Gutenberg: Responsive Blocks vs. Kadence Blocks Comparison and Review

Gutenberg: Responsive Blocks vs. Kadence Blocks Comparison and Review

Block editors have all the characteristics and design options you need for a blog or affiliate website. 

Many bloggers make use of block editors, and they recommend their followers to do the same. In addition, they are swift and help in website performance which is now a critical metric of google. 

Numerous addons and blocks for Gutenberg have powered several websites and are admired for their features and ease of use. 

And having said that, the importance of responsive blocks and responsive websites is growing since mobile screens are the modernized way to reach more clients.

What is the Gutenberg Editor?

Gutenberg is known as the project name for the latest WordPress block editor, which replaced the WordPress TinyMCE editor as the default WordPress editor in WordPress 5.0

The visual editor you use now might require you to utilize shortcodes and HTML in order to make things work. The intention of the Gutenberg Editor is to make this easier, especially for those just beginning with WordPress. 

It can add content blocks and page builder-like functionality to every WordPress website. With Gutenberg, content can be added in individual blocks instead of one large content area. 

Basically, it intends to help WordPress compete directly with different page-building website platforms.

Pros of using the Gutenberg Editor for Building Web Pages

The Gutenberg block editor has been developing over the years and has proved to be helpful for numerous people. Here is a list of the features that stand out:

  • Slick and standardized interface
  • Classic editor available
  • Structure the content in the desired order
  • Integration of galleries by a new block, instead of having to insert a shortcode in the editor
  • Ability to edit the parameters of an image on the same page 
  • You will be able to hide the sidebar to have more space so that you can enter the text content with ease.
  • Ability to switch between different editing modes for the editor
  • Drag & drop interface for moving blocks
  • The publishing interface stretches depending on the size of the content.
  • Ease to reuse the components across pages and different sections of the site
  • You can make use of the basic blocks to display the list of categories, recent publications, tables, etc., without developing anything on the side.

Gutenberg has been around for quite some time now, and it is here to stay. With that realization came the large entrance of WordPress Gutenberg themes and Gutenberg blocks. 

If you have been glancing at WordPress-centric sites lately, you will observe that most people out there are trying to explore Gutenberg. Some are satisfied while some are not.

There is a free plugin called Classic Editor to restore the old post editor.

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What are Responsive Blocks by CyberChimps?

Designed for flexibility and speed, CyberChimps offers a free Gutenberg Blocks plugin that improves the default WordPress Gutenberg Editor. 

It has the advanced Gutenberg Blocks library with more than 30 unique blocks, which can help in creating an engaging website. 

And what’s the best part? This does not require you to write code at all! 

You can also choose any advanced block with customizable settings to create your own templates.

You can then use these templates to create your own business website or a restaurant website

What are Kadence Blocks?

Kadence is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is open for free download and also offers a pro version that opens up more possibilities. 

Kadence Blocks is a page builder plugin that increases the capabilities of WordPress’s Gutenberg editor. 

Like the Kadence theme, Kadence Blocks comes in a free as well as a pro version.

Comparison on the Basis of Features

One of the good things about using a block editor is that you can enlarge it with different content and layout blocks, which provides you the capability to create more flexible designs. 

There are many plugins that can add new blocks to Gutenberg. We will be looking at the comparison between the Responsive Block Editor Addons and the Kadence Blocks.

Responsive Block Editor Addons by CyberChimps

The advanced Gutenberg editor blocks library helps you get creative and offers some of the best templates. You will be able to build modern responsive designs for all devices. 

Browse and find the most suitable template to launch your websites in no time. Starter website templates can prove to be of great help, especially for a faster launch. 

You can import, change content, and launch or adjust the layouts after importing. The most trending block is the Post Carousel. 

You can embed your favorite posts in modern-looking carousels and create beautiful sliders from your blog posts. 

The Post Grid block displays your blog posts in a grid layout. You can customize it based on your choice. 

As of now, the Responsive Blocks can only be used with the CyberChimps Responsive theme.


  • No coding knowledge is required for creating your website.
  • Responsive Blocks can be easily imported and customized according to your need. 
  • You can build stylish columns in your page layout with margins, paddings, and customizable colors with the Advanced Columns block.
  • Ability to make the columns responsive to make the page look more attractive.
  • Using Responsive Blocks you can easily import the free ready-to-use website templates for Gutenberg. These templates are responsive and lightweight.
  • You can create your own lists to make your website look organized.
  • Add Info-blocks that display information about features on your website.
  • You can highlight your portfolio with the Gallery Masonry Block which can enhance your website.
  • The Testimonial and Multibuttons blocks can be used and customized easily.
  • No coding knowledge is required for creating your website.
  • Free demo.

 Responsive Gutenberg Blocks Editor Addons Library

  • Advanced Columns 
  • Post Carousel 
  • Post Grid 
  • Flip-Box 
  • Multi Buttons 
  • Testimonial 
  • Shape-Divider
  • Post-Timeline 
  • Icon-List 
  • Advanced Heading 
  • Pricing table 
  • Call-to-Action 
  • Info-Block 
  • Team 
  • Count up 

You can download the Responsive block editor addons on WordPress.

Kadence Blocks by Kadence theme

The Kadence Blocks plugin adds custom blocks and choices to extend Gutenberg’s editing capabilities so that you can create custom layouts. 

Though the number of blocks is relatively small, they contain valuable tools for designing your unique website layout and present you with an extensive range of customization tools. 

The most flexible block might be the Row Layout block. You will have the ability to set up flexible multi-column designs in which you can nest more blocks. 

One helpful thing about this block is the responsive controls. Kadence Blocks act as a great “default” option. 

You can make use of different content blocks from other plugins with the standard building blocks from Kadence Blocks. 

Free version of Kadence Blocks is suitable for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and new publisher sites as it extends all the essential block editor add-on to make your pages and blog posts look superior while having a fast loading speed. 

You can create fast landing pages and funnel with Kadence Blocks, but for that, you need to have experience with basic technical things of HTML and CSS.


  • You can have complete control over the page layout while design your website. 
  • Kadence blocks when used with the Kadence theme can make your website fast loading 
  • The free version includes even header and footer builders.
  • Their Gutenberg starter templates can be customized using these blocks and can speed up the development process.
  • The icon block allows you to add an SVG icon right to your page.
  • Ability to set block defaults. 
  • Ability to restrict access to style options on a per-block basis.
  • Free demo.

Their Custom Blocks include:

  • Row Layout
  • Advanced Gallery 
  • Form
  • Advanced Heading 
  • Advanced Button 
  • Tabs
  • Accordion 
  • Testimonials 
  • Icon
  • Spacer / Divider 
  • Info Box 
  • Icon List 

You can download Kadence Blocks on WordPress. 


Both of the blocks described above are similar and are equally good. It will not be a difficult task to choose which one to install since functions do not differ significantly. 

The basic set of “default blocks” is offered by each of the Gutenberg plugin providers. They both have some unique features that highlight them. It is up to you to explore the plugins and choose which would work better for you. 

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