7 Effective Marketing Strategies For Successful Bloggers 2019

7 Effective Marketing Strategies For Successful Bloggers 2019

For successful bloggers, marketing isn’t just about posting content online and hoping for the best. They take content marketing as a strategic approach to attracting and retaining a clear-cut audience and ultimately driving customer action that has significant business value.

Strategizing on what you are going to share, how often, to whom, and through which means is the first step toward success in managing a monetized blog.

The following 7 marketing strategies can help you to achieve more success in your online business.

Marketing Strategies for Successful Bloggers

Target your content to a well-defined audience

One of the most wasteful mistakes bloggers make is trying to appeal to an ambiguous audience. They end up wasting their budget on people who are not interested in the blog. For your content to achieve maximum effectiveness (hitting the sweet spot of your demographic), you need to take time to research and define your target audience.

A target audience is defined as a set of individuals with shared characteristics and who are likely to have the greatest interest in your content, products, or services. You can use gender, age, location, profession, income, marital status, education level, and marital status to specify your target audience. It helps in developing Marketing Strategies for Successful Bloggers

Once you have a clear understanding of your specific audience, go ahead and start producing market-beating content and you will be in the money.

Focus on educating; avoid overselling

We all know how emails that sound pushy rub the wrong way most of the time. That’s the same feeling readers get when content is all promotional and uninformative. You want to maintain your existing email subscriptions and grow your readership. Post content that connects to your readers’ intellect, not only trying to pitch a product.

Moreover, analyze some of your target audience’s key problems and produce content with possible solutions. Such educative content makes readers view you as a reliable information source with a genuine interest to help. You can be sure to retain such readers for long. It is all about audience, there might be some content of your competitors that can benefits your audience.

Optimize content for humans

While the term optimization is mostly associated with SEO, it’s important to remember that content must attract human sensibilities if it is to be of any long-term value.
In content marketing 2019, looking good to humans is just as important as looking good to search engine bots. Therefore, create high-quality content with attractive headlines, brief paragraphs, error-free grammar and great flow. Basically, create the best kind of content you would like to find on a website as a visitor.

Long tail keywords will place you on top of page one of SERPs

Being visible among millions of blogs and websites in your niche calls for a high level of intuition in creating keywords and key phrases. Long tail keywords help to narrow the focus of search engines when they are looking for content related to search queries.

If your content is on the best software to learn how to invest in financial markets, having “financial markets” as the primary keyword will definitely keep your content buried in Google’s search results. A lengthier and more precise phrase like “investing in financial markets 2019” is most likely to boost your SERP ranking. Although not many people will input the long tail during their search, those who do will find your blog on top of page one, and things could change dramatically after that.

Guest blogging on prestigious blogs

Guest posting helps you to build your credibility as well as reach a broader audience. If you are passionate about blogging, you can for sure create high-quality content in a wide variety of areas. There’s a great likelihood of getting a chance to be a guest blogger to prestigious sites.

Get in touch with high-profile blogs in your niche and in areas you are interested. See if your posts fit on their websites. Write your blog post in such a way that you link your blog in article somewhere or atleast get an author bio link.

Social media marketing for savvy bloggers

Social media is set to continue picking pace, and bloggers’ advantage. Open accounts at all social media sites mostly used by your audience, then keep the audience hooked with interesting news and stories.

There is value in creating different profiles for each social media platform. LinkedIn, for instance, is good to showcase your professional side. Use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to show your personality and your blog’s shine.

Develop your influencer network

Tap the value of networking with influential figures by creating and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with them.
Influencers can offer an incredible boost to your search engine ranking. When they mention you, you get a powerful backlink profile and portray you as a strong and reliable brand.

Networking with an influencer who has a huge following can help you to grow your readership immensely and this could set your blog for long-term success.

Conclusion – Marketing Strategies for Successful Bloggers

When the online marketing industry was born about 30 years ago, just being online reflected a business as competitive. Today, however, online marketing has become a more sophisticated and strategic aspect of the business. It is of paramount importance for bloggers to have a well-thought-out marketing strategy before dedicating their budget and precious time on various online marketing endeavours

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