How and Why Icons Improve Your Web Design

Icons have found a new home in today’s world over the last few year, website designing. The use of icons in web design has become the new focus because it brings a different kind of dynamism to a website. Users get motivated by icons because they convey a particular message. In today’s online world, users are more attracted to a website that has stunning looks and a simple message. Since graphics play an important role in website design, icons have to be well designed by a website designer in a manner that makes the website much more appealing.

Use Of Icons In Web Design

There are different roles in which icons play on a website, and we are going to look at the importance they have on a website.

Web design icons can be used in place of lists

If your company needs to ensure website visitors view all the products and services, the best method to use is to have them listed. But lists sometimes become boring and time wasting. It is easy for users to avoid clicking on lists because they are hidden and if they are long, they become tiring to look at. If you decide to opt for icons, your website will become attractive and even more interactive to customers. Icons make customers more attracted to your website, and users easily pay attention to the services you are providing.

Represent items (products or services or categories)

Icons are flexible elements that can represent anything you want on your website. If you have lots of products or services and you want to present them in a new way, icons are the best alternatives; if you want to represent your galleries, groups, categories, and subcategories, icons can help your users interact with them much better. Additionally, when you add special icons that have great colors, you will increase the overall appeal of your website to your customers.

Highlight exciting new features

Icons are small in size, but they hold the power of attracting users to the website; therefore, using them has to be done intelligently. New features are highlighted much better by icons which makes users get attracted to the product or service easily. When you use icons to display new features, you won’t need publicity to help you get the product to your customers. Website designers only need to design great looking icons which should be used as a marketing strategy for promotions of the company’s products and services.

Enhance readability

The success of a website is usually reliant on the readability of a website; if you have a lot of text on your website, your users will be welcomed with a plain website that is full of information that can be hard to digest. But if you use icons, it will usher in a positive light on readability to your visitors. There are web pages that need a lot of attention to ensure that it is not boring. Users get easily annoyed by lifeless pages. Icons ensure that your pages are easy to read and users have an easy time going through what you are offering without getting bored.

Icons are good headers

Use of icons in web design best replaces headers. If you place icons in place of headers, you will increase the appeal of your website and the overall quality of the user’s experience on the website. Websites need titles, but your users might skip plain titles. If you want to increase the appearance of your titles, add icons which will have to be added in style. Always remember to use an icon pack for web design intelligently, you don’t want to fill your website with icons everywhere. Delivering the message is the most important thing. To deliver the message in style, you can use icons in more than one way, and using icons to represent a title can make your website look professional, and users can enjoy looking at your offers even more.

Icons are used to bring clarity

As much as icon packs for web design are used to direct messages to website users, they can also be used to differentiate various sections of your website. At times, a website can have little to no difference between several products that are listed. But when you use icons, you can clarify each product distinctively, and users can easily notice the difference in a flash.

Highlight special points

When you have a blog section on your website, you can use icons to highlight special notes about the blog not only to break the monotony of your text, but to make users read the blog easily, and notice the important points that have been highlighted on the icon.

Icons are important in summarizing content

You can easily sum up the text of your blog or web page using icons. There are times when an icon is enough to communicate your content to the visitors, rendering a lot of text unnecessary. One way that can help you use icons is using it as a metaphor. You can create an icon for an old-fashioned letter to indicate an email, or you can use a metaphor of a cart to show a shopping basket. In case you feel that the icon does not say enough, you can use screenshots or images to make a point much clear.


Good icons are vital in web design. Although they are small in size, and at times appear as though they are redundant, they have different roles. You can use icons to bring important points to users, you can grab the user attention with them, and you can help your website visitors get different kinds of content using icons.

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