20 Best Online Business Tools That are Great Assets for Your Business

In today’s world, starting a business is synonymous with having an online business. Establishing a strong online presence is an important task that helps you to run a business successfully. There are a number of online business tools and applications that can help you to plan your upcoming business strategies.

All the business owners, who at least have a website, can benefit highly from online business management tools. Here you will find some of the most essential online business tools that can provide all the help you need to promote your business online.

Top 20 Online Business Management Tools

  1. WebCEO: Online SEO Toolsonline business tool

WebCEO is an online SEO tool that can make your business’ website better optimized for ranking in Google. Its various features like scanning your competitors’ link profiles, backlink quality checker and submitting your websites to high-quality niche directories all add up to your advantage. With WebCEO’s help, you can get visitors to your website not just from Google, but from other prominent search engines, too.

Moreover, this tool can automate most of your SEO tasks, sparing you the trouble of wasting resources and spending hours on manual work. It covers site optimization activities ranging from keyword research and backlink auditing to internal link analysis and technical audit for your website.

Best Features of WebCEO:

  • Assists with link building
  • Provides online tools for on-page SEO
  • Checks quality of backlinks
  • Generates SEO leads
  1. ScrapeBoxonline business tool

This is another powerful and essential online business tool that every businessman must benefit from. ScrapeBox is a popular SEO tool that most established SEO companies, as well as freelancers trust. Right from scraping URLs to building links and generating business leads, ScrapeBox performs all these tasks for you.

You have the ability to harvest thousands of URLs from Google, Yahoo and Bing and 30 other search engines, create thousands of comments and also create backlinks to gain visibility and improve Pagerank. Features like Keyword Scraper, Proxy Harvester make your job easy on daily basis. It is one of the most popular online business management tools that majority of the internet marketer are using. It can prove to be a great asset for your business too!

Best Features of ScrapeBox:

  • Tools for Listing URLs
  • Tools for Generating E-mail Lists
  • Link Building Tools
  • Search Engine Scraper
  • Proxy Harvester Tools
  • Keyword Scraper
  1. Uncodeonline business tool

The third tool on our list of the best online business tools is Uncode. It’s a WordPress designed online business plan tool that can make your business website visually attractive. Without having to learn a programming language and coding, you can add various visually appealing features to your business website. It can help you to attract more visitors, to whom you can provide the information about your business in the most creative way.

Best Features of Uncode:

  • User-friendly Theme
  • 40+ Pre-made Visual Add-ons
  • Easy-to-use Page Builder
  • Attractive LayerSlider Headers
  • iLightbox Revolution Slider
  1. Vismeonline business tool

This is an amazing online business plan tool that can help you create and design flyers for various business promotion, which can be printed as well. Visme can help you create beautiful business flyers, posters, infographics, creative presentations, and many more forms to generate visual content. It can be extremely beneficial for promoting several events, deals, offers, and attractive sales associated with your e-Commerce business. This online small business tool can help non-designers to easily design spectacular and eye-catching designs of promotional flyers and posters.

Best Features of Visme:

  • 500+ Templates, and Many More Colors and Icons
  • Over 120 Fonts
  • Share and Download Available Over One Click
  • Fully Customizable Designs of Poster
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Downloadable High-Resolution Images
  1. Linkody

    Online Business Tools

Linkody is an SEO tool, which can prove to be an ultimate online business tool as it covers all the aspects of link building. It plays an important role in performing various critical tasks, such as tracking and building backlinks and save a lot of time for you. It gathers important data and links from various sources such as Moz and Google analytics. This is a wonderful online small business tool that will help you create a comprehensive link profile with ease.

Best Features of Linkody

  • Conducts a Deep Link Audit
  • Identifies Best Links of Your Competitors
  • Alerts on Losing Links
  • Manage Link Building Campaigns
  • Disavows Harmful Links
  1. MotoCMSonline business tool

MotoCMS is one of the most essential online business tools when you are working on creating a website for your online business. A website creator from MotoCMS provides attractive templates, which can help greatly to convey the content to your target audience more effectively. With various features, such as progress bar, countdown timers, and popups, using admin panel is much more fun and a less tedious task. MotoCMS is an affordable and highly useful online business tool to create attractive websites and grow brand awareness effectively.

Best Features of MotoCMS:

  • User-friendly Admin Panel
  • Free 14-days Trial
  • Free tech support
  • Niche-specific content
  • Premium and Customizable Logo Designs

    Another great tool from these guys is logo design templates. It makes your job easier when it comes to Brand Awareness or any other marketing need you have. With it’s easy to use template and idea, you can come up with logo designs in minutes not hours. Some of the great features that we love about it are following.

  • Collections of logos to choose from for quick needs.
  • All possible size and format available to choose from
  • Free tech support
  • Custom logo design services available on demand.
  1. Nightwatchonline business tool

This is a next-generation online business management tool that works to improve search visibility of your website for leading search engines. Nightwatch Rank Tracker gives you complete control over the ranking, backlinks, and SEO-growth of your online business website. Nightwatch is an amazing online business plan tool that lets track ranking keywords and ultimately, plan your next SEO strategies for your business.

Best Features of Nightwatch:

  • Drag and Drop Report Tools
  • Detailed Segmentation
  • Creative Visualization
  • Smart Notification
  • Advanced Keyword Discovery Tools
  1. WP Legal Pagesonline business tool

WP Legal Pages is one of the most critical online business tools, as it covers the legal aspect of your online business. Without having to go to a law school or having to pay a lot to a lawyer, you can create legal policies for your website with this online business tool. WP Legal Pages provides templates of essential legal policies for any business websites. It includes privacy policies, terms and conditions, disclaimers, terms of use, and many more.

Best Features of WP Legal Pages:

  • 24 Templates of Legal Policies
  • Forced Agreement Option
  • Customizable Pages
  • Affiliate Disclosure Addition
  1. HumCommerceonline business tool

HumCommerce is an essential online business tool that will help your e-Commerce business to rank higher on search engines with incredibly important insights. Most of the leading business owners and managers of established online businesses make use of this amazing online business plan tool. With the help of the actionable insights provided by HumCommerce, you can attain great conversion rates and your sales performance.

Best Features of HumCommerce:

  • Site Search Insights
  • Tracks Visitors’ Activities
  • Sales Performance Analysis
  • Form Analytics
  1. SurveyFunnelonline business tool

Surveys play a highly important role in generating leads and learning about your customers’ needs, which can ultimately help to grow your business. This online business tool can help you to create the most attractive and helpful surveys that would provide you perfect insights on what strategies to plan next. It is a wonderful online business plan tool that can let you create automated business surveys online and generate more leads in less amount of time.

Best Features of SurveyFunnel:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Call-to-Action Overlay
  • Customizable Forms
  • Customer Support
  • Analytical Lead Generation Forms
  1. Codesteronline business tool

Codester is a helpful online business tool that aids buying and selling processes associated with website development assets. In a rapidly growing marketplace, where more than 5000 assets are for sale, Codester proves to be an important online small business tool for website owners. As there no transaction charges and the lowest price guarantee, many small business owners choose Codester as it’s an affordable online business tool.

Best Features of Codester:

  • 70% Commission Rate
  • 4 Free Items to Download Each Week
  • 5000+ Themes, Templates, and Plugins
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  1. InvoiceBerryonline business tool

This is an online invoice software and one of the most favorite online small business tools for business owners as well as freelancers from around the globe. It helps small business owners to keep a track of all their finances without having to spend a lot of time and resources on it. It is truly an affordable online business management tool for small business owners, as a 30-days free trial is available on InvoiceBerry Online Invoicing tools.

Best Features of InvoiceBerry:

  • Create, Send, and Manage Invoices Easily
  • 200+ Currencies
  • Connects Leading Payment Options Such as PayPal, WePay, and Stripe
  • Set up Recurring Invoices
  1. Host-trackeronline business tool

Host-tracker is another helpful online small business tool that can help you to manage a variety of important tasks associated with your online business. It is a website monitoring tool that targets a wide range of tasks such as scheduling website maintenance and performing database tests. It can also take care of your AdWord campaigns and manage ads on your website according to the need. This is one of the most essential online business management tools that can perform almost all the important tasks to grow your business efficiently.

Best Features of Host-tracker:

  • 24X7 Check on Website Functions
  • AdWord Management
  • Domain and Certification Monitoring
  • Response Time Tracking
  • Content Monitoring
  1. Botsify
    online business tool

Chatbots is one of the most popular features for online business websites today. Creating chatbots is not a complex task anymore, as Botsify makes it much easier for you. You can create a chatbot with Botsify within a small amount of time, which can also analyze the content on your website and creates a personalized demo for your online business. This is one of the most essential online business tools that automatically create analytical and intelligent chatbots for you.

Best Features of Botsify:

  • Intelligent Query Machining Algorithm
  • Chatbots for 3 platforms – Website, Facebook, and Alexa
  • AI Capabilities
  • Push Notifications
  1. Renderforest
    online business tool

If you are looking for innovative ways to conduct your business promotion campaigns, Renderforest is the perfect online business tools you must use. It is a cloud-based online video maker, with the help of which you can promote your products or services creatively and more effectively. It can help you to create logo animations and high-quality, professional video promotion campaigns easily.

Best Features of Renderforest:

  • 400+ Video Templates
  • 115+ Royalty-free Stock
  • Publish on Facebook or YouTube
  • Commercially Licensed Music
  1. SEOPop
    online business tool

This is one of the most helpful online business management tools that perform a close analysis of various activities on your business website. It can effectively discover all the information about a website combined with various search engines and analyze it for the benefit of your business. This online business tool performs most of the important analytical functions including IP analysis, link analysis, domain analysis, and keyword analysis.

Best Features of SEOPop:

  • Social Media Analysis
  • Google AdWord Scraper
  • Visitors Activity Analytics
  • Code Minifier
  • Rank & Index Tracker
  1. BackupBreezeonline business tool

While all the other online business management tools mentioned in this article are highly useful, BackupBreeze is a more important tool as it provides complete protection to your website. In any internet-related emergency, this online business tool can provide opt solutions and handle cyber problems such as faulty updates, hacking, and sever failure. Especially, for e-Commerce businesses, BackupBreeze can be an essential online business tool that can protect your online shop from various cyber threats.

Best Features of BackupBreeze:

  • User-friendly WordPress Backup Plugin
  • Auto Scheduling Backups
  • Automatically Restoring Backups
  • Complete Customer Support
  • File/Directory Select for Backups
  1. WP Exit Popuponline business tool

This is our favorite online business tool on the list! It tracks visitors’ activity and cursor movements on your website and introduces a popup when the visitor is about the exit the page. It can engage the user with some attractive offer, deal, sale promotion, or an interesting survey. WP Exit Popup is an essential online business tool that lets you design your own exit popup and generate more leads with ease.

Best Features of WP Exit Popup:

  • Advanced Exit Intent Technology
  • Builds E-mail Lists
  • Free Valuable Resources
  • Customer Feedbacks
  • Integration with MailChimp, Aweber, and Campaign Monitor
  • Customizable Popup Templates
  1. KeywordXPonline business tool

KeywordXP is another SEO tool that helps you to search long-tail keywords that your business website can easily rank on. With the help this online business plan website, you can analyze the word or phrase of your interest and compare its strength to your top 10 competitors. It also compares the keyword of your interest to what your target audience is actually searching for and gives you important business insights.

Best Features of KeywordXP:

  • Runs on Window and Mac
  • Availability of Useful Resources
  • Refine Search to a Specific Location
  • Customizes Domain-related Searches
  1. EvergreenFeedonline business tool

Social media plays an important role in marketing campaigns for your e-Commerce of any other online business. EvergreenFeed is a useful online business tool that provides social media automation add-ons. These add-ons let you connect your social media profiles to your website and schedule a post on various social media. Without having to re-buffer your content, this online business plan tool automates your social media activities more efficiently.

Best Features of EvergreenFeed:

  • Easy Setup
  • User-friendly Operation
  • Connects to All the Popular Social Media
  • Free Accounts


With the help of all these online business tools, you can have a flourishing online business in no time. Use these online business management tool smartly, and you will have discovered the smartest business strategy ever!

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