CyberChimps Success Story: All in a Day’s Work

Jan Milosh portraitA blog post recently came to our attention that has us pretty humbled here. We do our best to make quality, responsive themes that follow WordPress best practices and contribute to the community. We love to see the sites that our customers build with our themes and plugins. We provide as much support to our customers as possible while remaining a viable business.

But sometimes, in the course of just another day’s work, we can have an unexpected impact. Web developer Jan Milosh was recently interviewed over at about how she got started in development. She was a business owner that needed a website and decided to put it together herself. Which led to…

I ended up purchasing a theme from They had a great support forum where I was able to get instructions for applying custom CSS to my theme. At that time, I knew nothing and it all seemed very foreign to me. I was impressed by how helpful their support guy was and how he would encourage people to learn more, even giving links to learning resources. This was my inspiration to dig deeper and keep learning. Looking back, I would say that this support person was an important influence and inspiration.

It’s feeling a bit like A Wonderful Life around here.

Thanks Jan for making our day. Glad we could be of assistance, and serve as an influence, or perhaps a gateway, to help you get where you are today.

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