Top Search Engine Optimization Tools

Top Search Engine Optimization Tools

Whatever you need to do in life, with the right tools at your disposal, things get done right, easier, and faster. Same goes for SEO. You may have all the ideas for your website, the exact content that you need, the target audience, and a great growth plan, but the one thing that will aid you in putting the whole package together and achieve your goals in the right SEO, which will happen only when you use the right Search engine optimization tools.

There are numerous SEO techniques that one can and should use to direct traffic to one’s website, and the right Search Engine Optimization tools can help in a big way. Whether you hate or love search engines for what they do, they are going to play a big role with regards to the traffic your website gets. Meaning, there is only so much that advertising, social media, word or mouth, and the like can do.

So without any further delay, let’s go through some of the best Search Engine Optimization tools available out there that you can lay your hands on.

Best Search Engine Optimization Tools You Should Use


Website and page speed is a very important part of SEO. After all, user experience matters a lot when you are looking to increase traffic on your website.
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Web Developer Toolbar

This is a Mozilla Firefox extension that will add various web developer tools to your browser that are extremely useful for SEO purposes.
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SEO Quake Toolbar

If you need to see data on various aspects, like traffic, links, social media, on-page optimization, etc., this is what you should rely on. It even guides you on how to use the collected data to your benefit.
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Keen to make your presence felt on social media? The Hootsuite can be of great help. It will help you manage all your social marketing in one place itself.
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Chrome Developer Tools

Here is something for you if you love using Google Chrome. The F12 key would work fine for this. Page speed, source code, checking mobile user experience, etc., are some of the many things you can do with this tool.
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Google Trends

This one is good for all the marketers out there. It shows all the changes going on in specific search query volume. Also, those who write new stuff everyday can do so according to what is trending.
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Keeping google, Apple, Bing, and YouTube in mind, here, you can key in a query, and this tool will give you loads of keywords to use. Awesome, right?
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Bing Webmaster Tools

Google isn’t the only one to look out for. Bing and Yahoo are also around. Which is why, this tool becomes important. Besides giving you information on crawling, indexation, and on-page keyword optimization, it will show you how Bing and Yahoo are treating your website.
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Screaming Frog

This is an excellent crawler. You’ll be able to get information on each and every URL on your website.
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Moz is a package of many tools put together for various uses. From back link analysis to different metrics, you can get it all with this super tool.
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Google Analytics

This is one of the best Search engine optimization tools to get to understand how users are treating your website. Simple and straight.
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SEO Browser

Need to understand how a search engine views your pages? Then this is the way to go. Knowing what search engines can see you like is pretty important.
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Schema Creator

If you want events, organizations, people, etc., displayed in a particular way to search engines, then you have to do schema. And this tool will help you with this task.
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Webmaster Markup Helper

This is Google’s own helper, if you may put it that way. It will help you add structured data markup to a webpage.
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JSON-LD Generator

This one will assist you in generating the accurate JSON-LD for any page that you require on your website. So simple!
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Crawler FX

Looking to get a detailed report through email about any keyword on your website? Use this tool then.
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Loggly Lite

Here is a cloud-based log management and analytical tool that you could try. It has a free and paid version though.
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You not only need to concentrate on your own SEO, but also keep a watch for where else your content might be copied and posted. Or simply if you want to check where else some content exists online.
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Google PageSpeed Insights

With this tool, you just need to key in a URL, and it will give you information on loading time for both, desktop and mobile, besides telling you where you are doing well and what needs to be fixed.
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QuickSprout Website Analyzer

This tool will do a comprehensive analysis of your website, from SEO optimization, speed, tags, social media , links, keywords, and competitor comparisons.
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Ever thought about stripping your website and pages to see what you’ve done right or wrong? This tool will show you how crawlers view you.
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SEO Site Checkup

With this tool, you can run a very fast audit on your blog, and it will check for tags and any related errors.
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Searchmetrics Website Analyzer

If you need to check how your website ranks in search results and well as social media, try this tool. It will also show you the top terms you are ranking for.
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Structured Data Testing Tool

If you need live data to validate the structured data on any of your web pages, this tool will assist you in doing that.
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Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit

This one is exclusively for Windows users. It has quite a few tools in one package. It will analyze your website and give you all the needed SEO-related recommendations.
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So there you go. Now you are armed with some of the best Search engine optimization tools, most of which are in fact free to use. Check which of these suits your needs the best and see how the traffic on your website takes an upward curve.

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  1. I use some of them:
    – Keywordtool (to discover niches)
    – Majestic
    – Moz
    – SERPs Rank Checker

    I don`t need more. I prefer white SEO. So, it´s enought for me.

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