What Is Twitter and How Do You Use It?

Twitter is a popular online news and social media service which is completely free to join. With this social media platform, users will discover interesting people online and can interact with them in an effective way. And once you find someone interesting, you can follow them to receive their Twitter feeds. Thousands of Twitter users use Twitter as a marketing tool, and it works the best!

Your tweets on the social media platform can contain a link to any web content that you want to share such as a blog post, website, photographs, videos and more. The social media platform allows tweets to be 280 characters. Here are a walk through some tip and best practices to consider while using Twitter.

How do I use twitter effectively?



Be sure to choose an appropriate username for your Twitter account. If you want to use your Twitter account as a business account, you’ll want to use a business name as your username. Your username can be up to 15 characters.

Create a Business Profile

Your profile consists of a profile picture, cover images and a short biography. You should write a short biography that explains the business, and you’ll want to select cover images and a profile picture that best represents your business.


You should read other tweets before making a post if you want to use Twitter as a marketing tool. You’ll want to use advanced search to look for tweets that include your company name, products and services. Also, follow your competitors and other people in the industry to see what they’re tweeting so that you can create relevant and useful posts.

Tweet Regularly

A tweet is forgotten quickly, so it is ideal want to tweet regularly. Since tweets are forgotten about quickly, you can post updates more frequently compared to other social media websites. Posting at least once a day is a good idea. Also, you need to make sure you brand Twitter posts cohesively using creative social media templates.


Reply to tweets about your business regardless if it’s negative or positive feedback. And it should be prompt – ideally within 24 hours. Consider liking positive tweets, thanking people and addressing negative tweets in a helpful, respectful and humble manner.

Keep Tweets Short

Keep your tweets short even though Twitter allows 280 characters. Keeping tweets short will ensure that others will see your full post rather than the shorter version of it.

Mention Other Users

Mentioning other users in your tweets is a good way to build a business relationship with them. By mentioning other users in your tweets, it becomes more likely that they will share your post too. It is important that you include their usernames in your posts.

Follow Other People

You shouldn’t follow everyone who follows you, but you should follow people who are your customers, influencers, others in your industry, competitors and people who share your content.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to organize your content by using specific keywords. You willll want to use hashtags often, but you shouldn’t use more than three per tweet. Twitter automatically hyperlinks hashtags. Clicking hashtags and viewing the tweets associated with that hashtag is a useful way to discover relevant content. Adding relevant and useful hashtags, makes it easier for the users to find exactly what they are looking for.

Promote Events

You can use the social media platform to promote events, and with Twitter you can tweet about your upcoming events – its details, etc.

Direct Messages

A direct message is a way for users to privately communicate with each other. Use direct messages to communicate with another Twitter user when the conversation becomes too much to tweet or when the communication is about a specific topic.

By using the social media platform’s advertising, your tweets will be seen by more people and hence you can increase the visibility of your business.

Final Words

The social media platform is a powerful marketing tool for business owners and by duly using it, you can make best out of it. As the third quarter of 2017, Twitter had more than 330 million active monthly users and is rising positively. So go ahead, and tweet about everything that will add value and create an impact for your business!

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