Wix or WordPress? Which One to Choose?

Wix or WordPress?
You might have found yourselves in a situation, in which you need to choose between Wix Website Builder and WordPress. Both of these platforms let you create a beautiful and functioning website with virtually no programming skills or other related capabilities.
So, which one to choose?

Wix vs WordPress

Unfortunately, there is no single answer that is always correct. It all comes down to your preferences and features you expect your website to have.
I will try to cover all of advantages and disadvantages of both Wix and WordPress that will hopefully help you make a right decision and select the option that fits your needs best.


I will start the comparison of Wix and WordPress with flexibility. WordPress is by far more flexible than Wix. It is in its heart a blogging platform, but you can use it to create almost any kind of website. WordPress has a library of tens of thousands of plugins and pre-designed business WordPress themes that let you enhance the functionality of your website and make it do anything you want it to do.
Also, WordPress is an open-source platform, so you can hire a professional to implement any kind of custom solution for you, or you can do it yourself if you have the skills needed for the job.
On the other hand, Wix is a closed platform and it can only do what it was programmed to do. Therefore, you are limited to its features and there is close to nothing you can do to expand its functionality.

Design options

I am sure you want your website to look good. You even want it to look great. Design is not the most important feature of a website (content marketing triumphs it) but it is very important for the majority of website owners.
However, it is really difficult to pick a clear winner in this category. If you look at sheer numbers, WordPress clearly wins. You can use thousands of WordPress themes, some of which are free and some of which are paid. With paid themes, you usually pay a one-time fee in the range from $20 to $60.
On the other hand, Wix comes equipped with hundreds of beautiful templates that can all be installed and used very easily. Take a look at Wix.com and find out what you would be dealing with. I am almost sure you will be able to find a template that fulfils your needs and that you find visually stunning.

Ease of use

Wix is easier to use. It is that simple. You can use the Drag & Drop builder to add elements to your website, as well as edit and remove them. Wix works as a WYSIWYG builder, therefore you can clearly see what your website will look like when you are editing it.
Basically, if you can create a text file using Microsoft Word or any other text editor, you can create a website using Wix.
WordPress is harder to use. It all comes down to the flexibility and features I talked about sooner. WordPress lets you do more with your website, it is more flexible and robust, so it is only logical to assume that it is harder to use. It has a steeper learning curve, but if you get a hold of it, you can find it rewarding to be able to build a more flexible website.
If you want a system that is really easy to use, use Wix. If you want a more flexible website that requires some learning and/or professional help, go for WordPress.


Web safety is really important. And with WordPress and Wix, it all comes down to something I already talked about.
I mentioned that WordPress is open-source, while Wix is a closed system. All of the functionality and design options of Wix are closely managed, while almost anyone can create a WordPress theme or a plugin. That is why WordPress is more susceptible to attacks and other forms of safety hazards. However, if you use only themes and plugins from trusted developers, you will be safe.
Be smart and your website will be safe and sound, regardless of the system you used to create it. That being said, security of a Wix website is more fool-proof, because there are far fewer potential safety hazards.


Wix is a paid service. You can use the free version, but your website will be covered with ads and you will not be able to use your own domain name. It starts at $4.50 a month and can go up to $24.50 a month (keep in mind that the cheapest option has limited bandwidth, does not include a domain name and also displays Wix ads).
WordPress is free to use, but you will have to pay for your domain name and web hosting. The cost of these is generally lower than the price of Wix, but it can also be much higher. It all comes down to the web hosting you choose. Also, if you decide to use a premium theme or paid plugins, you will also have to pay for those.

Consider all the possibilities

You are most likely in the process of making a decision. And it is an important one. You are about to choose a platform you will build your website on. Creating a website often takes quite a lot of time and effort, and you don’t want to be remaking it in the near future.
That’s why you should really put some effort into making the right decision and try to find a perfect solution for you. I hope I was able to shine some light on both Wix and WordPress and that the information you found will help you shorten the decision-making process.

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