10 Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement

Facebook is one of the most used and highly-effective social media networking platforms out there. Although the popularity of other networks like Instagram and Snapchat is on the rise, Facebook is still used by a majority of the world’s population. Hence, tapping into the vast potential customer base on Facebook is one of the surefire ways of ensuring the success of your online venture.
However, it isn’t just about getting likes and views. Engagement matters the most, which is where a lot of Facebook pages fail to deliver. If you have created a Facebook page and want a genuine engagement of organic traffic, then you need a strategy. And we have gotten something for you! Check out these 10 tips and tricks to increase your Facebook engagement.

Techniques and Methods to Increase Facebook Engagement

Timing and Frequency

There is always a right time and a wrong time to post on all SM networks. The same goes for Facebook. There are a lot of tools and graphs on the internet that will help you narrow down the hours when most of your followers are online; this depends on your time zone, type of business, and number of followers. Once you know the most lucrative time for posting, stick to those hours consistently.
Another big aspect of Facebook engagement is the frequency of your posts. Quality trumps quantity any day, but you don’t want to put up only 2 awesome posts in a week and do nothing for the other 5 days. You also don’t want to bombard your fans with content throughout the day. Ideally, 1 to 2 engaging posts a day shows better response overall.

Ask Questions, Crowdsource for Answers

Another classic method of getting fan and followers to participate and interact is asking questions or crowdsourcing for answers. For instance, you can post a fun question like, “If I see another meme about ______, I’m going AWOL!” and ask a reader to comment the first word that they can think of.
Crowdsourcing means putting out a fan’s or user’s query through your page, as a post, and asking other followers to pitch in and give their advice. People love offering advice on topics that they are proficient with; they also love sharing personal experiences. Hence, if you make your posts personal and genuine, people will offer some of their own wisdom through comments and viola! you have engagement!

Use CTAs

Calls to action have always been a great way of prompting readers and visitors into action. As the name goes, the button calls for an action in return for a reward or offer. You can create a post around your company, link it to something popular, and ask people to like or share.
For example, if you run an apparel business, you can share a post of your most popular winter jackets and say, “Like if you’d wear it.” “Tag a friend who’d love this…” or “Let your friends know about your awesome fashion sense….share this post!” You get the gist right? Make sure to create something catchy enough each time.

Create Content FOR Facebook

Every social network has its own peculiarities, and the same goes for Facebook. The advantage that it serves over other networks is that you can add as much content as you want to make it engaging and fun. There are no restrictions of using just images. Hence, when you are creating a campaign, always create posts and content that are specific to Facebook. It is quite common to use same images and banners across different networks, but the posts should be in keeping with the nature of the SM to grab engagements.

Be Visual!

We’re talking graphics, and lots of it. And also videos. Lots of those too! As the world gets tech-savvier, attention spans have largely fallen. People don’t want to read large paras of text anymore; they want the gist in the fewest possible words, with the highest possible visual stimulation.
Videos are the latest craze in content marketing. However, it is difficult to keep dishing out quirky and memorable videos on a regular basis. Which is why the importance of graphics is still high. When you create posts, be sure to design images that are quirky, engaging, and memorable. Graphics are a very powerful medium. Beautiful or funny photos are shared more than content. And the same goes for short videos.

Use Your Fans’ Content

Sharing your fans’ content is a great way to show that you care about what they are doing. Genuine reciprocation always ensures better engagement. When your fans post something in your niche that’s relevant and useful, consider sharing it right away. However, don’t forget to give them the due credit.
You can also share posts of followers who have tagged you in their posts. For instance, if someone recently bought your book or is wearing your jewelry and posted about it by tagging you, repost! And thank them too. This creates a personal experience that’s always appreciated by your followers.

Boost and Recycle Top Posts

Your top posts are the ones that are statistically popular and gaining a lot of engagement already. Once you define your budget for Facebook marketing, you should boost your top posts for a fixed daily budget. Also, don’t hesitate to keep recycling older top posts from time to time; especially on days when you can’t find the inspiration to create something ‘awesome’. This will help gain further traffic to your posts and boost engagement significantly as well.

Give an Insight into Yourself

No business can be successful online if the readers don’t know what it’s all about. Personalization is one of the key factors in marketing today, as people want to know about you before they decide to devote their time in your venture. Hence, your posts should also reflect who you are and what you do.
We don’t mean that you do this for every post. There can be campaigns where you, as the page or business owner, introduce yourself and interact with your followers. This will definitely help greatly towards getting engagement.

Create Contests

Occasionally. Creating contests and giveaways from time to time encourages people to participate and win something in return. This is a classic way of giving back to your followers for their time, likes, shares, support, and love. Contests and giveaways generate excitement and curiosity, and given the human nature, you can be assured of engagement!


We kept the classic for the end! Facebook Ads have long been a popular way of boosting customer engagement. There’s a lot you can do with these adverts. There are different types of ads that you can make, which means your creativity will shine through! Facebook recently introduced wall post promotions, which means you can promote your page posts as story ads. This is a great way of ensuring that most people see your post instead of a specially created ad, getting them to your page and boosting engagement.
Parting Thoughts
Increasing Facebook engagement isn’t difficult if you know what to do. There are many tools, like Buffer, which help you schedule posts for days, weeks, even months to come, making your job easier. You can create campaigns in advance and pre-schedule posts for different hours.
The only things to remember are – be genuine, be sincere, take effort. It shows through your beautifully crafted posts. When your followers believe that you are sincerely passionate about what you do, they will show genuine interest as well.

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