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Showcase Data With The REA Data Table Widget

Efficiently create a data table for your website and show your data to the customers

REA Data Table Widget

Showcase Your Data In A Creative & Engaging Way

Choose the best layout and design for the data you want to showcase


Export Table Data

You can export the table data in a CSV format file

REA Data Table Widget Demo Screenshot 1
REA Data Table Widget Demo Screenshot 2

Display Your Date

Many Flexible Layout Options

Adjust the columns, rows, and more as per your needs


Get Noticed By Your Visitors

Make use of the stylistic options designed for showing the data table

REA Data Table Widget Demo Screenshot 3

Advanced Options​


Customize the table with the design that suits your requirements


Give borders to your table to suit your website design

Responsive Design

The Data Table widget is responsive and will work on all the devices

What Our Users Have To Say

Beautiful, trustworthy and constantly improving. I find it beautiful, functional, and easy to style. It has always served me well and it keeps getting better with every update.

Add The Data Table Widget on Your Website

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