Top WordPress Question and Answer Plugins

Unless you’re uniquely skilled in crafting a technical site that can create certain functionality, having a theme in WordPress that allows for the ability to have a Q&A is vital.

You can use a WordPress Q&A plugin to create your own StackOverflow, Yahoo! Answers, or Quora.

WordPress Q&A plugins can give your site a level of intimacy that you can’t get otherwise. I have boiled down the list of options to help you find the best WordPress Question and Answer Plugin for your website.



WP-Answers has two options available for purchase, both of which come with lifetime support and updates: single and developer. The single license has a whole host of features, such as a built-in reputation system and social media integration with moderation, as well as the ability to populate your question with information from Yahoo answers. This helps to get the ball rolling with the first few initial comments.

The developer version comes with two add-ons: a PayPal option that can charge users to post a question, and user levels that necessitate a certain permission to post. Relatively speaking, WP-Answers is a clean and inexpensive option for people who want a robust system but don’t necessarily want to break the bank.

If you’re looking for a robust and user-friendly WordPress question and answer plugin, WP Answers is the best option to go ahead with.


dw qna WordPress plugin

DW question answer is both comprehensive and intuitive, helping even the most non-savvy tech user to install. The interface isn’t much to look at, but it does provide commenting, a space for answers (as well as answer voting), and selections. It also offers features such as private questions and categories, and the ability to save answers as drafts. You can even sort questions by different filters, such as views, answers, votes, or posts, and can create your own pages as well.

Sabai Discuss

sabai discuss

Sabai is a robust interface that allows for access control, a reporting system to mark abuses, profile pages, featured posts, bookmarks, social sharing, and more. You’re even able to override the templates in the emails and themes to create your own version, along with the ability to customize nearly every aspect of the plugin itself.

It’s an older plugin (about 2012), but it has been regularly updated since it’s launch. Its users seem to agree, giving it a 4.46/5 rating as a result of 134 ratings (at the time of this writing). If you’re looking for a competent and feature-rich WordPress Question and Answer Plugin, Sabai Discuss is an excellent tool to get you started.



A clean and attractive layout. It distinguishes colors between comments, questions, and answers, as well as the option to flag certain questions and vote them up or down. AnsPress is a great option for those who want a free plugin that provides a ton of features (although not nearly as many as premium plugins). It is surprisingly customizable and easily integrated, so even novice users that need a WordPress Q&A plugin should have a great experience with AnsPress.

CM Answers

CM Answers

CM Answers comes in a free as well as pro version. The free version provides features such as email notifications, basic moderation, voting and answer counting, basic sorting and some limited customization of the question and answer template.

The Pro version has many more features than the free version. It offers enhanced access and moderation, question categories, marking a question as resolved, user profiles, stickies and tags. Pro version is multisite compatible and has BuddyPress integration feature.

This was our list of the top 5 WordPress question and answer plugins. If used properly, your WordPress website could be the next StackOverflow, Quora, or Yahoo! Answers. Do you know more such Q&A plugins? Share with us in the comment section, below.

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