Valentine’s Day is Almost Here!

Romantic Valentine's Day dinner plateValentine’s Day is used to show appreciation towards those whom we love. We give gifts, sing songs, and write letters… basically anything that we can do to show we truly care about a person.

This Valentine’s Day, we have an excellent idea that goes above and beyond the ordinary gift.

Setting up a portfolio (or lovefolio) styled website, showcasing you and your loved one, it will be apparent that you spent the time and energy to give them a gift that they will honestly appreciate.

Filling the website with endearing photos and loving text (tell a story about your photos!), you can create something that he or she will remember forever.

If you want to show someone your love goes beyond the words “I love you,” and a box of chocolates, get your lovefolio up now! Although we suggest using the Vertical Theme, any CyberChimps theme will work perfectly to show your love on this special day.

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Use coupon code: lovefolio to save 30% off any CyberChimps theme, package, plugin or bundle! Coupon expires March 1st, 2015. Don’t wait! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

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