Best Landing Page Plugins For WordPress

Best Landing Page Plugins For WordPress

What does your website look like when any user lands on your first ever web page?
A header, a footer, content, sidebar, a simple easy to understand and sleek look. That is it?
Then wait a minute. Because it’s not going to take your product or service anywhere. This page will be just like any other page which will not have a single point of attraction, or attention seeking the action-oriented or refreshing, responsive element.
You need to create a beautiful landing page different from your main website, that is specifically designed with a particular objective.
Below are listed feature-rich landing page plugins for WordPress that will help you create that one perfect landing page.

Here are a few things to be considered while selecting a landing page-

  1. Check how much you spend on the plugin
  2. Check out the utility of the plugin
  3. Whether the selected plugin allows you the necessary customizations
  4. Is it responsive in nature?
  5. Is it user-friendly?

Top Landing Page Plugins for WordPress

Qards: WordPress Landing Page Plugin


If you don’t have coding skills and you want to build a beautiful landing- page in no time, then Qards is the solution for you. You can focus on your important content, and create a user-friendly landing page. The available designs are sharp and elegant. They are easy to edit and customize with the help of drag and drop tool.
Few important Features:

  • Flexibility and simplicity with pre-defined blocks
  • Fully Responsive
  • Easy settings
  • Build with WordPress

Check Out Qards

OptimizePress: Versatile Landing Page Plugin


With OptimizePress plugin, you can keep the current design intact and only use OptimizePress on individual landing pages. This plugin is used to create not only landing pages but also sales and marketing pages, training course pages, etc.
Some features of OptimizePress include –

  • Intuitive drag and drop editor
  • Fully responsive and mobile ready
  • More than 30 templates to choose from
  • More than 40 custom elements like headlines, testimonial blocks

Check Out OptimizePress

beaverbuilder: Landing Page Builder


It offers a drag and drop content building flexibility and lots of ready to use page templates. You can make changes in images and text to make it as per your requirement. You can position the images with WordPress editor in no time.
The plugin shows various features such as-

  • Front-end editing in real time
  • Lots of content elements like headings, text, videos, etc.
  • Responsive
  • Option to have a theme and plugin combo and use unlimited customization options

Check Out beaverbuilder

EngageBay: Responsive Landing Page Builder


The EngageBay Landing Page Builder plugin is a simple way to create beautiful, responsive, and high converting landing pages in minutes without writing any code. This free WordPress landing page plugin WP is great for building your landing page, lead page, opt-in page, and squeeze page.

Key Features-

  • A simple, intuitive yet powerful landing page builder.
  • Create beautiful WordPress landing pages in minutes without any coding.
  • Several ready-made landing page templates and WordPress landing pages themes to choose from.
  • Prebuilt blocks to help build landing pages faster.
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive layouts.
  • Easy Google Analytics tagging & event tracking
  • Connect your landing page with marketing and CRM software.
  • Custom CSS support
  • Track conversion rates on your landing pages.
  • Clone existing landing pages and create variations with a click.

Check Out EngageBay

WordPress Landing pages: Top Landing Page Plugin


This plugin provides a way to add or create a landing page for your WordPress site. With this page, you can monitor and track conversion rates and keep an eye on your increasing sales. This is the best way to convert passive customers into active leads or email list subscribers.
To enlist some features of this plugin, we can include –

  • Availability of visual editor
  • Use current WordPress theme or you can choose from the library of custom page landings
  • Add-ons are available
  • Built-in split test can be performed

Check Out WordPress Landing pages

Elementor: WordPress Landing Page Builder


This is an excellent WordPress Landing Page Builder. It is very fast and has a pool of custom-made templates to choose from. It has a strong UI with the live editor. You can add various other elements to the landing page such as buttons, images, headings, sliders and more.
Features of Elementor plugin are

  • Display your content in a stylish way
  • You can add multiple areas to your site and get them updated at once
  • You can add your own code with live CSS edits
  • Use WordPress customizer and embed Elementor templates anywhere to sidebars, footers or any other area

Check Out Elementor

Divi: Best Landing Page Plugin


Divi is an amazing option for landing page plugin. It comes with more than 20 ready-made templates of landing pages. You can create your own template and use them whenever you want. Drag and drop option is available to customize the elements on the landing page area.
Divi plugin has various features like –

  • Responsive editing
  • Visual Page Builder
  • Import, export, share and download lots of layouts
  • Sync global elements across multiple pages

Check Out Divi

Thrive architect: Top Landing Page Plugin


With thrive architect, you can get access to various landing page templates. You can edit the templates using thrive page builder. This is a good tool for your business which helps to save your time and energy.
Features of this plugin include –

  • Drag and drop editing available
  • No need for coding skill, as the plugin includes 220 designed ready-to-use templates
  • Includes a number of customizable buttons, testimonials, countdown timers, etc.
  • Grow mailing list

Check Out Thrive architect

Leadpages: Best Landing Page Builder


This plugin is useful for both advanced users and beginners. It includes more than 130 free mobile-friendly templates. You can easily use them with the help of drag and drop setting.
Some of the features of this plugin are –

  • Collects leads and customer contacts from landing pages, pop up forms, social media, text messaging and email
  • Built-in checkouts are useful for payments
  • Finds the perfect audience and drives them to the landing page with a simple builder
  • You can add a few simple click lead links to the landing page

Check Out Leadpages

SeedProd: Coming Soon Plugin


This is the best coming soon landing page available for WordPress. You can easily set up this page and capture the leads or limit access to your website. The plugin is easy to set up and use.
Some features include –

  • Real-time page builder
  • Choose from various images, slideshows, and video backgrounds
  • Collect email leads
  • Fully responsive

Check Out SeedProd

Instabuilder 2.0: Drag and Drop Landing page Plugin


It is an easy to use drag and drop page builder for landing page creation. It includes more than 100s of ready-to-use templates for landing pages. It has a built-in editor and one-click HTML converter.
Some of the important features are –

  • Quick and easy to design and build
  • Simple drag and drop visual editor
  • Fully responsive
  • Lots of custom elements

Check Out Instabuilder 2.0

WP Profit Builder: Landing Page Builder

WP ProfitBuilder

You can build a great landing page with this plugin and get more conversion. It includes more than 130 ready-to-use templates for the landing page. This page builder is fast and easy to use. It is the best solution for your business with its features and it suits very well with your current site.
Features of this plugin are –

  • Optimized for maximum speed, so converts ore leads
  • Easy to integrate with a wide range of marketing platforms
  • Fully responsive
  • A/B testing and analytics can be performed

Check Out WP Profit Builder

So, before rushing to buy a new plugin, check out these plugins, compare the features, and land on one that gives you immense power to grow. You can choose the one which is better at the conversion rate or has the best design, but be sure to focus your product or service and start the page building with quality content.


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  1. These are really most popular landing page plugins for WordPress websites. It is necessary to have a landing page with quick loading, responsive, multiple call-to-action, etc.

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