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Responsive WordPress themes

Beautiful Responsive Designs That Adapt to Any Device

At CyberChimps we take pride in good design, from visual perfection on any device be it a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, to how we layout our code (which we hope you never need to look at, but if you do it is well organized). All of our themes are attractively adaptive and beautifully responsive.

With a Responsive Theme from CyberChimps you can launch a website that you know will look good on any device, and just work without any special plugins or apps.

Our themes also include multiple color options to select from, as well as WordPress Customizer support.

WordPress theme drag and drop interface

Simple Touch-Friendly Drag and Drop

Our themes let you create amazing websites in minutes with touch-friendly drag-and-drop theme options on a per-page basis allowing you to control the look and feel of every page.*

We believe in empowering our users to build their own websites with our intuitive theme options that function just like using the settings panel on your mobile phone or tablet.

Simply drag and drop the touch-friendly CyberChimps slider, callout section, portfolio, Twitter bar, and other elements while logged into WordPress using our theme options. Better yet, our theme options are responsive as well, and you can literally drag and drop on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. How cool is that?

*Responsive Pro and Responsive Free do not currently support drag-and-drop functionality yet, but all other CyberChimps themes do.

Awesome WordPress Theme Support

Awesome Support

You might be asking yourself, “Support? How is that a feature?”

Support is more then just answering questions, it is also having an active development team constantly improving our themes and providing our customers with the latest and greatest features, security enhancements, and bug fixes.

We also have one of the largest WordPress communities on the Internet, and a dedicated customer support team.

WordPress theme technology

Advanced Technology

CyberChimps themes are powered by WordPress, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, and

At CyberChimps we have developed one of the most integrated theme development processes of any WordPress development company. We’re doing things our competitors haven’t even dreamed of yet, and this allows us to keep our themes secure, easily up-to-date, and that much more powerful. While some might call what we’ve developed a “framework” that would simply wouldn’t be an accurate description of our themes because our themes are so much more than that.

Setting up a website should not be about the complex nuances of programming. You should be able to simply select from well thought out options. Let us worry about the security of our code and provide you with regular updates with new and improved features, and support for the latest and greatest versions of WordPress.

Please note: Responsive and Responsive Pro are a different framework than our other themes and provide a different yet equally as awesome user experience.

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