Why do you need a WordPress slider in your next web design project

Over the past few years, the website industry has been working heavily on trends. And, there are surely innumerable elements that took web developers with a storm especially WordPress slider. In fact, while navigating through different websites, you might have even come across similar elements, just showcased in different ways, isn’t it?

One of the considerable elements that have become the talk of the town in web design is the WordPress Sliders for Image, Post or E-commerce. For quite some time now, this one element has been gathering a lot of appreciation as well as the criticism – both in abundance, actually.

Despite all the analysis, website owners haven’t ditched this element a bit. And, surely, there can be several good reasons behind showcasing a slider on your website.


WordPress slider


What Are Sliders?

A slider, the connotation is a simple element that lets you put a slideshow on your website. With the help of a slider, you can display multiple products at once. Although you have the liberty to incorporate sliders in any sort of website, however, they are generally perfect for such business websites where the owner might want to put the products or the portfolio on display.


When Should You Use Sliders?

While sliders are definitely not meant for every kind of website, there are still some of them that can be enhanced greatly with this element. So, if you are stuck, begin with examining what your users are exactly finding and how different pages on the website are helping them accomplish different goals.

If you think that a slider can help establish a brand and enhance the trust of users, then you can incorporate them into the UX. However, if they are creating confusions or distractions, they might impact the conversion otherwise. Since every company is unique, make sure that the slider doesn’t act like a detrimental element but a flawless one.


Still, if you couldn’t decide on whether to use these sliders or not, here are some of the reasons that will ensure why you need this in your next web design project.


  • Sharing Information Becomes Easier:

There are, indeed, very fewer elements that let you share a lot of information without consuming much space on the website. And, finding such elements is surely a dream for every web designer, right?

So, if you are still in search, look no further. WordPress slider are known for the entire concept of sharing more in less. Thus, with the help of a slider, you can easily showcase every bit of and a piece of information related to the brand in a small space. In this way, not just you but your client can procure a lot of benefits as well.

  • Everything About Visual Appeal:

If a website cannot be appealing enough, well, what would be the point of having one at the first place? While developing a website, the only goal in your mind might be to gain conversions, right? And, it can only happen if the website is attractive enough to obtain enough traffic.

If you keep the psychological aspect in mind, people surely get fascinated by images and videos more than the text information. The fame that social media has managed to garner has gravitated the human brains towards visual content.
Keeping this in mind, a WordPress slider can help you obtain several goals, including high traffic, less bounce rate, more conversions, and decreased abandonment rates, along with others.

  • Solid Call-to-Action:

The importance of a significant call-to-action cannot be denied at any cost. And, surely, there might be several ways to put a button on the website to compel visitors so that they can take prompt action.

But, there always remains some confusion regarding the effectiveness of such CTA options. You cannot expect an amazing conversion rate by just putting a button or a link here and there on the website.

As far as WordPress slider are concerned, apparently, they end up catching the attention of your audience within seconds. Thus, it will be quite difficult for your visitors to ignore this element when placed at the top of a homepage or a landing page. In such a scenario, if you’ve managed to intrigue visitors with the provided information, you can even put a compelling CTA on the slider, making it easier for them to take action right there.

  • They Are Even Responsive:

Another considerable reason that will compel you to put a slider on your next website is the responsiveness they behold. Although a contrary perception isn’t that difficult to grasp, however, the truth is that a WordPress slider can actually turn out to be responsive.

While developing a website, obviously you’d want the used elements to fit exactly into the small-screens as they fit into the desktop screen. And, the reasons for this desire are actually in abundance.

So, if you can manage to get your hands on a responsive website slider, you wouldn’t have to worry about things going wrong for you at all. Instead, you’d be able to keep your mobile-users hooked equally.

  • Sliders Can Be A Great Product Tour:

Not for a minute, you should be assuming that the large chunk of information is pleasing to your visitors. Sometimes, it might even overwhelm them. So, if your client is providing such a product that works in steps, you can easily make sure of WordPress slider to showcase this series and create a visual experience for users.

Most of the times, trying to make users understand about a process may consume a lot of time. And, more so, if you are doing it with text, the thing may become even monotonous. So, instead of using the same old method, you can use this effective, quick, and attractive one.

  • Display the Artwork:

Whether you are developing a website for a client or yourself, if the history is filled with a lot of art, regardless of the domain, you shouldn’t hesitate from showcasing how you have aced it throughout the years.

Customers would definitely want to have a look at a brief overview that would let them analyze the kind of work and quality you can provide. And, with the help of a slider, displaying the portfolio or past work can become quite flexible.

Since you have the opportunity to showcase how much ever you want, your visitors can decide how little or more they wish to see. However, even if they aren’t going to watch everything at a time, they may still leave with an impression, depending on your work.


Conclusion: Should you adopt WordPress slider?

In reality, every website is different and is regulated with varied goals and objectives. A certain set of the audience might work for one website and would prove worthless for the other. So, as a designer, start with what your users require and create something that would match their interaction style as well as the preferences.
And, as far as the WordPress slider are concerned, if you use them correctly, they can surely create wonders for you. Just make sure that the slider you are picking up is worth enough to spend your time, efforts, and money.

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