Pro Features Plugin

Premium Features for Responsive Mobile (Responsive ii) Theme

Add more Flexibility to your Free Responsive Mobile (Responsive ii) Theme. Get premium features for your theme and modify your website

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Loving Cyberchimps’ free Responsive Mobile ( Responsive II) theme and looking for a little more flexibility? So here’s the Pro Features Plugin to spice up your Responsive Mobile ( Responsive ii) Theme.

Responsive theme addon – Pro Features Plugin

Compatible with Responsive II, this responsive theme addon was designed to put your features in one easy-to-manage plugin. The new Pro Features plugin gives individuals the power to decide which features they wish to install and activate and which they do not.

Want to know what powers you get using Pro Features Plugin?

  • Contact Us element
    Add contact form, contact details and Google Map in the contact us element for homepage.
  • Customize colors
    Select the color for your site from 10 skin colors options. Change the Skin of your theme . Choose to add custom colors for Text, H Tags, Links & On Hover.
  • Typography and Fonts
    Make your WordPress site more visual appealing. Choose to apply Google fonts for Body, Header & Menus.
  • Select layouts
  • Change the page width
    Customize the page width of your site right from the theme options by entering the width in pixels.
  • Add a favicon
    add a custom favicon for your WordPress site so your users can quickly identify you online.
  • Control the meta data displayed on blog posts (author, date, etc.)
    CyberChimps Pro Feature Plugin allows to show / hide – Blog Title, Blog Title Text, Blog Post Excerpt, Post Author, Date of Post Published, Post Category, Number of Comments & Post Tags.
  • Include support for Apple touch
    Add Custom Apple Touch Icon for your WordPress site by entering a custom URL for the icon.
  • Include a featured image
    Get the option to show / hide featured images for your WordPress posts by enabling / disabling them in the theme options.
  • Include post format icons
    Want to display WordPress post format icons on your blog posts? Enable them in theme options or disable them anytime you want.
  • Add a custom 404.php page
    It enables you to add a custom 404.php page for handing the ugly HTTP 404 Not Found Error.
  • Make videos responsive
    In order to get good SEO ranking for your videos , it is important you make / create responsive videos. You can make your videos responsive by enabling Responsive Videos in your theme options. Now boost your ranking by adding responsive videos to your website
  • Include a gallery lightbox
    Enable Gallery Lightbox to display your images within a neat lightbbox.
  • Control the footer text
    Add custom copyright & powered by text to display your site’s information in the footer area of your site such as copyright and “powered by…”.


Why Go Pro?

If you already have Responsive Mobile theme and want to find out the features of Pro Plugin – here’s a list –

Ability to upload custom favicon, apple touch icon

Responsive Mobile Pro Features Plugin
Responsive layout
Custom Scripts for Header and Footer
Ready-to-use Color Schemes (Skins)
Change the background image for Contact Form Area
Custom Header, Footer Scripts
Typography & Fonts
Control the meta data displayed on blog posts (author, date, etc.)
Show/Hide featured images for your WordPress posts
Include post format icons on blog page
Custom 404 Page
Responsive Videos
Gallery Lightbox
Control the footer text
High Priority Support via Helpdesk