Plus Support

Introducing CyberChimps Plus ( Premium Support) Membership

Starting Signup fees only $20

Only $9/Month — OR — About $6/Month with Yearly Payment – Save $38!

cyberchimps plus for wordpress
If you have purchased a product recently, you’re eligible for a FREE 30 day trial of Plus!

No contracts. No hidden fees. Cancel anytime.

You’ve been requesting this for some time now and we’re finally ready to make it available to the whole community. CyberChimps Plus includes free theme users, Pro theme customers, and even customers using CyberChimps exclusive WordPress themes outside of, like GoDaddy customers who have bought themes created by CyberChimps for GoDaddy!

Many people have asked for the option of private, secure, and confidential email support. Others have wished for pro level support of the free themes – for those who are happy with a free theme, but would like expert assistance with the CSS and HTML code in building their website.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that they’re both here today, and plenty more!

With CyberChimps Plus Membership You Get:

  • Exclusive & private VIP email support
    (not only for convenience, but important for those with sensitive, confidential, or under construction websites)
  • Pro-level support on all CyberChimps’ forums, including the free forum
    (you’ll be easily identified with a special badge to make sure you always get top notch support)
  • CyberChimps GoDaddy (and other marketplaces) support!
    (fad, Bold Stripe, Vint Age, Profile, Podiuum, Yummi, Mark, Cleanio, Communicado, Humble Hero, Techtra, Kanvo, Frames)
  • Removal of ads in the Pro forums
  • More perks on their way!…


Is it possible to get a free month trial with the yearly option?
Not at this time. You’ll need to follow the steps in the next FAQ in order to get your free month’s trial and then switch to the yearly option.

I already have Plus on the monthly plan, how do I switch over to yearly?
What you’ll want to do is cancel just the day before your membership is set to renew and re-signup under the yearly option.

I can cancel anytime, but what about refunds?
There are no refunds for services. (learn more)