WordPress UX design of the luxury industry – What is the real picture

The luxury industry aims to reach an elite class of the society that’s why they try to provide an excellent and brilliantly marvelous user experience. Unlike most of the conventional online stores, the luxury websites are not limited to matchless quality in products and services, but also prone to deliver an experiential value.

The luxury industry was not quite active on the internet as most of the stores have to cater the concerned users in mega malls of big cities. But, recently they have adopted the technological advancements and going live with the prominent platforms like WordPress. Just like the way they pursue an unmatched product experience, they are willing to bring about an exemplary design user experience as well. This article will discuss some of the facts and observations about the UX of the luxury industry.

WordPress is equally important for the luxury industry as it can allow developing one page, multi-category website, or an entire eCommerce website. The developing process is a major stepping stone towards the design of a website. The retailers and wholesalers working in the luxury industry can take help from the vast collection of themes and plugins.

A simple installation of WooCommerce plugin can allow you to turn a CMS based website into a shopping hub. In the same way, you may find various tools for improving the user experience and navigation of your online store. For example, WooCommerce product tabs can be installed for brilliantly showcasing information about a luxury product in different tabs on the landing page. It encourages the users to click on the tab to view the information they need the most.

What is the real picture behind the UX design of luxury industry?

Achieving an exemplary user experience is tricky as they are not defined rules. A trick that may be fruitful for an industry may not be as effective for another. For example, retailers may want to rack more products, whereas the company dealing in luxury products may boast few of them.

The user behavior of the luxury industry is entirely different than the rest of the enterprise. The recent study of a digital UX platform that is co-developed by 415Agency and VERITAMO revealed some of the useful insights about the design preferences in the luxury industry. These are discussed as below.

The consumers are quite sure about an experience

The online consumers of a luxury industry are quite sure about the kind of quality or service they are going to experience. They always have a higher expectation that’s why they pay attention to the details. So, the design needs to be elaborate and comprehensive to allow them to easily go through the details. For example, a hotel reservation website needs to be more clear about the luxury facilities they own to attract the users and let them avail the offers.

– A short and meaningful journey is adorable

The journey to reserve a room or check out for any luxury product needs to be short and useful. The users do not visit the websites to read all about an exotic experience of the products, as they are quite sure about that. But, they need to quickly sign up or place an order as soon as possible.

The UX design defines their journey. Poor navigation may consume more time and elongate the journey towards a landing page. There are different ways of improving web page navigation. A WordPress user can find plenty of tools and plugins for simplifying the process of browsing all relevant products with a click.

– Users want luxury brands to be transparent

Transparency is one of the powerful tools for making the web design readable. Consumers expect a simplified flow of the content as they need to scan the images along with the text in a logical sequence. It is far better to engage the users in interactive chunks of content.

You might have seen a number of websites describing a product or service in a step by step format. It can be useful for the people who are ignorant about the product, but not the one who already possess a lot of information. The target users of a luxury industry are among the sophisticated ones and know more details. So, it is better to implement transparency in images and the entire to increase their visibility rather than compelling them to go through a hectic funnel.

– Fewer options are better

WordPress is itself simple and have fewer options for the end users. But, the eCommerce websites like to create various options in order to gain a lead. The users who click a tab or option unintentionally can be a lead but not a conversion. It is better to let the users freely click a call to action which is surely a genuine conversion.

It is needless to say that setting more options on a landing page will yield higher conversions. The luxury industry is driven by the fact that few options can perform better if placed in the right position. In fact, you need to adopt a one-button approach that is a norm in this industry.

– Time and convenience are the key factors

Any website that is either serving the locals or the executive class has to design an easy and simple UX that is convenient and time-saving. The websites that are powered by WordPress are said to have a faster loading speed. It can also be among the major factors that may allow the users either to leave or stay for long.

Coming up with time-saving techniques can really add value to the website. And, once a web design is optimized for short and a hassle free shopping experience, it proves to be an asset for the enterprise.


The word luxury is no more confined to expensive pricing and branded products, but it remains a hallmark of quality. A group of sophisticated people needs to acquire the brilliantly designed products and services in order to enjoy the charismatic charm. And, they are tech-savvy as well. So, to get your store ready to serve them, you need to be careful in placing the options and buttons as they are very detail oriented.

In the current era, the consumers of the luxury field are quite familiar with the value that is delivered along with the services or products. This is the reason a one-button approach became a trend of this field. They expect higher visibility and readability, and quick communication and order processing on the part of the merchant.



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