How To Create A Lawyer Website In 2021? Step by Step Guide For Beginners

How To Create A Lawyer Website In 2021? Step by Step Guide For Beginners

It is safe to presume that now is the best time to enhance your online presence. Lawyers have always been at the forefront of every business decision. In 2013, Apple paid its lawyers over $60 million to beat Samsung in court. Be it for consultation before launching a new product or completing any type of legal formalities, there is huge money to be made in this business. So why leave a huge chunk of opportunity behind by not having an online presence for your law firm? Creating a lawyer website not only leverages you to gain more customers, but it also builds more credibility.

Your lawyer website must display the kind of legal services it offers while having a sophisticated and minimal design style. So, if you are someone looking to build a law firm website, this guide is for you. This entails all the details you need to build a website from the domain name to get the free theme.

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Why Set Up a Lawyer Website With WordPress?

WordPress is the most widely used CMS platform right now. It is an open-source platform which means it is completely free and anyone can add more functionality with plugins and themes on the existing platform.

Step 1: Prerequisites for Developing A Lawyer Website

Domain Name

The domain is like the address of your website. The easiest way to come with the domain name is to choose the name of your law firm and use .com extension.

A Web Hosting Plan

Bluehost Lawyer website

Web hosting is a place where your data is stored. There are multiple numbers of web hosting you can go far, but we recommend going for Bluehost.

Click on the Get started button, when you land on Bluehost website. After which you’ll be taken to the sign up page where you will be asked to choose a pricing plan. After selecting the plan you need to enter the domain name of your website. After adding the payment details, you’ll receive a confirmation mail. Once you’re registered with Bluehost, you’re good to go!

Step 2: Installing WordPress

Bluehost offers 1-Click Installation for WordPress. Below are the steps to install WordPress using the 1-Click Installation feature:

1-click installation
  1. Log into Bluehost 
  2. Go to the control panel
  3. Click on the WordPress icon (Install WordPress) which you can find under the website section
  4. Choose the domain
  5. Enter the details. Once you’re done, click on Install Now

Step 3: How Can I Create A Website Free Of Cost?

The WordPress theme directory is a great place to find free themes. In this guide, we will use the free Responsive theme (one of our own popular WordPress themes with 50,000+ active installations) that can be installed and used as any standard free WordPress theme.

Follow the below steps to install the Responsive theme manually from the WordPress admin dashboard:

1. Download the Responsive Theme and go to go to Appearance > Themes > Add New on your WordPress dashboard

Upload the zip folder

2. Upload the theme zip file folder.

Upload the zip folder

3. Install the theme and activate it.

Step 4: How To Install & Activate Responsive Ready Site Importer Plugin?

The Responsive Ready Sites Importer plugin extends the functionality of the Responsive theme. The Responsive theme comes with 40+ready site templates, and this plugin enables you to import these templates with just a single click of your mouse. The free lawyer website template that comes with a Responsive theme can be imported in 1 click.

First, download the latest free Responsive Ready Sites Importer from 

Ready Site importer plugin- lawyer website

After downloading the plugin:

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Upload the plugin zip file
  3. Activate it

Step 5: Importing “Corporate Lawyer”– Lawyer Ready-Site Template

Corporate lawyer theme is a ready-to-use responsive WordPress theme for  lawyers, advocate, and corporate endeavours. It comes with all the features that help your practice grow. This free template come with pre-designed pages- home, about, contact, services, and blog pages. Edit these pages easily with the Elementor page builder.

1. From the WordPress dashboard go to Appearance > Ready Sites and select the “Corporate Lawyer” website to import.

2. On the preview page, click on the “Import Site” button to import the template.

3. After the import is complete you will see the Launch Site button which will take you to the newly imported site.

Follow the steps below to change the logo of your website:

1. From the WordPress dashboard navigate to Appearance > Customize 

Lawyer website- site indentity

2. On the next page, select Site Identity

Lawyer website- site indentity

3. Next, click on the “Change logo” to upload your logo image file.

Step 7: How To Edit The “Corporate Lawyer“ Using Elementor?

Follow the steps below to edit the “Corporate Lawyer” website using Elementor drag and drop page builder.

1. Click on “Edit with Elementor” on top of your page.

Edit with elementor on lawyer website

2. Now click on each content sections you want to edit. It will be encased in the thin blue frame. It means that the section is active now.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up your lawyer website.

If you’ve come this far then, you would have realized that creating a lawyer website on WordPress is not as difficult as it seems. WordPress is a powerful yet flexible CMS where you can find tons of free themes that lets you build professional looking websites in a short period of time.

If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments below!

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