10 Best WooCommerce shipment tracking plugins

10 Best WooCommerce shipment tracking plugins

Tracking an order is an integral part of any online business, it ensures that customers have a positive experience and it is a vital part of eCommerce fulfillment strategy. Without a proper system for tracking orders and shipments, customers often feel anxious and might end up calling or emailing your business which further eats up your time and resources.

If you have a WooCommerce store you’re in luck, there are quite a few plugins available that can make WooCommerce order tracking easier. There are a bunch of different tracking solutions tailored to meet specific business needs. A great WooCommerce order tracking plugin can take the load of store, customer, and shipper coordination off your shoulder.

Here’s a list of 10 best WooCommerce order tracking plugins:

YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking

Order tracking is made easy for customers as they can track and monitor orders placed on eCommerce sites or mobile apps. This further helps to create customer satisfaction, ensures proper clarity and professionalism.


  • It can provide tracking details for over 90 different shipping carriers, which also includes the option to set a default shipping carrier.
  • Offers an option to import tracking data from other tools via a CSV file.
  • There are options to combine PDF invoice plugin to insert tracking data into delivery notes.
  • It conveniently updates order status after inserting the tracking details.
  • It offers easy navigation on the order admin page to make tracking easy.


The subscription cost for this plugin starts at $65.99.

WooCommerce Shipping Tracking by Vanquish

This is another great option for tracking plugins, to provide order tracking details to customers. It helps your customers to monitor orders and receive details via email notifications. You can also assign tracking number and delivery firm to each shipment.


  • Options to customize email templates.
  • You can include custom tracking codes to define your own carrier.
  • Option to include tracking information in all emails including invoices.
  • It supports tracking information of a wide range of shipping carriers.
  • You can add multiple tracking codes in the same order and display estimated delivery dates for shipping methods.


The standard license for six months of service costs $20.

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro

The plugin helps you to provide accurate tracking details to your customers and supports upto 80 different popular shipping carriers. It has the option to display tracking details on order confirmation email as well as the account page of the customer. You can also create custom tracking messages, automatically update order status to ‘Completed’, and import tracking details.


  • You can create custom tracking messages.
  • It automatically changes the order status to “completed” after you enter the tracking information.
  • You can easily import shipping data from different external shipping software.
  • Provide details more effectively with a dedicated tracking lookup page.
  • It supports tracking information of a large range of shipping carriers.


You can buy the plugin starting at $89.00

Shipment Tracking by WooCommerce

The plugin is created by WooCommerce and it is an easy option to provide tracking details to your customers after they place an order on your store. You can add tracking information specific to shipping carriers in the order details page, which is then included in the order view of the account page, order tracking page, and emails.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It supports WooCommerce mobile app.
  • Compatible with a diverse range of shipping carriers.
  • You can add tracking information to the order tracking page, account page and order emails.


The plugin costs $49.

Advanced Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce

This too helps you in providing tracking details to customers, and it supports tracking details for over 150 shipping carriers. You can also customize email templates as well as order statuses using this plugin.


  • You can add multiple tracking numbers to a single order.
  • Option to select from a predefined set of shipping carriers or add custom details.
  • You can sync with TrackShip and also ​​import tracking details via CSV.
  • You can customize the tracking information display.
  • Options to add custom order statuses.


The base version of this plugin is free, but you can get additional features by paying for the pro version, the prices start at $129.


It has a seamless integration with WooCommerce and has great features for shipping and fulfilling your orders. It also saves time by conveniently importing orders from anywhere you sell. The plugin is easy to use, setup and configure, but you need a Shipstation account to do so.


  • You can manage orders from different platforms in one place.
  • Option to manage inventory from remote locations.
  • You can integrate marketplaces and order management systems easily.
  • You can customize delivery confirmation emails and shipping labels as well.
  • You can generate discounted shipping labels easily.


It’s free to use if you have an account, while the Shipstation plans start from $9.


You can enhance your fulfillment process on your WooCommerce store via this plugin. It supports over 500 shipping carriers. You can display tracking information on the order page for customers. The best feature of this plugin is the capability to create a branded tracking page. You can customize the appearance of the tracking page with a custom image and logo for each shipment.


  • You can add brand elements to the tracking page.
  • Option to view multiple shipments on the dashboard.
  • Support for a large range of shipping options.
  • You can provide tracking information to customers after they place an order in your store.


While the basic version is free to use, the premium version starts at $9.

Shipping Details Plugin

One of the best shipping tracking plugins available in the market, it makes tracking orders and shipments easy. One of the key features of this plugin is, it frequently notifies customers and store owners about order status via email. You can also customize the emails which are sent to customers.


  • You can track upto 5 tracking numbers per order.
  • Supports over 140 shipping carriers.
  • Tracking details are updated regularly via email.
  • Option to include dynamic URLs to guide customers to the tracking page.


The price for this plugin starts at $29.

Status and Order Tracking

With this plugin you can create orders, shipments, and other projects all in one place. It includes built-in demos, documentation, and YouTube videos to get you started.


  • Customizable tracking graphics.
  • You can import or export order details.
  • Provides precise shipment tracking information for your customers.
  • Includes a fully functional front end customer order form.
  • Dedicated fields where customers can add notes.


The price for the plugin starts at $39.

Ultimate Status Tracking

This plugin allows you to quickly and easily manage the status of your orders, projects, shipments, or any other item, by posting order tracking updates or tickets. You can do this by using a compilation of basic order shortcodes.


  • Option to update the status of orders, projects, or any other item.
  • You can set up searchable orders or ticket numbers for customers.
  • It sends order status notifications that automatically send an alert email to a customer whenever an order is created or updated.
  • You can choose what order tracking information gets displayed in the results.
  • Option to create custom statuses tailored to your business.


The price for the plugin starts at $30.

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Final Thoughts

Order tracking is crucial for you to satisfy your customers, and these plugins are the best option to integrate tracking functionality to your store. Take some time to analyze and understand what you need and the level of customer satisfaction you envision.

We sincerely hope that this guide on WooCommerce order tracking will help you maximize your store’s potential.

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