10+ Amazing Tools For Building WordPress Website on Your Own

10+ Amazing Tools For Building WordPress Website on Your Own

It is impossible to grow a business in today’s age without having a strong presence online. It’s not just businesses that need an online presence in order to succeed, having a website is a must for any educational system too. If you have just started to plan the outlook of a WordPress website for your business, you have reached the right place for building a WordPress website.

This article features the 10+ best tools, which are available online, that you must use while building an amazing WordPress website on your own. These are all simple and efficient tools that will help you to design a unique WordPress website.
Time is money! Let’s get started.


WPLegalPages is a powerful WordPress Privacy Policy Generator Plugin that helps you easily generate all the necessary legal policies on your website. Using the generator wizards, you can get help to generate GDPR compliant privacy policy, cookie policy, Terms of Use.

You can create the required Legal Policy Pages using Wizards to speed up your website’s legal compliance. Your business and website would need to cover all the important sections like Disclaimers to prevent future litigations, that you may not have thought about.

This plugin offers the most comprehensive (over 25+ pre-built legal templates) that any WordPress business might ever need.

You can easily install this plugin and setup the required pages literally within a few minutes. It also comes with complete support and tutorials.

By offering pre-built templates for legal policies such as California Privacy Rights, Antispam Templates, DMCA Policy, Terms of Use, and Terms and Conditions, WPLegalPages can be extremely useful for online business owners.

With its various other features such as forced agreement option and customizable legal pages, WPLegalPages is becoming one of the most popular WordPress Privacy Policy Generator plugin amongst users.

Added Advantages:

WP Legal Pages is multilingual

The updated version of WP Legal Pages has multi-language translations for all the wizard policy templates.

Now, you can now create privacy policy in the following languages

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italiano
  • Portuguese
  • English

Impressum Generator

With WP Legal Pages you can easily generate Impressum on your website in following languages.

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Fresh
  • Italian
  • Portugese
  • English

Note: We use WP Legal Pages to generate the legal pages for CyberChimps.

Designhill’s Logo Maker

Designhill’s Logo Maker as the name suggests is an AI-powered tool that helps you design a logo. It takes inputs from you in terms of layout selection, icon, symbol selection, color choice and other elements to bring you a logo in minutes.

Whether you are an expert designer or someone with no designing skills, this tool lets you design an insignia for your brand with ease. It’s a wonderful tool that’s free to use. However, you need to pay a minimal charge for downloading
the final logo.

Salient Features of Logo Maker:

  • Interactive user interface
  • Processes every input speedily
  • Save feature to use the logo for later modifications
  • Easy customization
  • Preview option to judge the look and feel of the logo


HumCommerce- CRO tool

With the help of HumCommerce, you can easily improve the performance and conversion rate of your WordPress e-Commerce website. HumCommerce generates real-time heat maps for you to understand which part of your website is creating most user engagement.

This way, you can make appropriate changes to further enhance and optimize your website for even better results. HumCommerce records user sessions to track visitors’ activities and provide valuable business insights for planning better business strategies.

HumCommerce also helps you to compare various ideas for making a more impressive landing page for your website. By comparing different versions of the landing page, HumCommerce lets you know which one can perform better and offer good conversion rates. Also, with the help of its form analytics, HumCommerce can analyze user behavior by tracking how they start filling the form and how they finish it.

This can also help you to optimize various features of your website and generate more leads than ever. After building a WordPress website it is important to start analyzing the performance of your pages.

Best Features of HumCommerce:

  • Generates Heatmaps
  • Identifies Crawling Errors
  • Site Search Insights
  • Sales Performance by Traffic Sources and User Location
  • Tracks Visitors Activities

Pabbly Subscription Billing

Pabbly Subscription Billing Software

Managing online payments is a very important aspect of running your WooCommerce business successfully. An efficient tool can help you manage this tedious task effectively. One such tool is Pabbly Subscription Billing. It is not a plugin but a complete subscription management software that can be very easily integrated with your WooCommerce website. Using this efficient tool you can collect one-time and recurring payments in more than 25 global currencies.

Further, you can create unlimited products & plans and sell them to limitless customers via the checkout pages. Also, you can generate unlimited revenue without paying anything extra money from your pocket as there is no hidden amount or per-transaction fee whatsoever.

Some other valuable features include:-

  • Efficient Affiliate Module
  • In-depth & Extensive Analysis
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Custom Domain
  • Customizable Checkout Pages


GetSiteControl- WordPress Widgets

GetSiteControl is a cloud app to help you optimize website conversions. It boasts a set of customizable widgets – such as email opt-in form, contact form, survey form, Live chat, promo pop-ups, and social media buttons. And at the end of the day, these widgets are all you need to create a working call to action and encourage website visitors to engage with your content.

Available as a WordPress plugin, GetSiteControl can be easily installed with no coding knowledge required. It integrates with all the popular email marketing apps including MailChimp, Aweber, ConstantContact, and others. You can also connect it with Google Analytics or any other business tool using Zapier.

GetSiteControl widgets are highly customizable in terms of their appearance and behavior. There are 9 webpage positions for each widget, and you’ll be able to adjust the design and the color scheme based on your website style. On top of that, you can set up the widgets to be displayed only to the visitors who have spent a certain amount of time on a webpage or scrolled down at least X% of the page.

You can target new or returning visitors, those using a particular device, or those coming from a certain referral source, etc. In other words, you get full control of the widgets, and you can even run A/B tests to optimize performance.
GetSiteControl toolset:

  • Email subscription forms
  • Contact widget
  • Surveys and polls
  • Real-time chat widget
  • Promotional notifications
  • Social media Share and Follow buttons


SurveyFunnel- Email Marketing & CRM Tool

If you are wishing to make complete use of surveys and customer feedback for the growth of your business, SurveyFunnel is the best tool that you must for building a WordPress website. SurveyFunnel helps you to create attractive and engaging surveys and ultimately, increase your conversion rates.

You can ask specific questions to your potential consumers in order to plan appropriate business strategies for the future. It also helps you to design your surveys that would engage your users and make them stay on your page for longer.

SurveyFunnel integrates with various popular email marketing software such as AWeber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and iContact. This makes it an effective marketing tools for e-Commerce businesses with WordPress websites. This tools also enables you to create surveys for one or more web pages, while it allows you to place surveys wherever you want on your website. Such amazing features of SurveyFunnel are boosting its popularity among WordPress users.

Best Features of SurveyFunnel:

  • Compatible with CRMs like AWeber and MailChimp
  • Multipage Support
  • Exit Intent Surveys
  • Export Detailed Reports into a Spreadsheet
  • Inbuilt Theme Designer


In order to ensure the rapid growth of your online business, it is important to conduct audits regularly. If you own a business and a WordPress website, conducting timely audits can help you to improve your sales and lead conversions, resulting in the excellent growth of your business. SiteGuru is a popular website auditing tool that can help you to improve the ranking of your WordPress website on leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo! and accelerate the growth of your business.

SiteGuru can help you to conduct SEO as well as technical audits for your website in order to ensure the excellent operations and higher ranking of your website. Its hassle-free dashboard enables you to manage multiple websites easily. This tool will also help you to identify various technical problems associated with the working of your website and help you to rectify them.

With the help of the SEO audits conducted using SiteGuru, you can achieve higher rankings on Google and improve the performance of your business website.

Best Features of SiteGuru:

  • Weekly Updates on Website’s Performance
  • SEO Audits
  • Technical Audits
  • Identifies and Rectifies Usability Issues
  • Explores SEO Opportunities


WP Raffle- Social WordPress Giveaway Plugin For Marketing

With the increasing developments in the social media platform, customers’ reactions to various marketing campaigns are changing. This is encouraging modern owners of online businesses to adopt some innovative marketing strategies to engage modern users.

Giveaway is a booming strategy that has worked for many entrepreneurs, and WPRaffle will help you to let it work for you too. WPRaffle is a social media giveaway plugin, which will enable you to start your own giveaway contest and take an interesting marketing initiative.

You can set various methods to let the user participate in the giveaway contest, and ask them to like your Facebook account or subscribe to your mailing list. This plugin is compatible with many mailing software, which enables you to export the entered data to your mailing software. This will help you to accelerate the growth of your subscriber’s list and conduct a successful marketing campaign with the help of giveaway contests.

Best Features of WPRaffle:

  • Create Email Subscriber Lists
  • Improve Presence on Social Platforms
  • Auto Validation of Participants’ Information
  • Export Entries to Mailing Software
  • Integration with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and AWeber


Icons8 is gaining immense popularity with its unique and attractive icons that can improve the visual appearance of your WordPress website. This tool offers over 70,200 free icons, which makes it the most favored tool for small business owners who have a WordPress website. This tools follows all the guidelines by Windows, Android, and iOS, and offers icons that can match with the native icons of each operating system.

As all the icons are designed by a single designer, your interface will look much consistent and attractive. Also, frequent updates in the tools make it even more popular and offer you innovative designs of icons. As these icons can be used with its drag-and-drop feature for various illustration software, it remains the most preferred tool by beginners for building an attractive WordPress website on their own.

Best Features of Icons8:

  • Drag-and-Drop feature for Illustrators
  • Frequent Updates in Designs
  • Icon Coloring Feature
  • HTML Embedding
  • Font Generator


UserPro- User Profile And Instant Community Plugin

If you wish to create a community of your users online with your WordPress website, UserPro is a must have for you while building a WordPress website. This community and user profile plugin help you create responsive and elegant registration forms.

In addition, it enables you to create attractive user profile cards, which can also help in creating member lists and establish a social media network. UserPro enables your users to register on your WordPress website using their social media accounts and enables you to showcase various user profiles elegantly.

This is one of the most helpful tools to create searchable member lists with a variety of choice for list-styles available. UserPro also offers various email marketing tools such as Campaign Monitor, Mailster, and MailChimp.

You can easily control access to different pages on your website at different levels using UserPro. With its customization options and versatility of its functions, you can easily build a professional WordPress website on your own.

Best Features of UserPro:

  • Create Unlimited User Profiles with Social Media Logins
  • Customizable User Profile Cards
  • Email Marketing Tools with Automatic Posts and Hashtag Features
  • Social Media Add-ons
  • Restrict Website Access

All these tools can be extremely helpful in building a professional as well as a visually appealing WordPress website. Know better tools and WordPress plugins? Enlighten us by mentioning them in the comment section!

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