What Is WordPress And Why You Should Use It

WordPress! You must have heard this word a billion times by now. While there are some people who have accomplished a Ph.D. in WordPress, on the other hand, there are some who are still struggling with aspects of it.

What is WordPress? Where did it come from? Why is it being called an Open Source? What’s the deal about it? What is it that makes it so considerable? What is the reason behind WordPress being versatile and powerful? What is it that it can handle?

Surely, there would be many such questions popping up in your mind. Being a newbie, if you haven’t got answers to them yet, you’ll find this post quite helpful.

Let’s begin with the most basic question –

What is WordPress?

Proficient in creating almost every type of website, WordPress is one of the most popular tools in the world. Right from a simple blog to a full-fledged website for business, you can create anything easily.

The best thing about this platform is that it doesn’t require profound design or coding skills to create a professionally appealing website. Known as WordPress themes, there are innumerable designs that beginners can use to develop their websites.

However, not many people may know WordPress is much more than a mere website generating tool. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and manage your own site with the help of a web browser.

Being an Open Source project, WordPress is completely free. This means that countless volunteers from across the globe are continuously creating and enhancing WordPress code. And then, there are several widgets, plugins, and themes that make your website developing process even easier.

Reasons to Use WordPress:

There is a significant number of people who are using WordPress websites today. This number even include elite and well-known organizations, like Microsoft, the White House, and more. When such credible people are using WordPress, why shouldn’t you?

Here are some of the best reasons to do so:

WordPress Is Search Engine Friendly:

In the present digitally dominated era, if you are coming up with a business website, you must ensure you are proficient as well as competent enough to rank higher in search engines to make your business thrive efficiently.

With WordPress, even this game is easier. This platform has been built with superior web standards. The code of source is not only clean but is even valid HTML, meaning search engines will look out for your website old style.

Furthermore, WordPress offers tags, metadata, SEO-friendly URLs, categories, and much more to help you rank higher. Even if you don’t know the least bit about SEO, you can install plugins that will pave the way for you just right.

There are certain prerequisites for a CMS and WordPress stands at par just perfectly-

  • Loading Speed: How fast your website is going to load also depends on your CMS. And, WordPress has been optimized perfectly to provide you with fast speed.
  • Coding Standards: Since 2003, WordPress comes up with new updates within every few months. Therefore, when it comes to coding, you can always leave your stress on expert developers and designers.
  • XML Sitemap: WordPress allows you to easily create as well as submit a sitemap to search engines. It will help in to get your website structure recognized.
  • Website Navigation: When it is about WordPress, you can ensure robust navigation with tags, menus, drop down menu functions, widgets, categories, and several other things.
  • Image Optimization: With this platform, adding Alt Tags and Titles to images wouldn’t take much time. So, you even have higher chances to rank your images well.

Fast & Secure:

On the internet, you cannot deny or neglect data breaching. Hackers are always on the brim to find loopholes so that they can just get inside a website to simply exploit it. However, when it comes to WordPress, their work becomes even strenuous and tougher.

WordPress provides you regular update notifications with an intention to keep the code of your website improved and security holes sealed. Furthermore, thanks to WordPress plugins, you can even grab such security plugins that will keep your protection tighter.

WordPress also comes with one of the best spam protections. Therefore, with this platform by your side, you wouldn’t have to be tensed about sensitive data available on your website.

Massive Community Help in Troubleshooting:

WordPress is probably the only platform that boasts about a large community of active developers and users. It has a well-maintained and large support forum that comprises millions of problems and solutions to resolve queries.

If you come across any query or problem and don’t really know how to fix it, you can navigate through already asked and answered questions on this support forum and find out the exact solution to your problem.

If you cannot find, you can even post your query and can get 100% authentic and valid solutions. Apart from this official forum, there are several other forums, specifically dedicated to WordPress, which are operated by developers from across the globe.

It Has Multimedia Support:

Amidst several other reasons, one of the most significant reasons is that WordPress has a rich text editor, which is WYSIWYG. With this editor, you can seamlessly insert different types of media to your website, including videos, audios, and images.

All it requires is a single click to insert this kind of media. Once you have uploaded these files to your site, you can even edit them on the go, too. Hence, whether you want an image to be of a certain angle or your want video to be cut-down, everything is possible.

Furthermore, once you have uploaded the media to your site, it remains backed-up in your Media section. Therefore, you would be able to access such files whenever required.

Easy Integration with Other Applications:

Although the default WordPress already comes with several inbuilt functionalities, you can even make your website more powerful and significant with different plugins. By installing plugins, you’d be able to add extra features to your website.

While some plugins are absolutely free, some come with a minimum amount for usage. Be it Contact Forms, or Email Marketing, there are more than 40,000 functions and plugins for you to select and use with your WordPress website.

Not just that, but you can even share your blog posts directly to your social media channels through WordPress. This option will surely make it easier for you to share instantly whenever you post or update something on your website.

WordPress is Mobile-Friendly:

In the current scenario, when smartphones are dominating the online world more than ever before, it is important to ensure that your website on a phone as smoothly as it would run on a desktop. And, with WordPress, you can easily fulfill that desire.

Thanks to an abundance of themes being responsive and mobile-friendly, you can, very easily, develop a website that would be easily accessible on different devices and not just on the desktop. Thus, WordPress simply lets you put efforts and achieve better results.

Committed to Different Hosting Providers:

Unless you start utilizing, you wouldn’t get to know how a particular hosting provider handles your website. In such a scenario, if you would want to change your host, just because you are experiencing some problems, you can simply switch.

WordPress wouldn’t even put your website in downtown for a longer period of time. This is mainly because this platform works with almost every server. You can even consider free WordPress hosting options as well.


So, why would you use WordPress? Simply because it rocks. All over the world, this platform boasts about the strong following. If you are a blogger, developer, or a business owner, WordPress would be an ideal choice for you.

Not just you can administer and control your website completely but can even avail several advantages in the form of free tools, plugins, themes, and much more. So, if you couldn’t decide yet, now is the time.

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