The Five Best WordPress Review Plugins for 2019

Reading reviews is an integral part of shopping. Reviews provide a short but effective overview of particular products from the point of view of people who have used them. Whether you are looking for good hotels, cars, smartphones, or even web tools, you can get a review of just about anything. Indeed, the review market has grown tremendously, especially as a result of the internet. WordPress Review Plugins have helped a lot in WordPress community to build review websites.

Nowadays, you can find reviews in a section of the websites, or you can find entire websites dedicated to giving reviews about products. If you are in the market of review-market as a blogger or content creator, there are a number of WordPress review plugins that you will find to be of great use. The following are the top five such plugins in the market.




WordPress Review Plugins


This WordPress Review Plugins is preferred by many users because of its great design. The plugin is built with immense capabilities when it comes to customization. You can be able to choose a wide range of colors, typographies, and fonts among other things. Taqyeem also offers you the chance to choose between the review metrics. You can use either point, percentages of starts.

In addition, the plugin can be added in virtually any page by a simple inclusion of the metabox in the editor. This addon gives uses many benefits, but some notable ones include:

  • Several dedicated widgets for additional review functionality
  • Ability to save criteria used for creating review boxes
  • Additional extensions for buttons and icons


WP Review Pro


WP Review Pro


This plugin is the top-rated tool in the market. The best thing about it is that it gives the website a professional image. It has some great animations that are meant to showcase the reviews in a vibrant manner. The WordPress Review Plugins is fully customizable as well. Because of its professional design, it is widely used by forex review websites and other platforms that focus on online trading.

The plugin comes with unlimited colors, several customization criteria, and review box size. User interaction is also supported with this tool as readers can place their ratings with a single click. This plugin is definitely for those who want to explore their creativity without losing the professional look.


WP Product Review Lite


WP Product Review


If you are not looking to spend any money on plugins, the WP Product Review Lite is the best choice. The plugin comes with a great set of tools that allow users to turn any post into a review. The plugin is also professionally designed with the review boxes looking elegant. Users have a choice of selecting their preferred customization criteria.

The various customization choices included are color choice, positioning, typography choices, and various other options. Users on a particular platform are allowed to use this tool to give their ratings. The impact of the overall rating is also calculated with the tool. If you are running a website that relies on all manner of ratings, the WP Product Review Lite is undoubtedly your best free review plugin.


WP Reviews


WordPress Review Plugins


If you are looking for a WordPress Review Plugins that comes with some extras, the WP Reviews is the best choice. The plugin comes with WordPress Customer Testimonials and an author review plugin. This plugin is sufficient for all review-creation processes. It has a large clean organized review box which users can customize according to their liking.

In addition, the plugin comes with community integration features. This makes it one of the most versatile tools for WordPress. The plugin can display the overall user ratings and there are widgets for recent reviews and top reviews. It is possible to add more features to the tool.



WordPress Review Plugins


Finally, Reviewer is the plugin for those interested in the comprehensive experience. It is bundled with a review summary, unlimited rating criteria, overall user ratings, pros and cons, and several other features. This tool also comes with nine templates which are specifically designed to suit the purposes of most users.

These templates can be customized to achieve any kind of style. The custom widgets that come with this plugin are also numerous. The reviewer also has a huge community integration. There are sharing options as well as sort criteria to view reviews in different ways. In overall, Reviewer ticks all the boxes for a top-tier, all-inclusive review plugin.

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