What Is WordPress

WordPress is a free open source content management system for launching websites and blogs. WordPress enables anyone to easily manage their own website consisting of posts, pages, photos, videos, galleries and much more.

What Is WordPress

There are two versions of WordPress, there are blogs hosted on WordPress.com, and the free self-hosted version of WordPress which are available for free on WordPress.org. Self-hosted WordPress allows anyone to run WordPress on any domain name, and gives you the freedom to install any plugins or themes you want. You can read more about the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org here.

WordPress also has a community of tens of thousands of developers who create custom plugins and themes for WordPress.

CyberChimps designs Premium WordPress Themes.

What Are Premium WordPress Themes?

WordPress Themes are templates that include the visual design elements of a website and can also extend functionality of WordPress itself. For example, CyberChimps WordPress Themes offer social networking features, as well as feature sliders, and other more advanced content management tools.

Open Source

CyberChimps WordPress Themes are open source and released under the GNU GPL v3. All of our themes can be used on as many websites as you would like, and are optimized for WordPress.