WordPress Lazy Load Plugins To Make Your Site Faster

In an ideal scenario, to promote the information of content on the website, images and infographics are used. When these elements are presented in a fancy manner in on a webpage, it attracts the reader and improves his engagement time on the internet.
But all these images take a lot of time to get loaded. With slower internet speeds, this time to load the pages affects the reader attention and he leaves the page. So, there is a need to load the web pages faster.

Why page takes time to load?

Any webpage contains text, images, and media. Whenever you try to load the page, your browser requests the website. These elements are byte heavy and they take time to load. And that’s the reason – that is your website is media rich, it takes time to load.

Why use lazy loading?

This technique helps to load the images with a delay. So, with this technique, selected text and content get loaded first and the images get loaded after a lag. As the loading is sequenced and staggered, it improves the time for the first byte. As the viewer scrolls down, images get fetched one at a time.  So, the number of request for loading at a time is decreased. Images are first stored in a placeholder and they are loaded. When they reach the viewing area, they get fetched. Once they are in the area ‘above the fold’, they are seen on the screen. Lazy loading can be added to selected pages on the website or a website.

Uses of lazy loading:-

  • Reduces the loading time
  • The website becomes faster
  • Gives better experience to users
  • Server bandwidth is reduced

WordPress lazy load plugins you don’t want to miss –

BJ Lazy load – Free Lazy Load Plugin

BJ Lazy load

With BJ lazy loading you can make your site faster and save your bandwidth. This plugin replaces all posted images, thumbnails, and content iframes. As it works well with iframes, it also include youtube videos. This plugin suits to responsive images as well. This also works with text widget. You can get the lazy load plugin loaded and use it simply with the setting from WordPress dashboard. Applying the lazy load is very easy, you are supposed to choose `either choose yes or no for the required element expected to get loaded faster. You can even add the own placeholder image from the settings.
Check Out BJ Lazy load

Lazy load – Best Lazy Load Plugin

Rocket Lazy load

This plugin offers an amazing feature to your website. It helps to lazy load the images, videos and other elements. This plugin is small and makes your website faster. It displays images on a page when user views the page. Thus, the number of HTTP requests and improves the loading time. Plugin replaces all posted images, thumbnails, and content iframes. As it works well with iframes, it also includes youtube videos. The plugin lazy loads text widgets.
Check Out Rocket Lazy load

Images lazy load and slideshow

Images lazy load and slideshow

This plugin is used for lazy loading all the images on the page. It adds the lightbox effect, gallery slideshow effect to customize the images. With custom HTML settings, like custom CSS for images etc. you can save the images. All these features can be used independently. This plugin provides 2 effects such as fancybox, prettyphoto and slimbox2. These days, with smallest attention spans. There is always a need to decrease the loading time and save the bandwidth. Instead of decreasing number of images one uses lazy loading plugins like this one and improve the loading speed.
Check Out Images lazy load and slideshow

Advanced lazy load – Lazy loading for images

Advanced lazy load

This is an excellent tool to make your website faster. Advanced lazy load aims to increase the loading time of your WordPress website. It helps the image to get loaded once the viewer starts scrolling the webpage. Once you activate this plugin, it first loads the text, then the images. So, it decreases the loading time. Thus, it reduces server-side loading time, skips particular URLs, skips img class. It lazy loads the images on mobiles as well.
Check Out Advanced lazy load

Lazy Load – Lazy Loading plugin for free

Lazy Load

This plugin is for you all to load your images faster. This plugin is very commonly used with the WordPress website. It is very easy to install and activate. It is a combination of code written by WordPress and a team at Automatic. If you want to make any changes, you can edit the PHP file. There are some helpful codes for you to go through, with which you can change the placeholder image. Search engines fail to recognize the scrolling content. So, URLs are structured so that they can get processed properly.

Check Out lazy load

In Conclusion

When you want to improve the speed of your website, you should work on the areas which make it slower. The most common factors affecting the website speed are images. Images and videos are the souls of these web pages as they grab the customer attention but at the same time, viewers get frustrated with slower websites and leave those pages in no time. Thu, the image is a crucial yet most important element of your website. So, the lazy loading technique is simply a badly needed option you should install and activate.

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