How to Start a Food Blog Using WordPress And Earn Money | An Easy Guide

How to Start a Food Blog Using WordPress And Earn Money | An Easy Guide

For the past couple of years, food blogging has fully replaced our favorite cookbooks. It is faster to google a recipe than to buy a cookery book. And it is easier than ever before to find innovate delicious recipes with fresh and affordable ingredients on the Internet. This has influenced the tendency of making a career out of writing about food.

Food bloggers have become decent competitors to already established writers. Every day they highlight all kinds of recipes on the websites for free: appetizers, main dishes, desserts, breakfasts and brunches, vegetarian recipes, cocktails, and drinks, etc. Food blogs contain thousands of recipes to the taste of everyone. People just do what they are passionate about and get money from it.

For those who also want to start a food blog and to make it a huge success, we have a couple of useful tips and tricks too. So, take a pen and make a note.

And now, let’s find out what are the main secrets of any successful culinary blog.

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Importing the “Recipe” ready site template

You might think building a food website might require tons of money and zillions lines of codes. Then you are mistaken. With the recipe theme, you can get your website up & running in no time. It comes with the pre-designed home page, blog page, about page so you don’t have to create everything from scratch. The theme also comes with a responsive gallery so you can showcase the food images in a beautiful layout.

Make sure you have the free Responsive theme installed and activated before you import the free ready-site- templates. Here’s a quick guide on how to install Responsive Pro to create your responsive website. 

  1. From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to Responsive > Ready Sites and select the “Recipe” website to import.
  1. You can see the demo of the template on the Preview page.  You can either import the whole website or choose to import a single page. 

3. When you click on the Import siteyou’ll be redirected to the action page to start importing the templates. 

4. After the import is complete, you will see a “Launch Site” button that will take you to the newly created website. 

How to change the logo of your Food Website?

 Follow these steps to customize the logo of your website. 

  1. From the WordPress dashboard navigate to Appearance > Customize > Site Identity
  1. Click on the Change Logo button and upload your logo. 

How to add & style the navigation menu?

To add a navigation menu using customize follow these steps: 

1. From the WordPress dashboard navigate to Appearance > Menus

2. Click on Pages and View All. Select all the pages that you want to appear in your menu (use the checkboxes next to the pages’ names) and click on the Add to Menu button.

  1. You can edit the name of the added Menu under the Menu Structure.  Click Save Menu to save all the changes. 

Now if you want to change the style of the Navigation Menu:

  1. Go the WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Customize> Main Menu
  1. Now on the left panel, you can modify the look of the navigation menu by reordering the Layouts, Colors & Backgrounds and Typography. 
  2. After making the changes, click the Publish button to save all the changes and make it live.

How to customize the blog layout using Customizer?

  1. From the WordPress dashboard navigate to Appearance > Customize 
  1. Next, select Blog / Archive
  2. You will see different options to change the layout of your blog page

How do you start a food blog and make money?

Food blogging is not only a hobby or a business. It is a very interesting community to be a part of and consists of posting recipes, advice, recommendations as well as communication with the followers. A successful food blogging is not only about chopping, peeling, and baking. It includes marketing, managing, answering E-mails, PR programs, etc. And that is exactly what takes a lot of time.

So, if you still want to become to start a food blog and become a professional food blogger, here are a few practical recommendations to know.
food blogger

  • Create Content And Sell E-Books – The most effective strategy to earn money via food blog is to sell your recipes via digital downloads. Now you can start thinking about what kind of content you’re going to post. It can be a website with recipes only or a website with recipes, recommendations, healthy lifestyle tips, etc. The only condition is that your content should be absolutely unique.
  • Show ads using Google Adsense – Google AdSense is the easiest way to earn money from blogs. Adding it requires no coding knowledge at all. It will display relevant ads on your website, you’ll earn money when your visitors click on these ads. The results will be immediate.
  • Affiliate Marketing: This is another way of generating income when you start a food blog. Affiliate marketing is basically when you recommend related products using an affiliate link, when your visitor purchase via that link you earn a commission. So you need to find other food related websites or products that run an affiliate program.

Final Thoughts…

Despite the fact that a food blogger is rather a new career, it has already become one of the most desired ones for a lot of people. So, don’t be afraid to turn your hobby into your business too. Of course, if you’re passionate about cooking and ready to devote it to the biggest part of your day. So grab the free recipe theme and open your own platform to share useful tips, ideas on food, baking, and health.

Try to write down your recipes complementing them with qualitative pictures to find out whether a blogging profession is actually for you or not. But don’t rush things, it does take time. Obviously, you’re not going to get rich the day after you open a blog. Invest in yourself and your business to get the first results. And you will see how easy it is.

So, what are you going to start with – curry, potato soup, paella, pizza, zucchini bread, kale and celery salad, pumpkin pie, cinnamon ice cream, or meatball recipe?

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