdRotate, you can easily set up your own ads and campaigns with standard HTML and/or Javascript code or use ads from your favorite Ad Server such as, Blind Ferret, Yahoo! Adverts, DFP, Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, Bing Ads, Amazon Affiliates. Besides posting ads, AdRotate calculates all the important statistics and data as well, such as clicks, impressions, etc.


Using a WordPress Ads plugin, you can generate passive income through ad revenue, make money with Google AdSense, and much more!

However, to make this a reality, you need to understand the features, pros and cons before taking your pick. With the appropriate WordPress advertisement plugin, you can check the statistics, optimize your ads, and make the most out of online advertising. You can always start off with a free version to understand the features. Once you understand and are satisfied, you can proceed with the premium version.

Now, that you know about the plugins that can help us monetize our website, you can go ahead and create one if you already haven’t. Refer this article to know more about WordPress Themes that are optimized Google AdSense.

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  1. Great list of plugins for ad management … I’ve been looking for one that really meets my needs and I’ve finally found this WP AdCenter. For me, that was the best thing for my business.

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