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‘The secret of type is that it speaks’ – French poet Paul Claudel

The quality of your content is the most important thing but how you present that content by choosing the right font and layout still has its place. Just like the right WordPress theme you need to have that right font too. Not just bloggers but graphic designers need to have a solid array of beautiful free handwritten fonts ( well, free is preferable, isn’t it ? ) up their sleeves for projects.

Today we bring you a carefully selected list of beautiful free handwritten fonts (some of them cursive too) that’ll jazz up your content.
Usually, script fonts or handwritten fonts are preferred for websites or any design asset related to something that needs a personal touch – like a wedding invitation or a personal letter. These typefaces are creative and perfect for such projects.

Remember these fonts are not in any order of preference. Also, the fonts listed below are for personal use & free. However, you are advised to do your own research before using these fonts for commercial use.


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Beautiful Free Handwriting Fonts

#1 Beautiful & Sophisticated Waterlily Typeface for Free

WaterLily Free Font

Waterlily by TheHungryJPEG is literally my favorite free hand-drawn font – it has such a lovely, summery, fresh look. Makes me think it would be perfect for say a party invite or a wedding website. It includes a whopping 80 different hand drawn characters for a range of languages and dialects.

#2 Soria Noveau Typeface

soria free font noveau typeface
This font seems to stir up feelings of nostalgia, old elegance & class – and looks luxurious too.

Download this free font now

#3 HoneyLlama


by HoneyLlama is a cool free font was created by Camilla Bertoni and shared through us with the design community.

Download this free font now

#4 Playlist

Playlist free font style

by Artimasa Studio is a perfectly imperfect hand-drawn cool font with dry brush styles. Playlist font contains 3 styles: Script, Caps, and Ornament, which you can combine to create beautiful designs. Playlist Free Font can be used for any purposes; personal and commercial.

#5 Jenna Sue

Jenna Sue Free Font

by Jenna Sue Design is a casual handwritten font free for personal AND commercial use. Ever since it’s release in January 2012 the font has received over 502k downloads. This elegant font includes a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and various special characters.

#6 Archistico

Archistico font

by Archistico is inspired a bit from Clarendon Serif. The font offers 2 styles – Normal & Bold. Includes a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and various special characters which you can mix & match to achieve any desired effect.

#7 Sacramento

Sacramento font

by Astigmatic. The author of the font, Brian J. Bonislawsky comments that Sacramento is a monoline, semi-connected script inspired by hand-lettering artist brochure work of the 1950’s and 1960’s. It stands on a thin line between formal and casual lettering styles, yet it has a commanding presence for headlines and titles.

#8 Worstveld Sling Extra

Worstveld Sling Extra font

by GemFonts offers 3 styles – Normal, Extra Oblique & Extra 2 Oblique. The nice flowy unattached script style font has over 230 glyphs which include a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and various special characters.

#9 Bispo Nova

Bipso Nova Font

by Jackson Alves is a script typeface family made based on italic chancery calligraphy. The italic chancery calligraphy typeface has 300 glyphs which include a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and various special characters.

#10 Lobster Two

Lobster Two font

by Impallari Type offers 4 styles – Regular, Italic, Bold & Bold Italic. The retro style font has over 350 glyphs which include a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and various special characters.

#11 Firefly

Firefly font

by Sean Coady. The font has only uppercase letters, numbers and various special characters. Great for titles, posters, brand logos etc.

#12 Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Font

by Astigmatic. The author of the font, Brian J. Bonislawsky comments that Grand Hotel finds its inspiration from the title screen of the 1937 film “Cafe Metropole” starring Tyrone Power. This condensed upright connecting script has a classic vibe to it.

#13 Dancing Script OT

Dancing Script Font

by Impallari Type. The feminine & formal style font has 236 glyphs which include a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and various special characters.

#14 Blenda Script

Blenda Script Font

by Seniors Studio is a free font inspired by the Lobster font, a bold vintage script. Includes 214 glyphs & can be used for various purposes, such as – news, posters, logos, badges etc

#15 Beer Money

Beer Money Font

by Roland Huse is a hand-drawn (scribble) font with language extentions and some funny features & correction signs  (“<” crosses out the word written before it, “<<” longer cross out, “<<<” even longer cross out, “>” scribble & “>>” pipe). A very interesting font for those scribbled-desk effects on your projects.

#16 BSRU Bansomdej

BSRU Bansomdej Font

by WISIT PO is a font with many alternatives. It offers 4 weights & 6 styles – Regular, Bold, Semi Bold, Oblique, Bold Oblique & Black. Perfect for usage in posters headlines and/or body text (especially the latin type).

#17 Belepotan

Belepotan Font

by Arwan Sutanto is a free typeface based on hand-drawn brush. Offered in 2 styles- Regular & Italic; the font has only uppercase letters, numbers and various special characters.

#18 Ananda Namaste Free Font

Ananda Namaste Free Font

by Ananda K. Maharjan. The font is inspired by Nepali Devanagari Sanskrit script. The font has only lowercase letters, numbers and various special characters.

#19 Allura

Allura Font

by TypeSETit. The elegant & formal style font has 385 glyphs which include a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and various special characters.

#20 Rafale Free Font

Rafale Free Font

by Fontfabric is an all caps font that also contains – Open Type, Fractions, Sups & Subs, Ligatures, Alternates, Russian and Bulgarian Cyrillic. It was designed as a display type for titles, headlines, and posters.

#21 Halo Handletter

Halo Handletter font

by Mario Arturo includes a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and various special characters.

#22 Break

Break font

by Rajesh Rajput is a modern font family that contains five weights – Regular, Light, Extra Light, Bold, & Semi Bold. Includes a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and various special characters.



by Angie Raess includes a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and various special characters.

#24 Journal

Journal Font

by  Hans Gerhard Meier aka Fontourist contains 236 glyphs which include a full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and various special characters.

#25 Breathe

Breathe font

by MediaLab is a handwritten font in 2 styles (Regular & Press)available in all modern formats. Ideally suitable for the decoration of your works, design of logos, creation of invitations, greeting card and more.

#26 Sandy – A Free Calligraphic Font for Your Projects

Sandy Font

Sandy is a beautiful free calligraphic font by FontBundles –
It includes –
Lowercase Letters: a-z
Uppercase Letters: A-Z
Numbers: 0-9
Punctuation: . , : ; ! –
Total: 71 Glyphs

#27 Bernier Vintage Typeface Free Font

Bernier Vintage Typeface Free Font

Bernier by DesignHooks is a Vintage Typeface font that is only uppercase and is available in 3 different styles: regular, distressed & shade.

#28 Brusher

Brusher Font

by Vlad Cristea is a bold & modern brush-lettered font with smooth lines & edges which includes 100 glyphs to give your text a naturally hand-drawn look. The font has been downloaded over 53k since it

#29 Stay Writer

Stay Writer Free Font

by Behance is a beautiful hand drawn font. Every single letter in this font has been crafted elegantly to make it appear stunning. Created with imperfect flow, the font appears completely natural ans consists of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.

#30 Skinny

Skinny Free Font

by Dafont is a font specially designed to give the sleek and skinny apperance. Its imperfect apperance gives it a raw and simple look.

#31 Moabhoers

Moabhoers Free Font

by Swistblink Design Studio is a free font for personal and commercial use. The tpeface’s deep and artistic look is perfect for invitation cards and banners.

#32 Monthoers

Monthoers free font

by Agga Swist’blnk is a vintage-look font free for personal / commercial use which has multilingual support. Works really great for titles, logos, lettering & much more.

#33 Nickainley

Nickainley free font

by Seniors Studio is a monoline script handwriting font with a touch of classic and vintage in uppercase, lowercase characters, numeral and punctuation.

#34 Monky Font

Monky is a fun and versatile font family with 7 different styles and 50+ bonus shapes. You can create unique and fun designs that stand out like a monkey in a room.

#35 Selima

Here’s a handy compilation of free brush fonts that you can put to good use in your artistic designs. Selima Script is a free brush-lettered font with beautiful irregular shapes and baseline. Perfect for eye-catching messages and great to add a personal touch to your design.

Hungry for more free fonts ?

A good place to get free fonts is DealFuel ,because they always scout for the best deals for premium fonts for designers and have a number of beautiful free handwritten fonts too.

Did we miss any of your favorite beautiful free fonts ? Are there any fonts you’ve created ? Leave a comment and tell me !


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