Why You Should Have a .design Domain

Designers are defined as individuals who create the look and feel of something before that something is created. There are all kinds of designers: fashion designers, web designers, and interior designers, just to name a few.

Though each occupation is unique, they all still have the goal of providing something that isn’t only visually appealing but speaks to those who see it. As a designer, you would want to be able to showcase your work very well in order to show potential customers what you can do and what separates you from others within your occupation.

A new top-level domain, introduced just two years ago, is bringing together this diverse and creative group together online: .design

On May 12th, 2015, .design became a domain that the general population can utilize. Since then, tens of thousands have already registered their domain name under .design. Since it is not as old or well-known, yet, you are more likely to find a great domain name. Individuals can still get their first and last names and businesses can get short, brand-able options.

Having .design could also help your business stand out and possibly even give you a leg up on your competitors. Though it is a positive investment, you might be wondering why you should even have a website to showcase your work in the first place.

The Significance of Showcasing Your Work Online

Not only are there many designers of different types, but individuals within those categories. If you are a landscape designer, for example, then there may be other landscape designers in your area. Regardless, you and other designers in your field may have varying styles and experiences under your belt.

Potential consumers know this, which is why they need to know if your style and expertise are what they are looking for. It’s one thing to say you know how to design a product, but it’s even better to show what you have designed.

While some older businesses have struggled to modernize and need to finally adopt a website, some younger designers have the opposite problem in that they have skipped websites and utilize only social media handles and profiles on designer forums like Behance, Houzz, Dribbble, and others. While these are great instincts and destinations to build out a full online presence, they don’t lend the professionalism that comes with a branded website and email address. Given that links to sites like Behance can end up being long URLs like behance.net/amanda-smith, you may even just start by using your .design or other domain to redirect to the longer profile URL. Though of course building out content to create a website of your own should remain the long-term goal.

How to Register Your Domain Name

A website does seem like a good tool for displaying your greatest work, and now you are ready to obtain a site. You first have to register your domain name, but may not know where to start. For the record, .com, .edu, .gov, and .design are examples of what domains are. A domain name is the name of the website on a domain.

For instance, yourwebsite.com or yourwebsite.design. You must first check to make sure your potential domain name isn’t already taken. A quick Google search will help you learn this. Once you’ve confirmed the domain name as available, you can now register it.

Registering a website isn’t a difficult task, but it’s also not free. Depending on where you are purchasing your website, it could cost anywhere from $20 to over $100. Some providers have discounts, though. Understand that your website will have an annual fee. If you don’t pay it, then you may lose your website for good.

Why .design instead of a Different Domain?

.com is becoming overcrowded. That’s why there have been other domains to provide individuals with more options. .design, in particular, let’s visitors immediately know what kind of website they will see. It can help boost SEO rankings and increase your relevance. It can also help strengthen your brand recognition.
.design is available to all kinds of designers alike and is recommended for designers who want to stand out from there competitors.

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