Tracking user activity on your WooCommerce store using session recordings and heatmaps

In the era of mega big data, online retailing seems to be the most lucrative path to follow for entrepreneurs of all ages. As easy as navigating the internet may seem to be, it is indeed very difficult for WooCommerce businesses to grow their audiences.

Without audiences, WooCommerce retailers can’t grow their market share. It is very easy for a specialized digital marketer or an experienced WooCommerce retailer to grow a website’s audience and sales generation.

That is because serious WooCommerce website owners or marketers understand the value of software analytics that tracks user activities.

The Importance of Tracking User Activity

The truth is that you really can’t tell your WooCommerce store visitors what to like or not. You should definitely research into what they like. That is the best way to boost your retention and conversion rates as you cut down your bounce off rates.

That is why you need to conduct serious keyword research. The real value of using analytics for your commercial website is to determine the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts including pay per click campaigns, email marketing and organic rankings.

You cannot tell just how great you search engine optimization is if you do not understand how your website users interact with various aspects of the online store.

Tracking how visitors use your website will help in more ways than just determining the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. It can tell if other aspects of your business operations lead to high bounce-off rates. Tracking user activities can tell if your website doesn’t have much value to offer and your marketing is aggressively and brilliantly conducted. The analytics will indicate a high click-through rate, but the rate at which most of those visitors leave the site almost immediately will be staggering.

WooCommerce stores spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising. With finite resources, they should always get the most return on investment for all the costs that they incur boosting and improving the website. They direly need to know which strategies cost them more than they directly contribute to sales conversion. They also need to pinpoint the strategies that work best for increased input.

HumCommerce is an amazing tool to track user activity.

How it works

Websites require first-party cookies to store how user data works. Users opt in for the cookies because they understand their user data is valuable in curating better experiences for them in the future. Without the cookies, online stores can only do so much to improve their user’s experiences. Those who like privacy can only contribute to the knowledge base by yielding the login information and the specific pages that they open. Cookies provide important aspects of user browsing like:

• The number of people clicking through your online store pages.

• Sessions created.

• How much users spend on any of the pages.

However, with increased instrumentation, user tracking becomes more effective because of some pretty efficient features. The features are often incorporated by various software installations. The extra features are great for helping website owners to gather more detailed information and analytics about their online performance.

Session Recording


This function can help you to read the minds of your users visually. It depicts how users scroll around the pages. It shows the clicking and tapping patterns of users and ultimately helps website owners to understand what attracts customers and what puts bores them. Session recording allows you to track user activity as if you were looking over their shoulders as they scroll and browse your website. It records every scrolling motion, every tap and every click login into or off specific web pages. It can help you to boost the conversion rates of your website phenomenally because you stand to enjoy access to invaluable knowledge on user preferences.


Heatmap is one of the most helpful WooCommerce tools for analytics that visualizes data by the use of colors just like bar graphs do. In this era of technological complexity in mega big data complexity, heat maps have gained popularity in all scientific fields.


There are great WooCommerce tools for gaining insights on user preferences through its analytical function. With heat recording, WooCommerce is much easier to do because entrepreneurs can make insightful decisions instead of blind gut feelings. An excellent business leader with a great acumen can use heat mapping to even double the profitability of online stores.

A heat map basically depicts the parts of a web page that are scrolled on most thus receiving the most attention. It employs warm and cool colors that change with the gradient of user activity.

The warm colors represent parts that receive the most attention while the cool ones depict the least viewed segments. Heat maps typically function in two phases. The first phase is for data collection and analysis that is conducted by heat map software. The second part includes displaying the data over the page in a translucent fashion.


Visitor session recordings and Heatmaps are probably two of the most vital features to track user activity on your WooCommerce website. Use these features to optimize your website accordingly and maximize conversions.

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