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Why is Multilanguage so important today?

When considering creating an online store WordPress will be on your list for sure. It unites all of us and not because of the functions and usability but due to a big community of dedicated users that stand for their favorite platform. Its popularity attracts more interest from different types of entrepreneurs like big company owners and beginners who are just starting their e-commerce path. But still, the most popular type of websites being created on WordPress are blogs and online stores. Most of the users claim that it’s pretty simple to use and the price corresponds to the quality of the service.

But they are not alone. Other successful and maybe more simple e-commerce platforms step on their heels. Famous giants like Shopify, BigCommerce, WiX, etc. make this game, even more, simpler in some aspects, especially for those who want to sell around the world. It’ so exciting to observe this competition, but yet officially WP dominates the market. 
Increasing the number of website builders and their ease of use to all users will only grow. Sometimes it’s hard to compete with big players in your own market, especially if this market is the US or Europe and your niche is a competitive one. And today it’s very hard to find a vacant niche. So many of us are choosing to try our fortune in the foreign markets. Sometimes a proper offer in the right place and to the right audience can become a golden egg. To reach out to a bigger number of prospective customers you should consider creating a multilingual website. Today it’s not just a wish of some customers, it’s a trend as is. People love to do everything in their native language and lots of websites give them this ability even if the main language in the country is English. So if you enter the foreign market, you should provide multilingual content to your audience.
You have two options to provide your users with multilingual content:

  1. Build completely separate websites for each region
Install a plugin that will help you translate your website and deal with SEO

Professional website translation is a long and difficult task that involves a collaboration of different experts, not just translators. Using a simple plugin can solve a few tasks at once.

  1. using machine translation as a booster
  2. ability to edit automatic translations
  3. ability to delegate the entire process of website translations
  4. having the support of a professional and responsible translators
  5. ability to cut the costs due to instant analytic reports
  6. built-in SEO optimization hacks
  7. short terms of idea implementing /finishing the entire thing / completing the full translation

Here we would advise you to check out ConveyThis Translate – the ultimate translation solution. 
This simple plugin includes all these benefits and much more.
Let see how you can translate your site into multiple languages in literally 2 minutes.

2-minutes installation and configuration

First, go to the plugins category in your WP control panel, click add new and install ConveyThis to your WP site.


When you click on “Activate”, the plugin will pop up on the top bar, click on it to get to the configuration page.
Here we can see that the plugin is installed, but you still need to configure it. 
To do that you need to sign up on ConveyThis.com and get your unique API key.
When you confirm your account paste the API key to the appropriate section, select the source language, the target language and click save.


The language switcher is already integrated into your website. You can refresh the page and start translating your website. But before you dive into this, check what other options are available for you.

Button customization

You can customize your button as you want and place it anywhere on your website.


As you can see there are many options to fit different needs. The real-time changing preview button is very helpful and allows you to see the result.
Click on “Change language flag” and in the drop-down list set the proper flag for your languages. 
This feature provides you the ability to install up to 5 language-flag pairs based on your wishes or needs. Just make sure that these languages are set up in the main settings above.


One simple interface to manage a whole translation process

Once you translate some pages, they will instantly appear in “My translations” in your account. 
To edit them log in to your account and go to this page. When you click to your domain name the list of translated pages will show up.


Here you can filter them by the language or sort them by alphabet, language or page views.
The other two things you can see on this page belong to analytics and SEO optimization. 
After translation, all your pages will have a separate URL and “hreflang” tags which is a huge SEO benefit. This means that search engines will properly index your multilingual content and show it to a larger number of foreign speaking users. For example, if your site is translated into German then a person searching for something in German will be shown on your website in the search results. 
In the column named “Page views” you can see the actual number of page views of each page. If some pages aren’t gaining a lot of customers for you and as a result don’t require to remain multilingual, simply delete them and increase your translation limits.
To go further and edit a particular page click on it.


Here you have your source text and the translated one. To edit the initial machine translation pick the paragraph and start typing. When you save your manual translation the result will instantly appear on your website. In the tabs “Meta Text” and “Attributes” you can edit these types of content.
This interface is intuitive and provides an ability to delegate the entire process of your website translation. A person who you would delegate this to won’t even need to have an access to your WP admin, only to your ConveyThis account.
Also, you have a full support of professional translators from an experienced translation agency and dedicated tech support which is very helpful and responsible.

Hot summer sales


ConveyThis Translate is free for small blogs and websites. The basic plan has no expiration time so you can test the plugin as much as you want. Registration is without the credit card and the company states that they have a money back guarantee for all their paid plans. Besides all this, you can get a chance to translate your site for half of the price because they have a 50% summer discount for all their plans. Sign up on their website and use coupon code SUMMER50DISCOUNT to get an advantage of this right now.

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