We’re all one big chimpy community, however, not all support channels are created equally just as not everyone in the community has the same support needs. Please review the below options to see what’s available to you.

For Free and Pro Theme Users

Open Forums
For basic troubleshooting.

Bug Report

Plus Support Members

Support for Plus members for CSS/HTML customization, professional advice and more.

Public Forums
Private email support*
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Other Useful Links

How-to guides for setting up theme features, common WordPress options and more.
Pre-sales FAQ
Answers to some of the most commonly asked pre-sales questions.
General Contact*
For non-technical support help only, including pre-sales, account and payment related questions, media inquiries etc. *Plus members may simply use the Plus Contact form for all support needs.

Additional Services

Have your business goals reviewed, get a logo designed or have your theme and WordPress professionally installed.

Hungry for more ?

Have a glance at our Recommendations or hire a Web Pro.

One way or another, we’ve got you covered.

Where Not to Post Issues for Support

Please do not post support requests on Twitter, Facebook etc., in the blog comments area or at team member’s personal email accounts or phone numbers. This will only result in delayed support time.

Thank you.